What Floors Can a Charcoal Quartz Countertop Go With?

Light or dark charcoal quartz countertops create a powerful design statement in the kitchen, but if you set them with the wrong type of flooring, it may detract from your entire decor and color scheme. Fabric and color choices are always subjective, however a few flooring materials and colors certainly look better than others. And don’t forget to consider your cabinet materials and shade, as they need to also play a role in your flooring choice.

Fifty Shades of Gray

Don’t let your charcoal countertop give your kitchen a schoolmarmish appearance; rather, let its sultry and hot side expression with its 50 hues of gray story instead. Always examine the charcoal quartz for all the other colors that are hidden within it. Pull among the many lighter shades of gray out of it for your hardwood flooring alternative. Extra-wide plank Charleston gray oak floor finishes off the kitchen with a nod to the gray from the countertop when giving your kitchen its hotness element. Stunning antique white glass-faced closets completes the look.

Gray Bamboo

A bamboo flooring in the kitchen is durable and comes in a vast array of colors. Search for bamboo flooring that contains soft peachy browns, variegated streaks of whites, browns and gray or the weathered appearance of a creamy seaside bleached-by-the-sun boardwalk. The flooring will create its own statement, but it is going to nonetheless let your charcoal granite countertops require center stage. To get a bold appearance, go for toned-with-gray pale green cabinets.

Whiter Shade of Pale

Charcoal countertops put upon bleached beech cabinets and floored by rectangles and squares of white tiles grouted in gray create your kitchen a standout. Although tile isn’t quite as forgiving to your feet or your fell dishware for a wood floor, it is simple to keep clean. By fitting the grout to among the 50 hues of gray pulled from the charcoal countertop, then you don’t need to fret about the grout demonstrating dirt. Or you can opt for miniature mosaic tile flooring in white with a distinctive-designed dark border tile pulled in the countertop.

Ain’t What It Used to Be

Vinyl flooring choices have changed dramatically since the early years with improvements in production and quality. Soft gray-and-white checkerboard tiles tie in your charcoal quartz countertops with your clean, white kitchen cabinets. You can also choose vinyl flooring that has the appearance of wood, ceramic or natural stone tiles. When you have overspent on your kitchen remodeling budget, vinyl flooring gives you an affordable option and still looks good. And it also cushions the feet if you spend a lot of time in your kitchen.

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What Colour Should I Paint Bedroom Walls When the Bed Is Pink and Orange?

A pink-and-orange bed adds a cheery color splash to any bedroom; however, deciding on a complementary paint for the walls can create a decorating nightmare. Consider your color preferences and the desirable bedroom ambiance. Whether you like a tranquil atmosphere or a revved-up, energetic vibe, numerous paint tones might improve your pink-and-orange palette while accommodating your favourite color mood.

Keep It in the Family

Choose a wall colour within the exact same color family as the pink-and-orange bed to get monochromatic appeal. As an example, begin by matching the specific orange or pink tones of your bed with a sample paint card. Select a hue on the matching paint card that is three or two tints lighter than the bed shade. Or pick a shade darker than the orange or pink color of the bed to create a cozier space. Use vibrant pink or hot orange walls to shake the room with an electric shade blast.

Timeless Appeal

Apply a neutral paint colour such as cotton white, soft wheat or creamy ivory to tone down the effects of the bed. Select a shade of gray to surround the brightly coloured bed with a serious and modern ambiance. A neutral wall color helps balance out the bed hues with an unassuming presence. Neutral walls produce timeless appeal and pair nicely with almost any color scheme should you choose to upgrade the bed.

Energize the Space

Ramp up the energy on your bedroom with hues directly opposite from pink and orange on the color wheel. These complementary, highly contrasting tones generate a vibrant impact. Because brilliant blue is that the complement of pure orange, and bright green is that the complement of bright pink, cover your bedroom walls with one of these colors. Saturated blues and greens such as royal blue and lime green intensify the visual impact.

Create an Illusion

Surround a orange-and-pink bed with sunshine-yellow walls in a little bedroom. In case you have a spacious bedroom, then employ the sunny toned paint to one wall to avoid excessive color. Cover the other 3 walls with warm beige. Insert an illusion of depth with dark-purple walls. Baby-blue walls project comfort.

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11 Tricks to Make a Ceiling Look Higher

A lot of people dream of having high ceilings in their home. But think about this: Rooms with high ceilings are a pain to heat and also to circulate air through; they also create barriers for light and sound control and often double the expense of painting, covering windows and adding art. Low and moderately substantial ceilings can be warmer, more intimate and much more in proportion with human scale. Not to mention that changing a lightbulb is as simple as pulling a step stool. Try that with a vaulted ceiling.

Frank Lloyd Wright often incorporated low ceilings in his Prairie-style houses. To compensate, he often made the rooms extra wide and deeply connected to the outdoor spaces. Using these notions, and with the ideal decor and furnishings, you can create any ceiling sense just a tad taller.

Domb architects

1. Pick low, horizontal furniture. Keep everything hunkered down low. If you’re fortunate enough to have a stunning view similar to this, it will amplify the impact dramatically. If you do not have a great view, low furniture will still optimize the perceived height of your room.

2. Use wide expanses of glass and maintain window coverings easy. Notice how attached this space feels to the backyard? Seeing the voluminous outdoor area makes this low-slung living room sense both spacious. This trick works especially well if you’re right at floor level.

Resolution: 4 Architecture

3. Keep lighting flush. At a contemporary house with a small ceiling height, utilize flush-mounted lighting to maintain the look clean. This approach will produce the appearance of more headroom.

4. Elongate with vertical stripes. Everybody knows that vertical stripes can be very slimming and give the illusion of height. The effective use of stripes within this narrow bathroom makes it look even taller.

Carolyn Woods Design Inc..

5. Use patterned curtains. They lead the eye up to give a sense of increased height. Why is this strategy successful here is the lack of competing patterns. While you’re at it, maintain crown molding proportional. Don’t go to get a deep profile, which could shorten the wall expanse.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

A detail at the summit of curtains also provides precisely the exact same effect.

Griffin Enright Architects

6. Use a vertical display. This group has an uplifting effect. By taking even just a couple pieces all the way to the ceiling, you can increase the appearance of height.

Red Element Style Studio

Even a group of frames arranged will lead the eye upwards and produce more visual headroom.

FORMA Design

7. Contain uplighting. Notice how the ceiling appears to float in this picture. Bouncing light off the ceiling creates visual height. Sconces, cove lighting as well as very affordable torchieres can deliver this result. This is a great technique for basements.

High Tech Ceiling

8. Offer your ceiling high gloss. This createsan illusion of endlessness. If a ceiling like the one here is overly dramatic for your tastes, utilize a semigloss paint rather.

Lisa Petrole Photography

9. Expose your structure. If it will give you more headroom, then think about carrying your ceiling to its bare bones. Basement renovations are great candidates for exposed structures. Some main-floor spaces in older houses have floating ceilings left over in the day when lower ceilings were desired. Eliminate these and your area will instantly feel taller.

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

10. Publish a diagonal. Perhaps you have noticed the way the staircase railing invites your eye to wander upward, giving lift to a room? A painted a decor element that makes a diagonal line will supply the exact same effect.

Regan Baker Design Inc..

11. Run paneling vertically. Like stripes, vertically oriented paneling strengthens height in a space.

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Explore the Art of Light and Dark in Design

Imagine being in a room painted all black with one light source coming from over. Your favourite thing sits at the middle of the space (I’m going to imagine an Eames Lounge Chair here, but you select what is located dear to your heart). From that single light source, your illuminated thing dramatically appears with highlights and throw shadows. Here is the idea behind chiaroscuro, an art technique employed by artists like Baglione, Caravaggio and Vermeer from the 16th and 17th centuries.

The Italian term for “light and color,” “chiaroscuro” is characterized by contrasts affecting a general composition. Using opposite ends of this light-dark spectrum results in drama, depth and visual interest, as found here in “Girl with a Pearl Earring,”by Johannes Vermeer.

How can people take this two-dimensional idea of defining space onto a painted canvas and then apply it to the three-dimensional areas in which we reside?


Brick components painted black naturally appear brightly colored, while white areas have a tendency to come ahead — one example of chiaroscuro. Here the darkened stairs framed by light-colored walls creates a feeling of intrigue about that which is located at the very best.

LASC Studio

This roofline is pronounced, because the dark color stands out against the light sky. And painting a door black when it sits within a white wall immediately draws attention to it.

Eric Aust Architect

At dusk, once the interiors of a home are illuminated, dark window frames look spectacular against white walls.

Daniel Marshall Architect

Windows appear dark during the day, thanks in part to their reflectivity. Together with the general dark color on the next level of this home, the windows mix in with the adjoining walls, and the entire upper portion is one uninterrupted space hovering over the lighter base. Dark elements bright and overhead ones below play with visual perceptions of heavy versus light.

Architecture Smith + Scully Ltd

Shadows can provide an extra layer of texture and detail to a dark-colored exterior. Here the shadows assist notify the size and repetitive nature of the columns framing the walkway. The distinctive white soffit provides visual directionality to the entrance.

CplusC Architectural Workshop

Structures with simple, powerful lines and shapes are fantastic for employing contrast. The jet-black bottom of this roof form is sudden and feels romantic, because the perceived heaviness of this color brings it nearer to the viewer.

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Interiors are great places for chiaroscuro, too, as a result of the ability to harness and play off normal light entering the home. All the zones here are contrasted with by side light from dividers.

jessop architects

Skylights can split areas of bright illumination. Top lighting may have a very intense effect throughout the day due to its location and constant proximity to sunlight. Dark walls further differentiate the brightness round the skylights here.

Benjamin Dhong Interiors

Contrast doesn’t need to be white and black. This profound, subdued blue will help to frame the lighter-toned distance beyond.

In chiaroscuropaintingsartists define objects by exhibiting them against a juxtaposing background color. In design these objects can be stairs or light fixtures that stand out against their background.


A daring use of dark floors and ceiling will accentuate white walls and furniture. The additional dark elements here, like the bracket and the inside of the fireplace, further exaggerate this contrast.

The attractiveness of chiaroscuro is that it actually could be a black and white matter. Are you ready to add some contrast to your life?

More: In Praise of Shadows
5 Smashing Black and White Homes

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The Way to Bring Balance to an Look

An eclectic look (one merging a variety of decorating styles) can have an amazing energy about it that one-note rooms simply cannot match. But creating equilibrium can be a significant challenge. How can you pull off blending traditional antiques, contemporary pieces and finds from your travels in a way that feels curated and interesting, rather than chaotic and cluttered? Here are nine tips that will assist you hit just the ideal note.

Horton & Co.. Designers

Be purposeful with color. A considered color palette is a tool that could create a sense of management in an eclectic house, letting you curate your home’s look. You can have a great deal or a little color — the secret is to have a strategy; otherwise you run the chance of end up with a mishmash of bizarre bits that do not harmonize.

From the area shown here, pink, blue and purple are repeated in the art, cushions, throw as well as the back of a book along with the small potted plant on the coffee table, producing a lively yet collected color palette.

Shirley Meisels

Group items to make a collection. If you have three of something, you own a collection — for higher impact, put those items together rather than randomly spreading them on different surfaces. There will be the clear collections, such as vases, however, you can also think creatively and set other sorts of items together to offer them more presence and purpose: Attempt grouping items by color, shape or motif. This works for objects as well as artwork.

Leslie Glazier @ Properties

Balance decor styles. If your eclectic pieces don’t seem to be playing nicely together, have a quick head count and see how many items of every style you have in the room. Whenever there is only 1 piece in a certain fashion, it could stick out more than if it had a tiny firm. From the room shown here, for instance, the great big chinoiserie panel in the wall is subtly echoed from the lacquered side table with pine legs, helping the bigger piece feel more at home.

Helping a sole thing match in can be as simple as adding one or two small accessories, like a candlestick or vase, in the same fashion. It’s important to do this in every room, which means that your entire area has a balanced eclectic feel — having totally different styles in each room will provide you design whiplash!

Michael Tavano Design

Build a bridge between styles. Another great way to bring divergent styles together is with one piece that functions as a bridge between the two. The antique armchair shown this was painted electric blue and re-covered at a fresh striped cloth, but you could just as easily go the other way, pairing a contemporary piece with a conventional cloth and colours.

Wish to Inspire

Utilize high contrast. Juxtaposing two bits that are really different usually works better than pairing pieces that are just type of distinct. Inside this kitchen a classic kilim rug and antique cabinet are put off with a slick swoop of ultramodern Panton chairs. Try using a gold-framed baroque mirror over a clean-lined console, a farmhouse table with Eames chairs or a carved wood daybed with a Lucite coffee table.

Artisan Books

Balance textures. Too many chipped, aged and rough textures in 1 room can make your room feel more like a flea market than like the fresh, inspired room you were searching for. Balance worn and obsolete bits with crisp, glossy and glistening surfaces to hit the ideal balance.

Horton & Co.. Designers

Move your furniture. The soul of eclectic design is about more than the bits that you choose — it’s about the way you use them. Try using a side table or seat as your nightstand, a nightstand for a side table, table as desktable as console and so forth. There’s not any rhyme or reason to this; just put some music on and start moving things around to learn what works … you may surprise yourself.

Corynne Pless

Relax your distance with neutrals and naturals. If your area is still feeling too haphazard, consider toning it down with big expanses of neutral color on the walls, flooring and large pieces of furniture. Bringing in natural materials and textures — such as sisal or jute rugs, real or faux sheepskin and neutral-hued wool, linen and leather — can also go a long way toward producing harmony in an eclectic house.

Sally Wheat Interiors

Edit, edit, edit. Paring down and giving the eye some white area to rest on can help make your house feel calm and a pleasure to be in. If it makes it easier, allow yourself to eliminate things temporarily — only to determine how the space looks and feels with them, before letting go indefinitely. Roll a rug, remove a piece of art or throw a large white sheet over your most vibrant part of furniture to get an notion about what the space would look like without it.

Inform us : What’s the biggest challenge in creating an eclectic look?

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On Trend: 9 Captivating Lights to Energize a Space

Sometimes a lamp needs to be greater than only a lamp. Paging through your ordinary catalog or browsing a house store tends to yield the same results: average table lamp, floor lamp or ceiling fixture. But designers have taken note and are providing us with ever-widening options for light sources. By mixing up scale, positioning, balance, material or colour, these new lighting choices will add something fresh to your interior.

Note: See Areti’s and Channels Design’s sites for supply information.

Atelier Areti

Mimosa Light

Forget straightforward bulbs in a row and adopt a more natural group of lighting that appears to mention buds on a spring division. This chandelier will provide ample light above a dining room table.


Bender Table Lamp – $199

This diminutive lamp provides the impression that it may fall over at any minute. Put it on your staid traditional desktop for a tiny moment of imbalance.

Green Big Floor Lamp Set – $254.15

Picking a bright colour is a surefire way to add pop to any room. But the very best thing about this lamp is the unusual scale: This is a desk lamp à la Honey, I Shrunk the Kids; its own oversize form is ready to lurk behind your average-size couch.

Atelier Areti

Alouette Bird Lights

Looking for a few subtle whimsy? These lampshades — accessible on table lamps, floor lamps and ceiling fixtures — manage to tip birds without looking cute or kitschy. Though they’d be perfect in a contemporary kid’s room, their simple forms would look lovely in any area near natural elements, like an entrance or a window-filled hallway.

Atelier Areti

Marguerite Flower Lamp

Brightly shining brass retains this ring the center of focus. Hang several together to get a lighthearted entryway or add one on your eat-in-kitchen’s nook.


Fuego Bio Firelight – $219

Craving a flickering source of ambient lighting? A tabletop fireplace like this may fit the bill. Best suited for outdoor patios, it is a unique way to bring a glowing, romantic look whilst retaining to a contemporary aesthetic.


Bocci 28d Light

All these handblown globes are customizable in so many ways — stop by Bocci’s site to see clusters hanging from the ceiling and draped in staggered displays, in addition to a large range of bright colours to pick from. The choices are practically endless, ready for whatever lighting need you may have.


Finnieston Light

The additional motion in this lamp provides a little bit of whimsy and great old-fashioned purpose. Additionally, the whole lamp is made out of wood, including the color (thanks to the coolness of LED bulbs).


NEB Brass Lamp

Simple, yet it is reminiscent of the lightbulb thought: a bulb suspended to remind you of the great things on your head. The brass base gives it a unique’70s vibe, perfect for a den or entertaining area.

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12 Hints

It’s not clear at first. You may start off reading several blogs and adding a classic globe here or even a vignette of Polaroids there. Before you know it, your exposed brick walls are covered in classic artwork and antlers. Atmosphere plants and succulents line your windowsills. All the newest trends (and a few older ones) fill out the nooks and crannies in your home.

What are the indications in your house? Are you currently a home decor hipster?

Nina Montenegro

Nina Montenegro

Nina Montenegro

More: 12 Signs You Have Caught the DIY Bug

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7 Stylish Requires on Tartan

Do not confuse tartan with plaid. “Plaid,” a common American expression, actually refers to a garment which originates from the Gaelic term for “blanket.” “Tartan” refers to the actual pattern and cloth. Although some debate continues on tartan’s origin and history, and how it was utilized as part of clan identification, now it has grown into among the most significant symbols of Scotland. The pattern has its roots with the Celtic people, who’ve worn it for centuries. A sign of rebellion in Scotland for a while, tartan grew in popularity throughout the 18th century, getting a powerful symbol of Scottish national pride.

Now the tartan pattern are available on an assortment of home decor items which can work with almost any home design. Take a peek at a few of these ideas about the best way best to incorporate tartan accents in your house and learn more about this historic pattern.

Designs by Gollum

Rich table settings. Typically woven wool, tartan consists of patterns of different-colored stripes of varying widths crossed at right angles against a solid background. Various colours, color combinations and widths of stripes produce an assortment of patterns. Tartan patterns are called setts, along with a period of cloth repeats the exact same pattern over and over again.

Whether you’re Scottish, you can display your favorite sett as a stylish tablecloth. Only throw a colored tartan blanket lightly over a desk and accessorize with masculine pewter tableware.

Mixed, matched and layered. Different Scottish districts historically often wore different tartans — partially because each region had its own tartan manufacturer with different styles and patterns. As these craftspeople relied upon local plants to the dyes, the tartans took about the colours of the plants offered in their region.

Do not be afraid to try a lot of different tartan colors together for a great layered look. These traditional, bold, mostly primary colors work nicely with one another. The navy walls, the mirror along with the red bed frame help pull this space together. For this appearance, consider extending your tartan layers directly down to the rug.

Niall Hastie Photography

Female and Light. A simple two-color woolen test dating back to the third century is the earliest instance of tartan found in Scotland. Most tartan products today use a combination of four colours — such as this pink, purple and green test.

Maintain this appearance feminine by using tartans in gentle lilacs, purples, pinks and greens. Mix them with rich, strong purples and warm woodwork for an elegant yet cozy texture.

Masculine and comfy. The battle over the origination of distinct clan tartans still remains today. Due to a government ban on tartan in the 18th century, many first tartan patterns were lost. But after the ban, an attempt to recover these patterns matched tartans to clans. From the mid-19th century, the association between different tartans and Scottish clans had become firmly established.

Now it is possible to layer all the various kinds of traditional tartans for a more modern spin on Scottish style. Add even more warmth by painting the walls a deep crimson, blue or green. Create a more traditional and masculine look by hanging hunting-inspired accessories, such as these wood-mounted animal horns, on the wall.

Adeeni Design Group

Grown up and complicated. Tartan-upholstered dining seats have a clearly grown-up feel. They can add a regal end to a casual farmhouse dining room, such as this one, elevating its overall appearance and feel. Tartan has taken its cool reputation for decades, because 18th-century high-society Scots took the banned cloth and made it fashionable.

Marie Meko, Allied ASID

Unusual tartan. Look for tartan in nonfabric software, too. Tartan wallpaper adds high impact in a little or unexpected location, like a bath or little bathroom. Because tartan can feel active, keep everything else pared down and simple, as with all the white towels and trimwork here.

Andrea May Hunter/Gatherer

Elegant tartan. Simple and neutral grey, white and black tartan can add an elegant touch to any area. These excellent tartan floor tiles add sophistication to this bath. It helps to comparison tartan’s masculine pattern with softer objects. This tartan works well against the more womanly crystal lights, glass-framed mirror and traditional dressing table.

Inform us Do you utilize tartan on your decoration? Please show us at Comments!

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Decorate With Intention: To Buy or Not to Buy

The much-quoted English textile designer William Morris stated,”Have nothing in your homes which you do not understand to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” A worthy goal, to be sure, but a bit tricky to put to training.

Like magpies flocking to shiny bits and bobbles, we’re attracted to the newest gadgets and designer decoration. If you love to shop but don’t love the clutter that comes with too many not-right purchases, it’s time to take a step back and get a fresh view on what you buy and why. Join us as we delve in to 10 important questions which will help ascertain whether that new furniture or decoration item should earn a place in your house.


Banana Bowl – $140

1. Might it be useful? While not every thing within our houses have to be strictly pragmatic, it is much easier to justify a buy if the object of your desire also serves a purpose beyond looking cool.

1a. OK, so it’s helpful — but do you need it? This is the part where it could be tempting to tell yourself a little white lie. Sure, those gold bananas are helpful — they could hold fruit! But if you already have a dozen fruit bowls at home, is a gold banana bowl really going to be helpful to you?

Krieger + Associates Architects, Inc..

2. Is it your weakness? We all have our loves and obsessions. For me personally, it is books. I can not walk past a bookstore without going in, and I can not appear to render one without buying something. But simply being mindful of exactly what your weakness is will help fortify your resolve when you need to. By way of instance, over time I’ve come to understand that nonfiction books are the ones I like to stay permanently, so I try to check out current fiction from the library instead.


Antique Drawing Drafting Table from Karen C. Kramer – $950

3. Do you love it? We all know the feeling — you have a look at something, whether it is an amazing classic, a painting or a classic trinket, and just gasp. Your heart beats faster. Your senses are thrilled. Your fingers are itching to pull your wallet out and bring it home… but hold on just a second, we are not done yet! Read on to ensure that your find passes the exam.

Huntley & Co.. Interior Design

4. Is it your own style? It’s likely (quite common, really ) to fall head over heels to get something which isn’t your style. Think about an art gallery. You may be entirely in awe of a specific artist’s work but would never need one of their pieces in your house. Well, guess what? The identical thing can occur when you are out shopping. Even if you love something, if you understand deep down it’s just not”you,” it is best to appreciate it from afar and leave it at that. Bringing house something which falls into this class is where many people go awry in decorating.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

5. Does it work with other colors in your property? When you’re in the process of decorating a space, it is a superb idea to take a small envelope or folder with fabric and paint swatches when you go out shopping. Being in a position to hold up a swatch of your wall color or the fabric on your couch is invaluable once you are searching for coordinating pieces.

Do not have swatches? In the minimum, have a few pictures of the space in great lighting and bring those with you on shopping trips. It will avoid many headaches down the road when a color or print clashes and you need to make returns or consume the price tag.

Jute Interior Design

6. Could it be in the budget? This is a slick question, because decorating budgets may often be wiggled a little. Even if the top limit of that which you are able to spend on a space must remain business, falling in love with the perfect bit (that costs more than you were likely to invest ) might mean cutting corners elsewhere.

If you just can not afford it, keep the info in a file for future reference, and let it go for today. It’s not worth going into debt more than decorating a home.


Mystic Collection Turquoise Rug

7. Would you return it if you change your thoughts? Yield policies are always a good idea to check, but it is especially important to be diligent about this when you will need to try out a bit in your house prior to knowing for sure if it will work.

7a. You know yourself . Can you actually return it if it does not work? For those who, like me, often slack on making returns, don’t make the buy unless you are 150 percent sure you want to keep it.

Old Faithful Shop

Apple Bottle Opener – $26

8. Is it an impulse buy? Some impulse buys are fortuitous finds. If it’s something you love that you have been looking for, or you understand just what you want to do with it, then do it. But be honest with yourself. It’s easy to get trapped in the delight of purchasing, scooping things up simply because they’re there.

Retailers place small items in crucial areas close to the checkout area because they understand shoppers are easily enticed to throw”just one more” thing into their baskets. Resist. If you are still thinking about the thing tomorrow, go right ahead and buy it but the majority of the timeyou will find that the charm fades as soon as you leave the shop.

Greenhouse Design Studio

Classic Icebox – $999

9. Have you any idea where it will go? If it’s a massive piece of furniture, check the dimensions to be sure it will fit in which it needs to go — such as through narrow doorways and stairwells.

This principle does not merely apply to bulky furniture. If you understand exactly where every item you buy will”reside,” you’ll be keeping clutter at bay. It’s the objects that float around our houses without a permanent location that make a space feel messy.

Kelly Donovan

Karl Malmvall Stepladder – $295

10. Could it be the best example of its type? Just because an object is useful doesn’t mean it can not also be visually pleasing. If you’d like your house to be beautiful inside and outside, consider aesthetics into account even for the more mundane buys like step stools and cleaning brushes.

Clutter-Clearing 101

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Cool Crochet? Yes, It's Possible

I will be the first to admit that if I consider crocheted accents, “chic” is not the first term that springs to mind. My train of thought runs to tissue box covers and fluffy afghans. But using a savvy eye for design, crocheted accents can be a very stylish way to add color, pattern and texture to a space. Want evidence? Have a look at the illustrations below.

Ida Lifestyle

Concentric squares give this throw pillow a mod mien that operates perfectly with all the midcentury expression of the furniture.

Holly Marder

Crocheted squares onto the wall, strung like a garland, texture cheerful and joyous.

H is for House

Juxtaposed with retro-cool accents along with an eclectic mix of furnishings, this crocheted bedcover takes on a bohemian flair.

Ida Lifestyle

Bright colours and bold patterns lend punch to a heap of cushions. In the exact same way that like objects grouped together create a greater impact, the similar palettes and motifs of these pillows fortify their effect.

Groovy Elisa

Cheeky and fun, this pair of bright chair covers would seem right at home in a young girl’s or a teenager’s room.


A rug with all the appearance of crocheted squares stitched together ties into the colours of this living area and sets a casual basis for the space.

The Virginia House

Sweet, simple crocheted baskets add a minimalist chic to this hutch.

Agnes Blum

Simultaneously conservative and young, this coverlet brightens a child’s bedroom.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

A pair of cushions injects a hint of updated crochet-style patchwork into this space. Their pattern provides only enough of a jolt without destroying the calm atmosphere.

Jennifer – Rambling Renovators

Crocheted doilies become instant graphic artwork when mounted and framed onto the wall.

Browse crocheted items from the Products section

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