16 Great Ways to Use Living Room Corners

Within our never-ending search to make the most of every square inch of space around the house, we’re looking into the corners. Corners can be occupied and used or totally awkward and wasted. Remove the awkward and be sure your corners are working you as best they could. We have taken a look at corners in the kitchen; today we’re moving on to corners in the living room and living area. Whether you want a small furniture layout help or are planning a remodel, then there should be a notion here for you.

Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects

Open the corner entirely. The line between inside and outside disappears with doors that open a corner.

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Mary Prince Photography

Nestle in a sectional. Let us start off only. Sectional sofas were produced for corners. In fact, the corner spot is normally the comfiest, most coveted spot for lounging. In a little room, comfy that sectional into the corner. Another plus for this layout is that you might cable in some reading lamps into the walls over, which would conserve floor space that floor lamps and combos of tables and table lamps could otherwise occupy.

David Vandervort Architects

Put the hearth on a angle. Don’t make a hearth along with a huge perspective compete for the name of number-one focal point; unlike any Baby, your fireplace or wood stove will not mind being placed in the corner.

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LDa Architecture & Interiors

The corner fireplace also functions in an area that does not have a view. Art and lighting overhead finish this off fireplace as a major element within the room.

Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd..

Produce a comfy nook. This cozy cabin’s hearth place includes a secret…

Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd..

… tucked just past the fireplace is a cozy reading nook, complete with storage plus a window. Next time you think,”Ugh, awkward spot,” immediately switch gears ,”Wonderful opportunity for a comfy corner!”

Stonewood, LLC

Position the TV to get subtlety. The layout of this room is a fantastic solution for those who don’t need the TV to dominate the room. The TV’s positioning lets the fireplace be the focus.

The Red Jet

Here’s a very different spin on the TV in the corner.

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Erika Bonnell Interiors

Make a big statement with a room screen. Art is great, but it might get lost in a corner like this . In case your corner has a case of the blahs, add height, dimension, texture and geometry by angling an area screen there.

Amy Lau Design

Ground a sculpture. All these superb driftwood logs enliven this shore house corner.


Bring in some life with a plant. High-rise homes often have large columns that can make the corner space even more awkward. In this house a tall plant adds a wild form and large sprigs of green into all the clean, contemporary lines and neutral colors.

Designate a spot for reading. A comfy seat, a side table and a reading lamp are all you have to create a favorite spot.

Kate Byer Interior Design

Invite intimate conversation. Two seats flanking a round pedestal table or a octagonal one create a helpful space inside a bigger room.

Meyer & Meyer, Inc..

Take a banquette for a huge living room or dining room. In large bedrooms, corners offer an opportunity to create a tiny room inside the room. A seating area like this you can inspire an afternoon tea convention, or host a continuous game of chess.

Hang a mirror above a console table in the corner. This vignette makes elegant use of a little corner. The mirror adds depth and reflects light.

Jennifer Grey Interiors Design & Color Specialist

Employ a corner cupboard. Great for hiding or display media equipment, an armoire like this one helps anchor the living room, and draw attention away from the entryway area.

Talianko Design Group, LLC

Maximize storage with a corner bookshelf. Whether you’re a bibliophile or wish to exhibit a set, then a corner shelf cozies a comfy, overstuffed room (I mean”overstuffed” in the best way; believe sinking into cushions).

Whitehall Interiors & Home Staging

Speech the corner with architecture. These last few big moves are for those who are planning new construction or a remodel. Consider built-in shelves to your corners. Be sure to include lighting them on your plans.

Dick Clark + Associates

Talk to your architect about contemporary corner windows. Expand the view with a dramatic corner window.

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