Patios Look on the (Truly) Bright Side With Neon

One thing is for sure that summer: Color is in. Neons that make eye-catching statements are all over your home and the runway. It’s easy to feel reluctant about upgrading your terrace with current trends — especially if you use the area for only three months out of the year. However, the following cost-savvy ideas will offer a trendy spark without breaking the bank or needing a large-scale makeover.

Bring the sun, and draw on the style.

Liz Stewart

Vibrant colors give a room instant energy. Throw pillows provide one of the simplest ways to incorporate new colour or design trends. Check out stores like Target or T.J.Maxx for cheap locates, or perhaps peruse a local thrift store to get one-of-a-kind accents. Make sure you purchase pillows upholstered in outside fabric.


Add splashes of colour and sun shade with cabanas or cubes. Not only can they add into your brand new patio shade palette, but they will offer much-needed and appreciated shade on extra-sunny days.

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In the conclusion of the afternoon, there’s no beating a can of paint to get quick, easy and affordable updates. This everyday picnic table feels fresh and exciting in a coat of blue green. Accessorize your new furniture with colours to really assist the neon pop.

Dear Daisy Cottage

Among the greatest areas of repainting furniture in bold colours — especially antique pieces — would be your unexpectedness. You’ll instantly make an uberchic furnishing that you won’t find on anyone else’s back patio.

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When putting together your palette, think about everything that’s in sight as you’re sitting on your terrace — for instance, the doorway. Doors are exceptional places to add a popular splash of colour, and they’re able to completely alter the look and texture of its environment. Accessorize nearby furnishings throw pillows in similar colours to tie the room together.

SquallCo Development

The simple addition of blue lime creates a beautiful but subtle accent to this terrace.

Agnes Blum

Use the accent chair in a fantastic manner. Scan local flea markets for classic metal chairs in hot colours or paint them yourself. The mix of retro style with an updated shade creates the ultimate eclectic vibe.

Pomegranate Workshop

A simple collection of brightly colored canvas butterfly chairs helps this terrace feel much more current with no major decor update.

Anthony Baratta LLC

If your budget includes reupholstering furniture, then concentrate on a single colour but vary the shades. Notice how a number of the pieces in this photograph are a lighter blue and others are somewhat darker. The gap creates visual depth and interest.

Alex Amend Photography

Another tip is to highlight neon shades with animal prints. Interestingly, animal prints act as a neutral, so that they help to make an equilibrium when mixed with bold, vivid colours.


Because neon colors can be very domineering, put them into your decor in a balanced manner. Notice how this designer employed lime green onto the couch in the space and again on the chairs round the table. Vibrant blue can be viewed on the remote coffee table and again on the pillows on the white couch. Don’t concentrate a bright colour in only one area; instead, pepper the area evenly.

The way to Use Bright Yellow

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