7 Renaissance Design Characteristics At Home Today

In many ways the contemporary Western world started across the 1400s in Florence, Italy, when medieval methods of thinking were pushed aside for major changes in art, architecture and interior design. Mainly affecting the strong and wealthy (such as the church clergy), the Renaissance took inspiration from the ancient Romans and Greeks. But instead than replicate them, artists and architects in this time utilized those historical styles to make new ideas in design.

What goes around comes around, and you can see from these examples how the Renaissance still affects design today.

David Howell Design

High ceilings. The city palazzos (palaces) of Renaissance Italy were normally three or more stories, together with the ground floor devoted to entrance, services, stables and storage. The first floor, the piano nobile, housed the main public rooms and bedrooms if space allowed — all with high ceilings. The ceilings have reduced the farther up the house you improved, together with the servants at the very top.

The tendency for large ceilings has continued for centuries. Today high ceilings still give the impression of prestige and grandeur.

Revealing Assets – Home Staging Services

Ceiling details. Renaissance ceilings were usually beamed or coffered and painted in rich colours. While the early Greeks and Romans used stone, wood coffers seen in the expansive Renaissance palazzos continue to be utilized in design today. They really add impact however are well installed on large ceilings and rooms using a grander scale.

JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction

Ornate floors. Renaissance floors were brick, tile or marble and were patterned in checkerboard or more complicated geometric layouts, predominantly in earthy tones. With the introduction of underfloor heating (incidentally, a Roman invention), tiled floors have become a choice even in colder climates. Durable, easy to keep clean and currently available in a variety of colors and layouts, tile floors are enjoying a renaissance now.


Patterned walls. Walls were normally smooth and neutral in colour. However, they were painted with patterns, which would now be translated to background. However, these paint techniques also have been used over the ages, affecting the introduction of stenciling.

Suzanne Bellehumeur

Mural fresco painting. Mural fresco painting adorned the walls of the more palatial Renaissance houses. Again, this highly decorative painting has influenced several elaborate wallpapers, while hand painting is earmarked for the experts.

Gne structure

Four-poster beds. The Renaissance saw the invention of the elaborate bed as we understand it. Hand-carved four-posters on elevated platforms needed a canopy for rich-colored curtains to keep out the cold. While mattress designs have evolved, a lot of us still can’t resist a four-poster, so the simple design was adapted for contemporary homes and shifting tastes.

Tara Seawright Interior Design

Silk. Silk was the favorite textile of the Renaissance, utilized in vivid colours for curtains and loose cushions for seats and chair seats. Furnishings were quite minimal at this time, but seats started to increase in variety as an alternate to stools and seats. Thank goodness the early designs have evolved in favor of relaxation!

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12 Hints

It’s not clear at first. You may start off reading several blogs and adding a classic globe here or even a vignette of Polaroids there. Before you know it, your exposed brick walls are covered in classic artwork and antlers. Atmosphere plants and succulents line your windowsills. All the newest trends (and a few older ones) fill out the nooks and crannies in your home.

What are the indications in your house? Are you currently a home decor hipster?

Nina Montenegro

Nina Montenegro

Nina Montenegro

More: 12 Signs You Have Caught the DIY Bug

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Go Ahead, Eat in the Front of the TV

When I was growing up, TV was taboo during family meals. The only exception was on nights when I had buddies over — my parents frequently would let us order dinner, pop into a movie and sprawl on a blanket while we chowed down and saw the series. I remember how much fun it had been to feel like we’re getting away with something that went against house rules.

Now, my husband and I follow the same pattern with our son, including the occasional pizza picnic around the carpeting. While I’d never advocate making a habit of eating with the TV on, it can be a pleasant treat to flex your criteria once every so often. But, there are much more sophisticated ways to recapture that childish thrill without having to crank stiff adult knees right into “crisscross applesauce” position.

Have a look at these homeowners have redefined eating in front of the tube. Which would you go for? Share your ideas in the Comments!

FORMA Design

Remember those old-school folding TV trays? Here’s the 21st-century take: A generous menu on top of an even more generous ottoman provides a spot for drinks and dishes so that they don’t slide or tip. On top of that, it’s easy to throw the whole tray away to the kitchen when it’s time to stretch out and grab the end of the movie.

Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

Somewhere between a tray and a side table, this smart little bit slides under the sofa and above your lap. What a great way to maximize space in a small living space!

The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn

Among the biggest drawbacks to eating around the TV is the fact that it can be hard to make eye contact with everyone else in the area. This breakfast nook provides a solution (for briefer lengths of TV viewing, at least): The telly is tucked into a wall cubby and is easy to see from any spot on the facing banquettes.

Coveted Home

Nesting tables work superbly for mealtime viewing. Because of their different heights, they’re ideal for taller or shorter family members, and they tuck away when the dishes are cleared.

Rockefeller Partners Architects

Now here is my notion of a flooring picnic: Low-slung armrests and rear cushions are prepared for serious loungers, who can hold a beverage in one hand and nosh out of a plate of nibbles nearby. If you can not tolerate a reclining posture on such a hard surface, no matter — only climb up to the sofa on the elevated platform. And off to the side? A bar with stools from which you have a crystal clear view of the screen.

B+g design inc..

A movie theater–style setup makes the dining table pub at the back of this media room feel like the best chair in the house. You might even set up a buffet here for Oscar or Super Bowl parties and invite guests.

Pure Bliss Creative Design

Place the parents around the sofa and the children on busy floor cushions. Having a coffee table in the middle on which to break glasses and plates, everyone can dine in comfort.

I adore this inventive alternative: four modular tables that can be pulled together into a single unit, then slid apart so that every member of the family can have a separate surface from which to eat.

Next, some products to Boost your dining-while-viewing encounter.


Occa Coffee Table – $1,095

With storage for remotes and other gear, also retractable trays that lift to a comfortable height for snacking, this table is tailor made for the occasional TV meal.

House 8810

Western TV Tray – $30

Maybe you’d prefer something a bit more classic. This Wild West–themed TV tray includes a retro charm that will go well in a cabin or eclectic area — or using a excellent spaghetti western.


Royal VKB TV Dinner Tray – $41

Frustrated with plates skidding off your lap while you’re eating to a sofa or sofa? Slip this charger underneath to stabilize them.

Grandin Road

Metal Nesting Tables – $249

Scatter these colorful nesting tables around the area at showtime, then throw them back into place after the credits roll.


AllPro Portable Hand Held Steam Cleaner – $59.95

However careful you’re, eventually you will knock over a glass of soda or drop hot skillet on the ground. Take good care of spills with this handy portable steamer, and it is going to be like they never occurred.

How to Organize Your Room for TV and People, Too

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Color Guide: How to Work With Chartreuse

It’s a vivid, electrical color. Happy, even. It’s the interior of a perfect avocado, a bed of Scotch moss or the stomach of a lovebird. Chartreuse is halfway between green and yellow — a yellowish green, a greenish yellow. However, the spectrum in this colour ranges from bright lime into mild sulphur.

In its lighter, softer form chartreuse makes a great wall shade for earthy, nature-inspired rooms. In its boldest, brightest form it is as eye catching as neon.

Chartreuse can be equally earthy and electrical. It looks wonderful with oranges, reds and blues, particularly turquoise and cobalt. Bright chartreuse is a perfect foil for charcoal grey (think lichen on stone) and in contemporary layout is frequently used as a pop against muted neutrals. It appears crisp and spring-y with bright white and vivid with purple.

It’s extremely popular in contemporary layout, but chartreuse can span the eras and does not need to be used sparingly. Go ahead and put it all over; it can take it. Do you want a baroque entryway with chartreuse walls and crystal chandeliers? Go for it.

As these pictures show, chartreuse might be daring — brassy, even — but it isn’t restricting. In reality, it’s an all round great decorating colour.

Rikki Snyder

Chartreuse about the Walls

A bright green chartreuse makes these built-ins shine (see how I didn’t say “pop”). It’s a traditional farmhouse on juice.

Watch more of this vibrant Residence

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

In a slick, contemporary entryway that a chartreuse door draws the eye.

Door colour: C2 paint in Al Green

Tour this upgraded Victorian in San Francisco

Capoferro Design Build Group

A dab of chartreuse divides the neutrals in this area but goes perfectly with the muted earth tones.

Chartreuse accent wall: Colored chalkboard paint from Hudson Paint

Vendome Press

Chartreuse onto a wall in a really traditional dining area. It’s not outrageous, but it isn’t stuffy, either. And see how beautiful it looks with all the blues and purples here?

Susan Teare, Professional Photographer

A lighter, more muted chartreuse works like a neutral but with much more pizazz. And the warm, light timber just glows alongside it.

Watch more of this renovated ranch house

Natasha Barrault Design

I adore this intricately patterned chartreuse wallpaper. It’s glamorous and elegant, and it makes a massive splash in this small area.

Background: Farrow and Ball

Shoshana Gosselin

A bright yellow chartreuse electrifies these adjoining rooms without much natural light. The greige on the dividing wall is the best warm neutral here.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

A very light yellow chartreuse fits in perfectly with this exact traditional living space and looks great with all the bright white trim.

NOA Architecture Planning Interiors

A chartreuse ceiling gives this contemporary living space a yellowish glow.

Texas Construction Company

A chartreuse flooring adds a mossy, outdoorsy sense to this impartial kitchen.

PLACE architect ltd..

Decorating With Chartreuse

This Togo sofa by Ligne Roset blends in so well with the browns, grays and whites within this area. It’s bright, but it is not jarring.

Chartreuse makes this a nice accent colour. And it is stunning with teal and white.

Amy Lau Design

Imagine this room with no chartreuse rug and chair. Just a little boring, right?

Cynthia Mason Interiors

Bam! Vibrant and contemporary in a crazy but traditional black, white and grey dining area. Nothing earthy here.

Green Panton Chairs: Vitra

Cynthia Lynn Photography

This chartreuse chaise is the best piece for a contemporary classic room such as this — both classic and unexpected.

Kimball Starr Interior Design

Chartreuse and purple. Lovely.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

A bit of wow in a small, neutral bathroom.

Emily Johnston Larkin

More glamorous chartreuse wallpaper. It’s ’60s go-go meets Hollywood Regency.


Hot magenta even loves chartreuse. Who’da thunk?

chadbourne + doss architects

A single chartreuse stool is a tiny ray of sun in this industrial kitchen. Modern but warm.

Dijeau Poage Construction

A modern icon in chartreuse paired with dove grey and bright white. Clean and fresh looking, such as spring.

Amoroso Design

A chartreuse tile backsplash in a crisp, white kitchen.

LLI Design

Chartreuse armchairs help heat up this traditional living area.

A chartreuse sofa with charcoal piping. This is worthy of getting an whole room designed around it.

The Outdoor Room, LLC

Chartreuse Outdoor

Most chartreuse outdoors comes from the landscape. This foliage seems to shine.


Sempervivum with reddish tips.

Arterra Landscape Architects

All these plants that were chartreuse were especially chosen for their layout chops. They glow against the muted colors in this backyard.

Chicago Green Design Inc..

A yellow-chartreuse wall onto a rooftop terrace defines the space against the skyline.

Texas Construction Company

Just a dab of chartreuse across the windows in this upgraded contemporary cabin in Texas. I absolutely adore this daring exception into the grey and white rule.

This chartreuse outdoor wall looks wonderful with all the natural timber, and will help define the space so it becomes another room rather than just an open area.


Chartreuse helping define design.

An unexpected bright chartreuse doorway on a brick building.

Door: Pantone’s Neon Yellow 389

Everyone will be able to find your house if you paint your front door such a colour.

This pool and hot tub are defined by a chartreuse outline within an otherwise neutral palette.

Clinton & Associates, PC Landscape Architects

Chartreuse looks amazing with almost all the colors of the outdoors.

Benjamin Moore

Lime Green 2026-10 Paint

Vibrant, bright yellowish green. Warning: This is not a neutral.

Benjamin Moore

Limeade CSP-865 Paint

Nevertheless bright but with much more yellow.


Nervy Hue SW6917 Paint

Vibrant, bright greenish yellow.

Benjamin Moore

Granny Smith CSP-860 Paint

Somewhat lighter but still a bright greenish yellow.

Benjamin Moore

Martini Olive CSP-890 Paint

A darker, grayer yellow-chartreuse.


Mélange Green SW6710 Paint

More leafy and elastic — going greener.

Serena & Lily Low-VOC Paint, Grass – $45

Less vibrant and more brilliant. This could almost be a neutral wall colour.


Parakeet SW6711 Paint

A mild avocado.

Benjamin Moore

Pale Avocado 2146-40 Paint

More golden but still a greenish golden. This would be a great wall colour for a traditional area with bright white trim.

Benjamin Moore

Wales Green 2028-50 Paint

A light chartreuse.

Colorhouse Paint

Colorhouse SPROUT .05

A littler yellower.

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7 Stylish Requires on Tartan

Do not confuse tartan with plaid. “Plaid,” a common American expression, actually refers to a garment which originates from the Gaelic term for “blanket.” “Tartan” refers to the actual pattern and cloth. Although some debate continues on tartan’s origin and history, and how it was utilized as part of clan identification, now it has grown into among the most significant symbols of Scotland. The pattern has its roots with the Celtic people, who’ve worn it for centuries. A sign of rebellion in Scotland for a while, tartan grew in popularity throughout the 18th century, getting a powerful symbol of Scottish national pride.

Now the tartan pattern are available on an assortment of home decor items which can work with almost any home design. Take a peek at a few of these ideas about the best way best to incorporate tartan accents in your house and learn more about this historic pattern.

Designs by Gollum

Rich table settings. Typically woven wool, tartan consists of patterns of different-colored stripes of varying widths crossed at right angles against a solid background. Various colours, color combinations and widths of stripes produce an assortment of patterns. Tartan patterns are called setts, along with a period of cloth repeats the exact same pattern over and over again.

Whether you’re Scottish, you can display your favorite sett as a stylish tablecloth. Only throw a colored tartan blanket lightly over a desk and accessorize with masculine pewter tableware.

Mixed, matched and layered. Different Scottish districts historically often wore different tartans — partially because each region had its own tartan manufacturer with different styles and patterns. As these craftspeople relied upon local plants to the dyes, the tartans took about the colours of the plants offered in their region.

Do not be afraid to try a lot of different tartan colors together for a great layered look. These traditional, bold, mostly primary colors work nicely with one another. The navy walls, the mirror along with the red bed frame help pull this space together. For this appearance, consider extending your tartan layers directly down to the rug.

Niall Hastie Photography

Female and Light. A simple two-color woolen test dating back to the third century is the earliest instance of tartan found in Scotland. Most tartan products today use a combination of four colours — such as this pink, purple and green test.

Maintain this appearance feminine by using tartans in gentle lilacs, purples, pinks and greens. Mix them with rich, strong purples and warm woodwork for an elegant yet cozy texture.

Masculine and comfy. The battle over the origination of distinct clan tartans still remains today. Due to a government ban on tartan in the 18th century, many first tartan patterns were lost. But after the ban, an attempt to recover these patterns matched tartans to clans. From the mid-19th century, the association between different tartans and Scottish clans had become firmly established.

Now it is possible to layer all the various kinds of traditional tartans for a more modern spin on Scottish style. Add even more warmth by painting the walls a deep crimson, blue or green. Create a more traditional and masculine look by hanging hunting-inspired accessories, such as these wood-mounted animal horns, on the wall.

Adeeni Design Group

Grown up and complicated. Tartan-upholstered dining seats have a clearly grown-up feel. They can add a regal end to a casual farmhouse dining room, such as this one, elevating its overall appearance and feel. Tartan has taken its cool reputation for decades, because 18th-century high-society Scots took the banned cloth and made it fashionable.

Marie Meko, Allied ASID

Unusual tartan. Look for tartan in nonfabric software, too. Tartan wallpaper adds high impact in a little or unexpected location, like a bath or little bathroom. Because tartan can feel active, keep everything else pared down and simple, as with all the white towels and trimwork here.

Andrea May Hunter/Gatherer

Elegant tartan. Simple and neutral grey, white and black tartan can add an elegant touch to any area. These excellent tartan floor tiles add sophistication to this bath. It helps to comparison tartan’s masculine pattern with softer objects. This tartan works well against the more womanly crystal lights, glass-framed mirror and traditional dressing table.

Inform us Do you utilize tartan on your decoration? Please show us at Comments!

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Guest Picks: The Inspired Office

A lot of men and women are taking work home with them nowadays, and having a great home office is essential. Inspiration may come from several outlets, but the first place to begin is your desk. The key question is, how do you make your office both efficient and inspirational?

While exploring ideas for my own home office, I accumulated images of my favourite spaces and recognized the very best ones had some special details in common: a desk with storage, a fantastic light, an ergonomic seat and excellent organizational tools.

Other important aspects include using a very clear design vision, picking objects that you love and that spark imagination and, paradoxically, understanding that a pop of colour is a fantastic thing! — Lauren from Fourth Floor Walk Up

Lexington Modern

Malibu High-Back Office Chair in Vinyl with Stitched Ribbing – $239

1 way to add interest to a workplace is to select a colorful chair. Say goodbye to the typical, black office upholstery, and say hello to posh furniture.


Correspondence Desk – $1,298

This handsome and refined desk from Anthropologie includes all of the needed features of a fantastic desk: drawers to include clutter, shelves to hold the large office accessories plus also a large, ample space to distribute your work.

Circa Lighting

Lauren Table Lamp – $336

A beautiful and soothing shade, this table lamp in celadon green could be a great light fixture for the home office.

shop.freshly-picked. com

Leather Mouse Pad, Gold – $35

Chic mouse pads? Yesthey really do exist!

Jayson Home

Color Pencil and Brass Holder Set – $75

I purchased this colored pencil set for a unique event, and I have been lusting after it ever since. The holder inspires me to sketch out a gorgeous room rendering.

Williams-Sonoma Home

LaCourte Upright Desk – $3,450

This secretary-style desk is a slick white box on the outside, and it could be an appealing addition to almost any area. When opened, the contrasting rich wood tones are only as striking.

Museum of Useful Things

Pencil Dispenser – $18

This pen holder arouses nostalgic memories of the diner straw holders. A little playfulness can go a very long way when working difficult.

West Elm

Alphabet Letter Paperweights – $8

These Alphabet paperweights at a vintage font are the perfect desktop accessory.


Martha Stewart Home Office™ with Avery™ File Folders – $4.99

“Organization is the key to success,” is a phrase I’ve heard often over time. A great way to organize an office is through color coordinating, and such folders by Martha Stewart create beautiful colour stories.

Schoolhouse Electric

Topographic USA Wall Map – $40

I love the colours of the topographic map. It’s also a wise piece of artwork to add to your office for those days when you are day dreaming of traveling.

Ballard Designs

Macau Armchair with Casters – $279

The bamboo Chippendale-style seat is a traditional design loved by many. This replica seat by Ballard Designs with wheels is the perfect upgrade to a classic.


Barton Task Lamp – $550

I’m totally in love with this task light. Together with the abundant brass base and chartruese green glass, it’s a lot of search for a background lamp.

HW Home

Shelby Desk – $1,680

To get a more modern look, this dining table has a unique shape and design with low-slung drawers that double as shelves for bigger objects.


Chevron Monogram Dry Erase Memo Board by Studio Elle – $25

Note-taking is a significant facet to staying on top of projects, and doing this sustainably with this customizable, dry erase board is even better.


Moleskine® Digital Folio for iPad – $89.95

Most of us love our modern-day apparatus that make both everyday and work life easier, but occasionally we still want to hand-write notes or workout ideas. This iPad case and notebook by Moleskine is an excellent layout!

Jamali Floral & Garden Supplies

Polished Brass Julep Cups – $6.99

Mint julep cups are preferred by many for drinking. But, repurposing them into pen and pencil holders brings a bit of class to your desktop computer, especially in the brass end.


Scattered Corolla Rug, Oval – $298

To maintain hardwood floors free from wear and scratches, put a rug underneath your workspace. This oval carpet is a beautiful and colorful option.


Paris Paper Tape – $18

Clear tape is a necessity in any home office, but using attractively printed tape at a Parisian theme makes the mundane more exciting.


Golden Gate Lacquered Wood Tray – $98

Maintaining papers and miscellaneous materials organized is essential. This yellow and wood printed tray for the desktop is a superb tool for doing that.

Schoolhouse Electric

Schoolhouse Extension Cord, Green Cloth – $39

Sometimes there’s no possible way to hide the jumble of extension cords that live inside your office. A great solution is to buy these alluring strings and showcase your electrical systems instead.

Next: Create a Home Office on a Shoestring Budget

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Decorate With Intention: Simplicity for the Sake of Life

Living simply at home does not have to mean giving up your Eames chairs, annual Ikea pilgrimage, or moving off-the-grid into a cabin in the woods. To the contrary, simple living means becoming clear about what you love so that your own time, energy and money are spent on that which matters to you. By clearing clutter, creating new customs and minding your priorities, you can simplify your own life no matter where you are. Read on for 10 ways to begin.

Alice Lane Home Collection

1. Get heated up. Take a little time to explore what you really want to gain from bettering your life at home. Envision, as vividly as possible, how your home and daily routines are different as soon as you have simplified.

Can it be a sense of space or cleanliness? Is it more time which you crave? Less frustration? Make a few notes in your journal about your own thoughts and feelings, along with any ideas sparked in this procedure.

Clutter-Clearing 101

Landing Design

2. Display cherished belongings (and get rid of the rest). Begin with a small step. Have you got a box of old photos that give you warm fuzzies every time you watch them? Select your favorites and have them framed. Start spending 10 minutes clearing clutter each Saturday morning, and earn a visit to Goodwill when you’ve got a complete box. Little by little, you can create a home that better reflects what’s important to you.

Madison Modern Home

3. Use the rule. Preventing clutter from entering your residence is equally as significant as getting rid of the surplus possessions you presently have. The $100 rule is straightforward: Whenever you’re considering making a purchase, first ask yourself whether you’d still purchase it if it cost $100. The idea is that no price, however small, should be taken for granted. The dollar amount you use does not really matter — it should only be a number that feels expensive to you. For me, $100 is a fantastic benchmark, but your number might be higher or lower.

Alice Lane Home Collection

4. Keep things visually straightforward. Opening a cabinet or closet filled with objects of several distinct colors, sizes and shapes often seems cluttered, even if the contents are well organized.

Matched sets of glassware and dishes generally look splendid lined up on a shelf, but not everything could (or should) come at a matched set. If that’s the case, look to containers to make that cohesive feel — boxes, baskets, trays and magazine files are superb and simple to label. Just remember, if it looks simple, it likely is.

Lovejoy Designs

5. Use easy-access storage containers. Don’t make things more difficult than they have to be! Open baskets and bins make it rather straightforward to remain organized and grab what you need quickly and efficiently. Save the boxes with lids for deep storage (cellar, attic, etc.) where keeping dust outside is more important in relation to availability.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

6. Reconsider your space requirements. We are inclined to accumulate belongings to fill whatever area we live in, regardless of the size. Keep things simple by choosing to reside in a home that fits you: large enough that every member of the family feels comfortable, but not so large that whole rooms often go unused.

Regan Baker Design Inc..

7. Go digital — using several copies. Going paperless is a worthy goal, lessening our effect on the environment and reducing clutter at home at precisely the same time. Just be sure to back up stuff correctly — there is nothing simple about needing to locate replacements for lost information. Use an online “cloud” storage service, for example, but also back up having an external hard drive.

Alice Lane Home Collection

8. Create simple systems and stick together. Routines are key to simplicity at home. You don’t need to remind yourself to brush your teeth or your own hair every day, right? In case you’ve got an area of frustration at home (e.g. laundry or weeknight dinners), consider what might make things work more easily (do one load of laundry every day, prep veggies Sunday, etc.) and commit to following through to the next fourteen days. Following a month, you will have instilled a new habit.

9. Make a record of your favorite straightforward pleasures and indulge one every day. Too many times we try and push through to the weekend, like that’s the only time we must unwind. No longer! Start by making a list of little things and moments you like, and keep it in your pocket to refer to (and add to) often. The items on your list should be small and easily attainable or doable: a bouquet of flowers from the current market, a distinctive bar of soap, and a new publication, a stroll after work.

A+B KASHA Designs

10. Design your home around the way you live. If you have pets or children, select easy-care fabrics and finishes, and hardy rather than ultra-fragile decoration. If you like to cook, then take the time to arrange your cookware in an intelligent way. The purpose is to make things as easy on yourself as you can.

When your home is organized around your lifestyle rather than the other way round, you will spend less time battling your belongings, and also have more time for what’s really important to you: the people, pets and adventures you adore.

Inform us Just how do you simplified your life at home?

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A New England Farmhouse Explodes With Color

Kristin Nicholas and Mark Duprey’s 1751 home was a blank canvas, painted in simple whites and pastels, but Nicholas has spent the previous 14 years layering on brushstrokes in vivid colors. A working artist famous for her knit, crochet and stitchery designs, Nicholas has made their home a genuine reflection of her ability and soul. “There isn’t a space left that is the way we found it,” she says.

at a Glance
Who lives here: Kristin Nicholas and Mark Duprey, their daughter, Julia
Location: Franklin County, Massachusetts
Size: 3,500 square feet; two bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
That’s intriguing: The couple tends to more than 300 sheep.

Rikki Snyder

Nicholas color stripped and washed the walls from the home living room in a mottled chartreuse and gold. The vintage desk is home to old photos, a grim antique typewriter that belonged to her dad and other significant pieces.

Rikki Snyder

WATCH: Watch more of the home and household on TV today

A 1920s sideboard once belonging to Nicholas’ great-aunt got fresh life with a glowing coat of red. Nicholas does oil and gouache painting, paints pottery, is a published illustrator and writer, and has taken up mosaics.

Watch more of Kristin Nicholas’ artwork

Sideboard paint: Satin Impervo, Benjamin Moore

Rikki Snyder

In the living room library, the homeowner created her own background by cutting shapes out of FedEx boxes, layering the contours in addition to one another and hand painting each shape.

Rikki Snyder

A large wooden chest makes a perfect ottoman with this reading nook.

Rikki Snyder

Nicholas painted the stairwell from the living room using a blue flower design.

Video: Create Your Own Mural Wall With Easy DIY Stencils and Stamps

Rikki Snyder

Another hand-painted treatment adorns the wall opposite the library sofa.

Rikki Snyder

The couple maintained the wood surround in the library. The mantel is home to family photos and other significant pieces.

Rikki Snyder

Added black and white pictures of the couple’s households are found throughout the dining room as great reminders of their farming background.

Rikki Snyder

One of Nicholas’ free-form murals adorns the dining room walls. Its chickens, birds, flowers, leaves, guinea hens and peacocks provide a tribute to the animal-friendly home. Beneath the chair rail, a plaid pattern designed with painter’s tape contrasts the playful forms over.

“Most of this year, the dining room serves as a shipping and storeroom for our different companies, but after per year at Thanksgiving it functions as a great basis for a family party,” Nicholas says.

Rikki Snyder

“I really like my set of 1920s Jacobean revival dining room furniture that came out of my great-aunt Jennie in New Jersey. It was a nasty oak-color wood when I moved it here, but I cleaned it with a thin layer of black acrylic paint,” Nicholas says. “It isn’t exactly current trend, but neither are we all. It’s chunky and sturdy and matches our home’s decoration “

Rikki Snyder

A long hallway between the living room and the kitchen carries a plush window chair sandwiched between two built-in bookshelves. It is the perfect place for resting and reading without being too excluded from the remainder of the home.

A white and blue patterned blanket and a few of Nicholas’ hand-crafted cushions decorate the cushioned chair. Her original artwork hangs beneath the wall lamps.

Rikki Snyder

A massive stool sits in a closet across the hall, decorated with a collection of framed drawings and photos.

Rikki Snyder

This Hoosier cupboard from Nicholas’ German immigrant grandmother, Frieda, was made by G.I. Sellers in Indiana in the early 1920s. Nicholas painted it bright orange and hung a bit of antique folk embroidery instead of a busted rolltop cover.

“It was in her kitchen her entire adult life and contains a flour bin with a sifter,” Nicholas says. “I keep all of my baking supplies in it and love that link with my grandma.”

Rikki Snyder

The couple gutted three chambers on the floor and transformed them into one large kitchen. The kitchen was in the cellar.

A classic wooden dining table matches the first rustic wood flooring, where Phoebe the puppy makes herself comfy. A black iron electrified oil lamp sourced in the antiques store hangs over the dining table. The corner cupboard houses Nicholas’ hand-painted ceramics.

Rikki Snyder

The kitchen is intended to mimic a British-style country kitchen, with local Ashfield schist stone countertops and milk-painted cabinetry. A slotted drainboard is carved into the rock.

A maple counter produced by one of Nicholas’ friends tops the island. “The lights are old,” she says. “On the island turned into a wacky iron lamp having an opalescent glass shade that I carried home from England soon after we purchased our house. The walls are full of pottery — some old, some new, some I made myself. It’s the nerve center of the house. I cook a lot and develop recipes to our sheep-farm site. Our kitchen works really well as a room for our loved ones and farm.”

Cabinetry: Crown Point; Granite: Galaxy stone, Ashfield

Rikki Snyder

Nicholas made the lampshades and foundations as well as a number of the pottery in the house. “I’ve painted lots of the lampshades in the house and had the lamp foundations constructed out of antique lamp parts I collected from flea markets through the years. I really like the way the light shines through the shades — they look a whole lot like stained glass,” she says.

Rikki Snyder

Two years ago the couple built an upstairs addition, which now functions as an informal dining room and seating space. The high ceilings and painted wood walls result in a bright, airy and inviting space.

Paper lanterns hang out of a wood beam in front of a gallery wall full of original artwork by Nicholas and daughter Julia. A selection of painted chairs is gathered round the dining table.

Rikki Snyder

A colorful seating area with wicker furniture sits across from the dining room, adding to the indoor-porch texture of the space. Plenty of windows make the room seem even bigger than it is.

More of Nicholas’ handmade lamps and colorful pillows keeps the upstairs space inviting and bright. The family loves this addition to their home and spends a whole lot of time relaxing .

Rikki Snyder

One of those household kittens, Delilah, plays the linen on one of Nicholas’ chairs.

Rikki Snyder

Nicholas works and teaches knitting and stitching in her downstairs studio. White walls make way for the colorful tiled flooring and chairs.

Rikki Snyder

A pink-orange wall is an appropriate background for one more bit of Nicholas’ art. First wooden beams equilibrium the saturated colour.

Rikki Snyder

This upstairs bathroom is one of two baths the couple renovated when they transferred in. A claw-foot bathtub sits on a wooden platform surrounded by beadboard, bright yellow walls and individual decorative tiles.

Rikki Snyder

Nicholas and Duprey understood this house was the one for them when they found it. “Mark called me at work and I insisted on seeing the place initially, so we drove up to the house the following day, and before I got out of the truck,” I said,’OK, we can purchase it. ”’

On the outside, the couple replaced the dilapidated cedar roof, an obsolete 1970s gambrel dormer accession, and added a mudroom.

“Our place is steeped in history, but sadly there isn’t much known about our house,” says Nicholas. “All our deeds state the year built as 1751. It was no doubt built as a farmhouse by a few of the founders of the small town. Supposedly the stagecoach used to maneuver our house!”

Rikki Snyder

Rikki Snyder

A grape arbor provides fruit and organic shade within the stone terrace in back. The stone walkway wraps around to the front of the house, passing by a second, smaller terrace area.

Rikki Snyder

The couple added this part of this house a couple of years back.

Rikki Snyder

The garden is home to a large garden and a fenced-in place for your sheep.

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12 Tips for Happily Combining Households

If you are planning to merge two households, you might want to tackle everything from duplicate items and treasured family heirlooms to furnishings of questionable taste (and tons of clutter). Moving in together, while exciting, can also possibly be the cause of some heated arguments and hurt feelings if preferences and housekeeping styles struggle. Be proactive and pave the way for a smooth transition with these helpful suggestions.

Madison Modern Home

1. Dedicate to open and clear communication. Be respectful of each other and acknowledge directly from the beginning that sharing distance (and making decisions about what stays and what moves) can be an emotional procedure. Whenever you have something to say that could be perceived as criticism, try framing it in a positive statement. For example, “I really do love how comfortable that seat is, but it’s been through a lot. I bet we could prolong its own life — and make it go better with all the rest of our things — if we had it re-covered. What do you think?”

Michael Kelley Photography

2. Take ample photos and measurements of your location. Even if it means creating an extra appointment to return, take action! Having the measurements and graphics to refer to while you are planning will be invaluable and save lots of headaches (and arguments) on going day, assisting you to avoid situations such as the couch failing to fit through a door.

Julie Holloway

3. Just take the easy road. Pick and choose favorites from every individual’s belongings first, setting aside what you both love or want. It feels good to start off on a pleasant note. And when you come to a point of contention (“How could you possibly like that seat?”) Simply agree to disagree (for the time being) and revisit the matter at a later date.

Annie McElwain Photography

4. Get rid of duplicates. Size up every last item and decide on the best illustration: the sharpest, highest-quality knives, the very best mixer etc.. It can be tempting to keep multiples simply since they are high quality, however bear in mind the quantity of cupboard and closet space on your abode before burdening yourselves with surplus material. Decide on a date to give away or sell the duplicates you will not be maintaining, and adhere with it.

Adrienne Chinn Design

5. Restrain yourself from criticizing family heirlooms. A great deal of emotion could be attached to pieces that have been handed down in a family. Not to mention they are normally high quality and worth maintaining. If a piece of furniture is not your style or feels a little fusty and outdated, try mixing it up with fresh cushions or drawer pulls.

Ryland Peters & Small | CICO Books

6. Handle gaps gently. Does your spouse love something you can’t stand? Trying to force him or her to eliminate something near and dear will be likely to backfire, resulting in resentment and hurt feelings. Start the conversation by empathizing with your spouse about the love to the piece in question, and then state your case in a straightforward, nonjudgmental manner. Before committing in (or inducing a significant row) see if he or she would not mind having the piece repainted, refinished or re-covered with fresh material to upgrade it and help it fit in better with your other decor. Or suggest placing the item in question in a room that’s more out of the way. Remind your partner that you are also inclined to undermine something important to you.

Emily McCall

7. Take some time prior to the move to plan room strategies. This doesn’t need to get complicated. Just talk through every room in the new location and talk where you will put what. It might be beneficial to make some rough sketches or take notes in order to remember what you decide on. Refer to the photos and measurements you took throughout your home tour or open house.

California Closets Twin Cities

8. Edit your closets beforehand. Be honest with each other about how much square footage you are used to having to your accessories and clothes. If there are too many clothes to match everything in the bedroom cupboard simultaneously, try sorting your clothes and accessories based on the seasons and store out-of-season stuff in a less accessible place. You might also go bulky, heavy items such as coats and shoes into a secondary cupboard beyond the bedroom. If you do not have an obvious spot for extra clothing storage, then try installing large shelves over doors or keep slim boxes under the bed.

Niche Interiors

9. Discuss working customs and prerequisites for a home office. Can you or your spouse work best in peace, or would you welcome a small firm? Avoid potential conflicts by addressing this issue now, particularly if one or both of you operate at home.

Adrienne Chinn Design

10. Rotate little decorative pieces for fairness and keep things fresh. Like rotating clothes on a seasonal basis, think about swapping out decor every few months, including pieces from every one of your collections. Keep what is not now being used in storage bins with lids, tucked in an out-of-the-way cupboard or in the basement.

11. Keep an open mind. Sometimes context makes all the difference. That fuzzy signal that seems tacky on your partner’s present apartment could read as cool and ironic on your new home together, when paired with a subtle color palette along with the glossy, midcentury finds you want to search for together on weekends. If your significant other is dead set on keeping something that is not your style, agree to try it in the new location — with the knowledge that you do have veto power if it doesn’t workout. Of course, you’ll need to be inclined to do the exact same to your spouse.


12. Mix it up with an art wall that’s a joint work. Split the ice in the new location by blending your posters, prints and other artwork in a collaborative gallery wall that mixes and matches both of your preferences.

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An Animal Lover's Texas Sanctuary

This Texas sanctuary for rescued animals can also be Margaret Hoffman’s countryside harbor. Eighteen Oaks Sanctuary — named for the 18 trees scattered throughout the 28-acre house — is made up of a kennel and an attached home, both built to blend into the magnificent landscape. “I wanted it to fit into the environment and also have little environmental impact on the land about it,” says Hoffman.

Nick Mehl Architects worked with her to design an eco- and – animal-friendly home with a stunning perspective. A screened-in porch, a stunning collection of art and a modern aesthetic blend beautifully in this trendy, tranquil residence.

at a Glance
Who lives here: Margaret Hoffman, her 3 dogs and a variety of foster animals, including 4 horses
Location: Jonah, Texas (just north of Austin)
Size: 1,500 square feet (main house), 1,300 square feet (screened-in pool), 800 square feet (kennel); 1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms

Kailey J. Flynn Photography

Not many homeowners can put valuable art in their own pool area and not be concerned about theft — but that is one of the numerous benefits of having a screened-in pool. “I love that the swimming pool stays cleaner longer without leaves falling into it without a pesky Texas bugs,” says Hoffman. “Also, I do not need to be cautious about applying sunscreen”

Kailey J. Flynn Photography

The pool is purified by ionized oxygen no salt or chlorine. The air is not damaging to the skin or the environment; it is like swimming in warm water.

Pool: Davinci Pools, designed by Frank Matusek; display: designed by Nick Mehl

Kailey J. Flynn Photography

Concrete floors with a transparent sealant add to the kitchen’s easy aesthetic. Horizontal windows up high near the 10-foot ceilings and low down bathe the room in natural light.

Bar stools: Collectic Home

Kailey J. Flynn Photography

The living room is architect Nick Mehl’s favorite area due to the stunning natural light emitting. Hoffman purchased the “Blue Skies” neon sign with an auction hosted by artist Willie Nelson. “My late husband, Jace, and that I chaired the yearly fundraising event for the Corpus Christi Art Museum,” she says. “The theme was Blue Skies and Dark Ties, and also we had the neon sign created for the event.” Hoffman and her husband made it a custom to travel west frequently, because they loved the open heavens. “That inspired us to paint the ceilings of the house sky blue, so it looked like that hint was meant for us. It’s been part of my homes ever since.”

Kailey J. Flynn Photography

Metal and Glass railings on the staircase add to the home’s contemporary feel.

Pendant mild: Artecnica Phrena, All Modern

Kailey J. Flynn Photography

A one-story home is a frequent alternative for homeowners over age 60, but a second-story view of her house was essential to Hoffmann. She intends to stay in her brand new sanctuary, so an elevator designed by Symmetry Elevators was a sensible design solution.

Kailey J. Flynn Photography

The master bedroom is an airy escape with a fantastic view. A white modern dog mattress from DogBar lies at the foot of Hoffman’s mattress. The watercolor above the mattress is by Pat Deadman, a Corpus Christi, Texas, artist.

Kailey J. Flynn Photography

The exterior includes a cement facade and bamboo paneling, plus solar panels on top of the enclosed pool. Rainwater barrels gather water to be used throughout the home.

The timber siding was created utilizing a rain-screen technique. “The timber siding is pulled off the house together with 1-by-2 furring strips so air can flow behind the siding,” Mehl explains. “This helps to dry the wood out once it gets wet and ventilates the space behind the siding to help insulate the building.”

Kailey J. Flynn Photography

The custom-built fitting shredder is equipped with six matching indoor-outdoor dog runs, a kitty playroom and a dog-accessible shower.

Mehl appreciated the broad expanse of land that his group had to work with because they had the liberty to put the structures — including the main house as well as the kennel — anywhere they pleased.

“I find the ease of this home to be calming,” Hoffman says. “The lines and features of the house are beautiful although not distracting, so it is a ideal place for enjoying the natural beauty of the environment.”

Kailey J. Flynn Photography

The air-conditioned kennel retains the critters cool in the Texas heat while Hoffman works to see them permanent homes. Concrete floors make for easy cleanup.

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