7 Tips To Boost Your Home Faster into a Younger Buyer

Educating my customers about the audience they’ll be advertising to is among the most important items a home stager can do. When you set your house on the market to market, you should be aware that another owner will probably be younger than you are. That is why you need to stop thinking about what you want or want in a house and begin thinking about what your most likely buyer will need.

Found Design

1. Stick with warm, neutral walls. If your target demographic is “young professional” or “young household,” try having a warm grey as a neutral wall color. The gold or pinky-beige wall color you chose 10 years ago will seem outdated to this new group of buyers. On-trend neutrals like grays allow prospective homeowners to picture bringing in complementary colors and clean-lined furnishings to make it their own.

Carolina Design Associates

2. Put money into white cabinetry. Many home buyers younger than 40 prefer white or off-white kitchen cabinetry. They don’t want to see their momma’s dark kitchen chimney in their new house! Consider a kitchen facelift if you have dark kitchen cabinetry with crimson or red undertones. Benjamin Moore’s Advance is a fantastic paint to take into account. It is a hybrid of latex and oil, and it requires very little prep work.

Turan Designs, Inc..

3. Update your appliances. Many younger home buyers can’t fathom buying a house without stainless steel appliances. You’ll need to upgrade your almond ones with stainless replacements prior to putting it on the market.

Global Granite & Marble

Impala Black

4. Look for easy stone countertops. Granite and stone countertops are a must-have for most young house buyers — it will make the distinction between whether they choose your house or your neighbor’s house. But don’t make the mistake of installing active or taste-specific granite that may not appeal to everybody. If you’re planning to maintain your house for quite a while, go for it — but not if you plan to sell within the next few years.

Rather, choose a granite that is practically black or something with a minimum of colors and veining. Anything more might be a turnoff to all those picky younger buyers.

Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer

5. Open your shower space. Young professionals enjoy big, open glass showers. The garden-variety bathtub isn’t where it’s at no cost.

Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders

6. Keep it easy for families with kids. People with young children are less likely to need a fixer-upper. If your target demographic is “young family with little kids,” it’s important your property be prepared for them to move right in. Be certain the house has no unfinished jobs or red flags for families.

7. Consider selling your house as a fixer-upper. If your area is becoming a mecca for young professionals, then there may be some appeal to the fixer-upper if the price is correct. These younger adults without children could have the time, energy and creativity for making over an older home. Even so, the price is going to have to be lower than if it had been picture perfect.

Inform us What have you learned about demographics out of your house selling and staging experiences?

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Top 10 Solutions for Architectural Peeves

I admit there are lots of times that I cringe when visiting a newly constructed or renovated house. I know it’s because I’m an architect, and we architects could be so very fussy. But actually, with just a small bit of thought we could all make our homes so much better. It’s just a matter of thinking through a few of the detail issues.

So here are a few solutions to poorly executed ubiquitous details that irritate the hell out of me (and lots of architects and artists). These options are often easily implemented, and by doing this, it is possible to easily change a home out of cookie cutter to special.

Stephen Fuller Designs

1. Two-dimensional and badly sized shutters. So often the shutters are screwed into the walls so they lay flat. And it is clear that the shutters won’t come near covering the entire window.

Solution (shown): Install the dividers with a few authentic hardware in order that they lie “proud” (in front of) the window along with the wall. And dimension them so they look as if they would actually cover the window once closed.

Tim Cuppett Architects

2. Skinny trim. Please do not settle for 3-inch baseboards and two1/4-inch casings. Trim has a lot to offer and will really make a room special.

Solution (shown): Think about various profiles and proceed for the larger sizes. Doing this will add a richness to your own rooms which you didn’t think was possible.

Motionspace Architecture + Design

3. Dark hallways. Why is it the space you traveling in a lot of is often gloomy and dark? And what’s with linen closets at the end of hallways? (More on this in number seven.)

Solution (shown): Get some light into the hallway with glass doors to the bedrooms. And if you have privacy issues, just use a translucent instead of transparent glass.

Mark pinkerton – vi360 photography

Or add a skylight or two.

Schnarr Craftsmen Inc

And when a big rectangular skylight is not possible, try out a tubular skylight. This is often an inexpensive way to dramatically boost the quantity of natural lighting a dark hallway receives.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

4. The 80-inch-tall door. As much as there is a rationale supporting the 80-inch-tall door, it makes very little sense in a room having an 8-foot ceiling, and even less feeling in a room with a ceiling that is taller. It’s just that the proportions are wrong, and there’s simply too much wall space above the door.

Solution (shown): when you intend to use an 80-inch tall door, consider the space above the door as a chance for, say, a transom such as this allows light and air to filter between chambers.

Hull Ancient

Or think about using that wall space.

Crisp Architects

Even better, for a very open, bright and tasteful room, choose the windows nearer to the ceiling, as in this area.

ASID, Christopher A Rose AIA

5. The Palladian window. Surely, Palladio could weep when he saw just how ubiquitous and badly scaled his namesake window is now. It’s not that these are not terrific windows, it is just that they’ve turned into a cliché.

Solution (shown): Look at utilizing a Palladian window in circumstance. Properly detailed and scaled, this window can be quite elegant and right, as in this example.

Bud Dietrich

6. Window that is removable grilles. I get it. I do. Every time I wash the windows I mutter to myself “Just snap out the window grilles, wash the window and snap the grilles back in.” But heck, windows with detachable grilles seem so flat, therefore two-dimensional, not authentic in any way.

Solution (shown): Though windows with genuine divided lites (ADLs) and insulating glass may be prohibitively expensive, windows which use simulated divided lights (SDLs), like in this example, have exactly the same look in a portion of the price tag. Really, there’s no reason to not possess an authentic-looking, if not precisely authentically built window.

Vanguard Studio Inc..

7. Linen cupboard focal points. Yes, near the bedrooms we need a place for towels and sheets and blankets and all of the stuff. But why should the linen cupboard be in the end of the hallway and visible from the primary living area of the home?

Solution (shown): Definitely a little market displaying something artful and beautiful will give more joy to your life than any linen cupboard ever will.

Koch Architects, Inc.. Joanne Koch

8. Underused hallways. Definitely a hall may be utilized as more than just a room to stroll through.

Solution (shown): The easy addition of a built-in shelving will transform a hall from a passageway to a destination in its own right.

HP Rovinelli Architects

9. Cookie-cutter garage doors. Why is it that regardless of the style of home, the garage door invariably is your double-wide, raised-panel?

Solution (shown): With all these options to choose from, garage doors which match with the home’s architecture, as in this example, are definitely possible.

Allen Patterson Residential

10. Weak eaves. where the roof and outdoor wall satisfy should show craft and detail. It’s, after all, in which the two major outside structural elements intersect.

Solution (shown): instead of using a standard 8-inch soffit with a perforated vinyl skin along with also a K-style gutter, look for ways to extend the roofline and introduce rafter tails, as in this example.

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Patios Look on the (Truly) Bright Side With Neon

One thing is for sure that summer: Color is in. Neons that make eye-catching statements are all over your home and the runway. It’s easy to feel reluctant about upgrading your terrace with current trends — especially if you use the area for only three months out of the year. However, the following cost-savvy ideas will offer a trendy spark without breaking the bank or needing a large-scale makeover.

Bring the sun, and draw on the style.

Liz Stewart

Vibrant colors give a room instant energy. Throw pillows provide one of the simplest ways to incorporate new colour or design trends. Check out stores like Target or T.J.Maxx for cheap locates, or perhaps peruse a local thrift store to get one-of-a-kind accents. Make sure you purchase pillows upholstered in outside fabric.


Add splashes of colour and sun shade with cabanas or cubes. Not only can they add into your brand new patio shade palette, but they will offer much-needed and appreciated shade on extra-sunny days.

S / Wiley Interior Photography

In the conclusion of the afternoon, there’s no beating a can of paint to get quick, easy and affordable updates. This everyday picnic table feels fresh and exciting in a coat of blue green. Accessorize your new furniture with colours to really assist the neon pop.

Dear Daisy Cottage

Among the greatest areas of repainting furniture in bold colours — especially antique pieces — would be your unexpectedness. You’ll instantly make an uberchic furnishing that you won’t find on anyone else’s back patio.

S / Wiley Interior Photography

When putting together your palette, think about everything that’s in sight as you’re sitting on your terrace — for instance, the doorway. Doors are exceptional places to add a popular splash of colour, and they’re able to completely alter the look and texture of its environment. Accessorize nearby furnishings throw pillows in similar colours to tie the room together.

SquallCo Development

The simple addition of blue lime creates a beautiful but subtle accent to this terrace.

Agnes Blum

Use the accent chair in a fantastic manner. Scan local flea markets for classic metal chairs in hot colours or paint them yourself. The mix of retro style with an updated shade creates the ultimate eclectic vibe.

Pomegranate Workshop

A simple collection of brightly colored canvas butterfly chairs helps this terrace feel much more current with no major decor update.

Anthony Baratta LLC

If your budget includes reupholstering furniture, then concentrate on a single colour but vary the shades. Notice how a number of the pieces in this photograph are a lighter blue and others are somewhat darker. The gap creates visual depth and interest.

Alex Amend Photography

Another tip is to highlight neon shades with animal prints. Interestingly, animal prints act as a neutral, so that they help to make an equilibrium when mixed with bold, vivid colours.


Because neon colors can be very domineering, put them into your decor in a balanced manner. Notice how this designer employed lime green onto the couch in the space and again on the chairs round the table. Vibrant blue can be viewed on the remote coffee table and again on the pillows on the white couch. Don’t concentrate a bright colour in only one area; instead, pepper the area evenly.

The way to Use Bright Yellow

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Ecofriendly 'Glamping' Dome in Scotland

This vacation house, a cocoon nestled in a birch forest on the edge of a small cliff in Scotland, is visible only from the sea. Outside its own dome membrane are scenic views of the Sound of Lorne and Castle Stalker, made famous by Monty Python and the Holy Grail — views best appreciated from the outdoor spa. Indoors, “you feel as though you’re really part of the environment rather than imposing on your environment,” says homeowner Jim Milligan. “It’s like the dome has been there forever, just like the trees.”

The homeowners open their dome to vacationers who need a taste of their “glamping” (glam camping) encounter too.

at a Glance
A vacation home for: Jim Milligan and Nicola Meekin
Location: Oban, Scotland
Size: 807 square feet
That is intriguing: The dome overlooks the famous Castle Stalker, more commonly known as “Castle Aaargh” at Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Go Glamping

The structure is held together with steel struts along with one membrane of recycled PVC which has an average life span of 25 years.

Go Glamping

Ceiling fans and windows make sure that the dome is cool at all times, particularly easy in these pieces of temperate western Scotland. Most of the membrane’s parts have a clear finish and are UV resistant.

Go Glamping

The freestanding kitchen is anchored by modular pieces: a low-energy pyrolitic oven that is flush on the laminate surface, a chopping board and a sink. There is even room for a small oven, a dish rack and cabinets. Every week, groceries are delivered to the site.

Go Glamping

The homeowners are creative with kitchen storage A overhead pan rack gets rid of the need for below-counter cabinet space, along with a small mobile island can be wheeled around to match their needs. A pair of pendant lights adds interest and task light into this modular kitchen in case the natural light coming in from the transparent areas of the dome fixtures and windows is not enough.

Go Glamping

The homeowners love classic midcentury modern layout — buying high quality iconic pieces is their way of remaining green. “We buy decor that will last a lifetime. We hunted a number of the best furniture made this century, and they sit in the pods, with guests appreciating their quality as well as beauty,” says Milligan.

Go Glamping

This window looks directly out to islands in the southwest, which means that you may watch bad weather approaching 20 minutes before it really hits the region. “Among the things which make the pods unique is the idea of being protected regardless of what the weather. You only get a sense of calm inside the dome even if it’s storming out,” says Milligan.

Go Glamping

Milligan and Meekin sometimes prefer to lounge at the cedar soaking bathtub, watching the eagles fish or the geese migrate south.

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Go Glamping

Each of the curved cedar sheets utilized across the dome were sourced from the local woods, which are part of the Forest Stewardship Council. Spring water is warmed by an exterior water boiler, as well as the water is sourced from a spring.

The separate shower stall, terry-cloth bathrobes and fresh towels increase the glam factor and assure that no one remaining there actually must “rough it.”

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Go Glamping

The homeowners are aware that the dome is a temporary structure, and it has been their assignment to float lightly on the ground they inhabit and also to honor the dome’s natural environment. “We want to prove to ourselves that people can leave the site using minimal footprint,” says Milligan.

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Decorate With Intention: To Buy or Not to Buy

The much-quoted English textile designer William Morris stated,”Have nothing in your homes which you do not understand to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” A worthy goal, to be sure, but a bit tricky to put to training.

Like magpies flocking to shiny bits and bobbles, we’re attracted to the newest gadgets and designer decoration. If you love to shop but don’t love the clutter that comes with too many not-right purchases, it’s time to take a step back and get a fresh view on what you buy and why. Join us as we delve in to 10 important questions which will help ascertain whether that new furniture or decoration item should earn a place in your house.


Banana Bowl – $140

1. Might it be useful? While not every thing within our houses have to be strictly pragmatic, it is much easier to justify a buy if the object of your desire also serves a purpose beyond looking cool.

1a. OK, so it’s helpful — but do you need it? This is the part where it could be tempting to tell yourself a little white lie. Sure, those gold bananas are helpful — they could hold fruit! But if you already have a dozen fruit bowls at home, is a gold banana bowl really going to be helpful to you?

Krieger + Associates Architects, Inc..

2. Is it your weakness? We all have our loves and obsessions. For me personally, it is books. I can not walk past a bookstore without going in, and I can not appear to render one without buying something. But simply being mindful of exactly what your weakness is will help fortify your resolve when you need to. By way of instance, over time I’ve come to understand that nonfiction books are the ones I like to stay permanently, so I try to check out current fiction from the library instead.


Antique Drawing Drafting Table from Karen C. Kramer – $950

3. Do you love it? We all know the feeling — you have a look at something, whether it is an amazing classic, a painting or a classic trinket, and just gasp. Your heart beats faster. Your senses are thrilled. Your fingers are itching to pull your wallet out and bring it home… but hold on just a second, we are not done yet! Read on to ensure that your find passes the exam.

Huntley & Co.. Interior Design

4. Is it your own style? It’s likely (quite common, really ) to fall head over heels to get something which isn’t your style. Think about an art gallery. You may be entirely in awe of a specific artist’s work but would never need one of their pieces in your house. Well, guess what? The identical thing can occur when you are out shopping. Even if you love something, if you understand deep down it’s just not”you,” it is best to appreciate it from afar and leave it at that. Bringing house something which falls into this class is where many people go awry in decorating.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

5. Does it work with other colors in your property? When you’re in the process of decorating a space, it is a superb idea to take a small envelope or folder with fabric and paint swatches when you go out shopping. Being in a position to hold up a swatch of your wall color or the fabric on your couch is invaluable once you are searching for coordinating pieces.

Do not have swatches? In the minimum, have a few pictures of the space in great lighting and bring those with you on shopping trips. It will avoid many headaches down the road when a color or print clashes and you need to make returns or consume the price tag.

Jute Interior Design

6. Could it be in the budget? This is a slick question, because decorating budgets may often be wiggled a little. Even if the top limit of that which you are able to spend on a space must remain business, falling in love with the perfect bit (that costs more than you were likely to invest ) might mean cutting corners elsewhere.

If you just can not afford it, keep the info in a file for future reference, and let it go for today. It’s not worth going into debt more than decorating a home.


Mystic Collection Turquoise Rug

7. Would you return it if you change your thoughts? Yield policies are always a good idea to check, but it is especially important to be diligent about this when you will need to try out a bit in your house prior to knowing for sure if it will work.

7a. You know yourself . Can you actually return it if it does not work? For those who, like me, often slack on making returns, don’t make the buy unless you are 150 percent sure you want to keep it.

Old Faithful Shop

Apple Bottle Opener – $26

8. Is it an impulse buy? Some impulse buys are fortuitous finds. If it’s something you love that you have been looking for, or you understand just what you want to do with it, then do it. But be honest with yourself. It’s easy to get trapped in the delight of purchasing, scooping things up simply because they’re there.

Retailers place small items in crucial areas close to the checkout area because they understand shoppers are easily enticed to throw”just one more” thing into their baskets. Resist. If you are still thinking about the thing tomorrow, go right ahead and buy it but the majority of the timeyou will find that the charm fades as soon as you leave the shop.

Greenhouse Design Studio

Classic Icebox – $999

9. Have you any idea where it will go? If it’s a massive piece of furniture, check the dimensions to be sure it will fit in which it needs to go — such as through narrow doorways and stairwells.

This principle does not merely apply to bulky furniture. If you understand exactly where every item you buy will”reside,” you’ll be keeping clutter at bay. It’s the objects that float around our houses without a permanent location that make a space feel messy.

Kelly Donovan

Karl Malmvall Stepladder – $295

10. Could it be the best example of its type? Just because an object is useful doesn’t mean it can not also be visually pleasing. If you’d like your house to be beautiful inside and outside, consider aesthetics into account even for the more mundane buys like step stools and cleaning brushes.

Clutter-Clearing 101

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Guest Groups: Get Your Game On!

The holidays may be over, but it doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Help beat those winter blues by hosting a Game Night. We’ve put together a fantastic group of entertaining and games essentials to kick off the new season with a little friendly rivalry. — Heather and Vanessa from At the Picket Fence

Restoration Hardware

Town Hall Bingo – $129

Bingo isn’t just for those of us who are a little longer in the tooth. Enjoy the timeless game in style with this portable collection, complete with a metal cage prepared for a quick twist to pop out the winning number. There is nothing quite like the feeling when you shout out that magical word:”Bingo!”

Z Gallerie

Bullseye Party Picks – $9.95

Your taste buds would be the target with those brilliant Bullseye Party Picks. We would utilize them for our drinks, and we find them to be the ideal way to skewer some cheese and deli meat to get an appetizer using a fun twist.

Dart Boards

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dart Board with Heckler Feature and Cabinet – $469.98

We might just wait to serve our cocktails before after a rousing game of darts. But we are pretty sure that using this electronic dartboard mounted at a stunning cherry cupboard, we will have no trouble hitting our mark.

Barnes & Noble

Gourmet Game Night by Cynthia Nims – $14.98

Everyone’s a winner when you start off your Game Night with great food. We love that this cookbook is full of recipes for delectable finger foods which will keep those hands free for dealing cards or rolling dice.


Cuisinart Electric Fondue Set – $69.95

Do you fondue? We do! We love the idea of inviting your visitors to get to know each other better within this timeless fondue pot. And we are pretty sure just about anything tastes good coated in chocolate.

Pottery Barn

Chancellor Large Condiment Tray – $49

You’ll need a location for those Game Night munchies. Why don’t you serve them in this simple and elegant silver tray? The clean lines and subtle styling will emphasize your snacks without distracting guests from the goal at hand: winning.


Cosco Folding Table, Mahogany Finish – $74.99

Folding tables don’t need to seem, well, like folding tables. This is a gorgeous way to generate space for more guests without compromising on style.

Z Gallerie

Lexington Mirrored Butler Tray – $259.95

This portable bar with a detachable mirrored tray is the best way to keep your food and drinks near the action. With places for storing your glasses and bottles, we adore knowing our guests will not need to go far to get a little break.


Night Hawk 55″ Round Poker Table – $849.99

For the poker player, this stunning dining table has space for 8 and comes complete with cup holders and a claw-foot base base. We don’t believe our husbands would mind if we occasionally threw a tablecloth on it with some flowers in the middle, do you?


Leather Professional Poker Sets – $105

Proceed over Ocean’s 11. We believe this velvet-lined and leather-bound poker collection would have us feeling like we had been holding our own one of the professionals.

Ballard Designs

Place of 12 Numbered Barware Glasses – $69

We would like our Game Night guests to remain focused, therefore these numbered eyeglasses are the ideal way for them to keep an eye on the drinks and keep their minds in the game.

Ballard Designs

Place of 100 Personalized Shatterproof Cups – $120

But for those who may get a little rowdy through your Game Night, these monogrammed, shatterproof cups are just the thing. In addition to customized napkins and coasters, you won’t need to worry about cleaning up after a sore loser.

Fitz and Floyd

Game Night Coasters And Holder – $28

Protect your surfaces at authentic Game Night type with those high-rollin’ coasters. We believe even Frank, Dean and Sammy Davis Jr. would approve of these.

Cost Plus World Market

Gray/Yellow Herringbone Floor Cushion – $34.99

When you’re prepared for those games which need a bit more elbow space, these floor cushions will provide a cushy spot for your visitors to sit.


Poker & Blackjack Table Top with Case – $49.99

Everyone will be”all in” with this Poker & Blackjack Table Top. And you’ll be happy to”fold” this up and store it until the following Game Night.

Z Gallerie

Round Dice Set of 6 – $23.70

Add some interest to a celebration by rolling these around dice. Worried about the friend who would fudge their numbers? Well don’t be! These come complete with a mini-weight that ensures you’ll know the specific number of dots.

Restoration Hardware

Vintage Edition Monopoly – $149

How about some fun for those of us who can not appear to keep a poker face? This beautiful Monopoly collection has a decidedly vintage sense, and we love being able to escape to a world where real estate continues to be a hot commodity.


Circus Vintage Cart Movie Popcorn Maker – $159

Keep the fun and the food going all night with this traditional electrical popcorn cart. It’s ideal for Game Night or Movie Night, and friends and family will always want to come hang out at your house. That is a good thing, we guarantee!

Cost Plus World Market

Popcorn Bowls – $9.99

You have to have someplace for that popcorn to go before it hits your mouth. This fun metal set includes a large serving bowl and 4 smaller dishes ideal for individual parts.

Oriental Trading Co..

Mini Striped Popcorn Boxes, Set of 24 – $4

At the end of the nighttime, send your visitors on their way with some popcorn from those darling red and white striped boxes. Everyone will feel like a winner.

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Guest Picks: Great Gifts for Kids Who Cook

Part of the enjoyment of being in the kitchen is getting to play with around with food. My kids have difficulty waiting till they are older to be a part of the fun — they love pretending to cook, as well as actually assisting with food prep. This set of gifts was created with something in your mind for kids of all skill levels in kitchen. I know kids like these toys, but I buy them for myself as I do for them. I enjoy play cooking much more than real cooking because there’ll never be some dishes to wash!

— Mariko from The Tiny Foodie

Little Partners

Little Partners Learning Tower – $199.99

As opposed to dragging your chairs throughout the kitchen so that your kid can stand at the counter with you, try out this learning tower. It’s sturdy and adjustable based on height, and it’s safe rails on either side. I love it.

Melissa & Doug

Sushi Slicing Play Set – $19.99

That is my daughter’s favourite toy food ever. When we play with this, it’s like we are in a real restaurant. You can even slice aside the sushi rolls and practice your chopstick skills.

Play Kitchens

KidKraft Primary Colors Baking Set – $44.99

My cooking tools are really only toys in disguise, and I feel the standing mixer is in the center of each (toy) kitchen.


Lil Chef Dress Up Costume by My Heart – $35

This sweet chef ensemble is all about playing with the big kids. I believe that you may have a great sous chef in the making.

Play Kitchens

KidKraft White Vintage Kitchen – $199.99

This play kitchen may be better stocked than my actual kitchen. It has the gas-style stove. Sigh, I wish I had one myself.


Little Tikes Backyard Barbeque™ Get Out ‘N Grill – $40.48

If you do not have room in the home for a play kitchen, why not an outdoor backyard barbecue? Pretty please, Mom? You simply can’t say no to this.

BJ’s Wholesale Club

Little Tikes Makin’ Mud Pies Outdoor Kitchen Set – $39.99

Actual water, actual dirt and real mud. What kid could resist this outdoor drama set, which can be practically real-live cooking?
OK, so perhaps you’ll have to scrub a little after this meal.

Pottery Barn Kids

Porcelain Tea Set – $59

Foodies are usually entertainers in your mind. Kids love to have friends over for parties, just like adults.

Pottery Barn Kids

Cupcake Set – $24

This is the cutest felt food ever. I want to be served this at our next tea party.


Casdon Toy Delonghi Microwave – $27.99

I have done a double take when I saw this microwave, and I’m sure most kids would think that this was the real deal. It comes complete with play food, and the microwave sizzles and beeps too.


Easy-Bake Oven and Snack Center – $29.99

I’m not sure what the allure of the Easy Bake Oven is, but my 8-year-old self couldn’t envision the more perfect toy. It’s redundant for certain, however, it was still special because it was particularly for me.


Handstand Kids Eat Your Fruits & Veggies Oven Mitt – $8

Adult-size oven mitts can be cumbersome for smaller hands and actually make spills or burns more risky. Get the right size mitt for those small ones if you are going to let them cook.


Sassafras Little Cook Kid’s Kitchen Tool Kit – $20

This cooking collection is serious business. Meaning, small hands really can use these tools in the kitchen. I enjoy using measuring cups and spoons to teach my daughter about numbers.


Star Wars™ Heroes & Villains Cookie Cutters – $19.95

I’ve been ogling them for a while now, just waiting for an opportunity to introduce my kids to the magical universe of Star Wars. Additionally, sugar cookies are necessary around Christmas, right?

Kuhn Rikon

Decorating Bottles – $5

My daughter always wants to help decorate cupcakes, however, the pastry bag and tip are tough to control for small hands. Kuhn Rikon’s decorating bottles make that a non-issue, and also you are able to alter the tips as possible please.


OXO Vegetable Chopper – $20

This may not be intended for kids, but I think that it’s ideal for assisting. Kids can do the chopping without you worrying about palms. This is very good for onions, garlic, nuts and herbs. The best part is that you put your kids to operate, and they think that it’s all part of the fun!

Barnes & Noble

DK Children’s Cookbook by Katharine Ibbs – $17.99

As a general rule, I prefer cookbooks with pictures — lots of images. This cookbook has step-by-step images of basic recipes for kids, and it’s truly easy enough to follow for almost any kid (or kid at heart).

The Spoon Sisters

Nylon Cooking Knife Place for Kids – $9.95

Whenever you decide to let your child begin cutting some cucumber for your dinner salad, I feel these knives are ideal. Enormous, easy-to-grip handles and curved tips make this very affordable knife collection very appealing. I will probably wait a few years for my own daughter, but I’m storing it to a future want list.

For Smaller Hands

Private Pizza Pan Set – $16.95

Personal pizzas are most likely one of the greatest things about being a kid. Kids are experts at assembling their own, even at an early age.

For Smaller Hands

Mini-Spatula – $3.75

This mini-spatula is great for Saturday morning pancakes, which is probably your kid’s very favorite meal in which to participate. The silicone base implies you won’t have to worry about melting.


Presto 11-Inch Electric Skillet – $22.22

This may not be made for kids, but if my kid does begin doing some actual sauteing (with supervision, of course), it’s going to be in an electric fry pan. It’s not a cooking vessel of choice for me personally, but it’s sturdy legs, therefore is less likely to tilt or scoot around off a stove top when she is stirring.

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How to Replace a Broken Window Pane

If your house is a bit old, then it probably has windows that feature a double-hung sash. Sooner or later, window cleaning glasses will get broken and may require replacement. You don’t really need to call a professional immediately when it comes to this. Instead, you should assess the damage first and see if you can do it yourself.

What Tools Do You Need

Before you begin, make sure you have all the tools needed with you. The things that you will need when replacing the broken glass are:

-Heat gun
-Tape measure
-Putty knife
-Linseed oil
-Glaziers push points

Remove the Broken Glass

Wear a pair of heavy-duty gloves before you start removing the broken glasses away. This is to protect your hands from the sharp edges.

Remove the glass carefully. Some of the glasses can be pulled out easily. However, there are a few other types that will require some persuading. You may need to use a heat gun to soft up the glazing compound. The last pieces of glass should come out without any trouble once the glazing compound is removed.

Clean the Window Frame

After you have removed all the broken glass, it’s time to clean the window frame. You can use a wire brush to remove all the dust, dirt, debris, and residue from the frame. If window installation is already very old, apply linseed oil on the frame with the use of a brush. The oil can help to condition the wood, and will easily bond with the glazing compound.

You may need to warm the glazing compound up by kneading it until you can produce a thin bead out of it. This will require a bit of practice before you can get the consistency right, so there’s no need to worry if you will not get it right on your first try.

Measure and Order the Glass

Next, measure the area where the glazing compound will be applied. Take note of the measurements and bring them to the hardware store to order the glass material. Ensure that you get the measurements right when you order the glass replacement.

Purchase a pack of push points from the hardware stores as well. These are tiny triangles that will hold the window pane at the frame. Just push those points at the sides of the muntin bars. For a small pane of glass, apply two points on both sides of the glass at the four edges of the window pane.

Apply the Putty

Gently hold the putty knife at an angle and then apply a bead of the putty in one motion. Try to achieve an even line while doing so. As soon as the putty gets dry, start painting it.

In order to keep the glass window repair crystal clear, avoid cleaning the window once the sun is shining through it. This is because the sun will dry up the cleaner very quickly and will leave streaks on the window glass.

Cool Crochet? Yes, It's Possible

I will be the first to admit that if I consider crocheted accents, “chic” is not the first term that springs to mind. My train of thought runs to tissue box covers and fluffy afghans. But using a savvy eye for design, crocheted accents can be a very stylish way to add color, pattern and texture to a space. Want evidence? Have a look at the illustrations below.

Ida Lifestyle

Concentric squares give this throw pillow a mod mien that operates perfectly with all the midcentury expression of the furniture.

Holly Marder

Crocheted squares onto the wall, strung like a garland, texture cheerful and joyous.

H is for House

Juxtaposed with retro-cool accents along with an eclectic mix of furnishings, this crocheted bedcover takes on a bohemian flair.

Ida Lifestyle

Bright colours and bold patterns lend punch to a heap of cushions. In the exact same way that like objects grouped together create a greater impact, the similar palettes and motifs of these pillows fortify their effect.

Groovy Elisa

Cheeky and fun, this pair of bright chair covers would seem right at home in a young girl’s or a teenager’s room.


A rug with all the appearance of crocheted squares stitched together ties into the colours of this living area and sets a casual basis for the space.

The Virginia House

Sweet, simple crocheted baskets add a minimalist chic to this hutch.

Agnes Blum

Simultaneously conservative and young, this coverlet brightens a child’s bedroom.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

A pair of cushions injects a hint of updated crochet-style patchwork into this space. Their pattern provides only enough of a jolt without destroying the calm atmosphere.

Jennifer – Rambling Renovators

Crocheted doilies become instant graphic artwork when mounted and framed onto the wall.

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Moroccan Style Stirs Up Exotic Flair

I recently pulled a cookbook searching for a favorite family recipe, Moroccan cumin-flavored meatballs. The ingredients are a fragrant medley of garlic, cumin, beef and coriander. Yum!

Fragrance can stimulate memory, and I know it will for me. Many years ago I visited with the World Expo in Canada, where I had my first encounter with Moroccan design. The Moroccan section of the expo was full of colour, exotic aromas and music that will always stick in my mind. Today, I am fond of this style. Inspired by the odor of my meatballs, I thought I would have a look at just how designers are including Moroccan details inside their spaces.

Filmore Clark

Morocco is known for its stunning handmade zellige tile. Here’s a contemporary translation that is just magnificent. The teal and orange tile attribute geometrics and the Moorish star.

Lucy Interior Design

I love the use of Moroccan-inspired arches within this vanity design. The sharp white vanity feels contemporary and refreshing against the dark tiles. Notice how cryptic the lamps texture with a touch of light beaming through the lacy design.

Tommy Chambers Interiors, Inc..

An elegant master bath is enhanced using a Moroccan-inspired pattern in the customized window. Notice the arch in the custom made vanity — I think this also feels just like Moroccan architecture.

Elad Gonen

I love the dreamy outdoor bed set under legendary Moroccan arches. Notice the tone-on-tone pattern in the tasteful floor tiles.

So sculptural and simple in form, this stairwell proves the power of a good-looking rug. Moroccan-style rugs are so versatile; they are contemporary, rustic or traditional. The patterns are perfect in crimson tones placed against the geometry of these floor tiles.

Filmore Clark

A classsic illustration of zellige-inspired tile. Authentic zellige tile is terra-cotta covered with tooth in the form of chips set in plaster. The designs are traditionally geometrical mosaics, and the tiles are utilized mainly on ceilings, walls, fountains, floors and pools.

Carson Poetzl, Inc..

This gem of a powder room is graced with a classic vanity and a pair of petite Moroccan-style pendants. This is a very subtle detail that effectively evokes Morocco.

Filmore Clark

I adore the idea of using decorative patterns on the ground. Here a beautiful encaustic tile (a ceramic tile in which the pattern isn’t a product of the glaze but of different colors of clay) can be used with neutral furniture for a global-modern vibe.

Charmean Neithart Interiors

This classic Moroccan display was sprayed black and white forced into a custom four-poster bed. Notice the fantastic color combination of green and black for this whimsical guest bedroom.

Denilson Machado – MCA Estudio

At first glance this minimalist space doesn’t feel Moroccan at all. But the Moroccan-feel patterned fabric on the ottoman creates an interesting contrast against the sparseness of the room.

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

This fantastic space is graced by conventional Moroccan lanterns, a frequent symbol of Moroccan style. These types of lanterns are often stamped tin or metal with colorful glass.

Moroccan Style

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