Walls Play Dress-Up With Children' Artwork

There are five kids living in my house, which adds up to a great deal of art. In the event that you should show up at our house on any given night, you’d observe paintings, comics and drawings displayed on the refrigerator, piled up on the dining table and spilling over the countertops. As soon as it is not logical to maintain every work of art, I really do like to maintain a sampling of our favorite masterpieces for screen.

Families everywhere are showcasing their kids ‘ art from the breakfast corner into the restroom. See how they are doing this, then implement the ideas on your house.

An obvious place to display children’s art is in their own rooms. Try out a different spin on things by using clothespins to attach images to twine to get an inexpensive display solution.

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Creating a casual gallery wall in a hallway is a great way to showcase your kids’s most up-to-date work. By attaching similar frames to the wall with no glass, you will have the ability to replace bits as your kids ‘ work develops.

Vanni Archive/Architectural Photography

Kids love painting on stretched canvas. A picture rail delivers a fantastic way to exhibit art in a modern, minimalistic way.

Aesthetic Outburst

Along with painted images, kids come home from school with other art projects that are exhibit worthy. Grouping them and showing them in a craft corner may get your own creative juices flowing.

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Grouped in similar frames, these casual works of art fit right in with all the cozy decor of this breakfast nook.


Carefully selecting a couple of preferred masterpieces and hanging them in an art gallery will add a level of sophistication to your kids ‘ art.


Displaying your kids’ art alongside bits from other preferred artists will not just bring character to your house, it will certainly bring a smile to the faces of your kids.


A couple of times every year my kids come home from school with ceramic art jobs. Displaying them together on the top of a bookcase brings greater focus on their job.

A Gallery Wall for Every Character
Frameless Art Bares Its Soul

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Sparking Interest with Nonworking Fireplaces

I lived with a stunning but nonworking fireplace for years. It was utterly useless except as a decorative feature, but I loved its mantel and its scrollwork and its existence. Much like”The Dude” in The Big Lebowski famously stated,”It really tied the room together”

It also introduced an interesting design challenge. Decorating the mantel was simple, but what exactly to do with the actual fireplace part? I alternately stuffed it with books and candles, and covered it with a screen-candelabra combo. But first I painted the entire thing classic white. Here are more ideas of what to do with a nonworking fireplace, a space which can really be an advantage.

Marcus Gleysteen Architects

Fill it with wabi-sabi decorative logs. They hint in coziness, aren’t too formal and need no more games.

Reynaldo Gonzalez Design

Birch, aspen and chewing gum all have lovely white bark. A symmetrical stack of clips is a style component and a nod toward coziness.


Felt logs – $27

These felt logs are a true no-mess alternative. They also have a particular handmade design cachet. Plus, they’re just kind of humorous.


Tree of Life Fireplace Screen – $295

A decorative spark screen could be all you require.

Home & Harmony

Cover it up and then paint it with chalkboard paint. There’s something quite Parisian looking relating to this. Plus it can change with your mood, bearing everything from love notes to to-do lists.

Lauren Liess Interiors

A custom-cut mirror adds measurement and design cred.

Jeanette Lunde

Candles create a sense of warmth and light without the pesky smoke.

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

This flat stack of boards is equally”design-y” and plausible. It echoes the flat lines in the rest of the room, and it’s a smart nod to traditional fire stacks.

Jenn Hannotte / Hannotte Interiors

Paint it with an accent color and use it like a nook.

A vertical stack of books is linear and design savvy. You can also pile books in willy-nilly to get a more diverse, natural look. But no publication burning allowed.

A screen serves as a bit of art and also covers the cavernous black hole of an empty fireplace.

Artisan Custom Interiors

You are able to fill a fireplace with knickknacks. Here they used cubes, but there’s not any reason this couldn’t be a screen spot for all sorts of collections. A vintage typewriter lived in ours for some time.

Melissa Lenox Design

And you can always simply block off the fireplace with wood or sheetrock, maintaining the mantel as a focal point and design component.

Make Your Fireplace the Focal Point
Mantel Mania: Sprucing the Space Above Your Fireplace

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