Guest Picks: The Autumn Deck

What could be greater than a fall weekend spent enjoying the changing of the leaves and the crisp air from a front-row chair outdoors? Here are of the seasonal essentials you’ll have to stay toasty, and rustic requirements for al fresco snacking (popcorn, anyone?) And fun. Happy autumn!
Eva out of Monkey in LA

Conventional Garden Storage Boxes – GBP 125

Crafted from renewable timber, an apple shop cradles fruit as it ripens from the crisp air. Yum!

Made in Oregon

Pendleton Beach Boys Rust Motor Robe Blanket – $78

Perfectly comfy and mobile, this Pendleton blanket was created in honor of the Beach Boys and is apropos for sitting on the sand or for cozying up while watching a fall sky.


Driftwood Birdhouse – $58

Hanging from a tree, this driftwood birdhouse is a miniature joy for both the feathered and the bird-watcher alike.


Prairie campfire from Maandag meubels

Take the guesswork out of building a roaring flame with this design-forward and durable fire bowl which beckons you to roast marshmallows and tell a fantastic ghost story.


Storm Lantern – GBP 29

Softly light up the outdoors with these enchanting and vintage-inspired storm lanterns.

Farmhouse Wares

Galvanized Tin Caddy – $46.95

Inspired by farmhouse alive, this tin makes for a convenient carryall for utensils or tools at a autumn backyard dinner.


Rustic Wood Chalkboard Wine Crate – $55.99

Once used for carrying wine, these wooden and chalkboard boxes are befitting for carrying wool throws and other seasonal requirements.

Design Within Reach

Wood Carrier – $250

Wood hauling is made simple with this quality linen and Teflon carrier created from the 153-year-old tradition of the Belgian weaver.

At West End

“Welcome to the Camp” Sign – $49

Open up your own backyard for autumn festivities with a kitschy and campy twig hint.


Feather Linen Napkin by Tangerine – $9.50

According to a nature-inspired sketch and handmade using organic linen, these shouts dress up the communal table with ecofriendly warmth.

Old Faithful Shop

Ceramic Camp Mug – $11.95

This ever-so-classic enameled mug is simply waiting to hot hands with warm apple cider and mulled wine.


Chemex 6-Cup Glass Coffee Maker – $36

Produced from the 1940s, the iconic design of the coffeemaker is artistic while nevertheless a useful kitchen gadget.


Reclaimed Wood Tray – $40

While only as charming inside, this reclaimed wood tray easily spruces up an outdoor table while holding edibles or flora.

ReForm School

Stainless Steel Fustis – $125

Take a lesson from olive oil makers (who originally used these) using this stainless steel fustis as your go-to container for a variety of libations.


Cast-Iron Popcorn Popper – $29.99

Get back to to the art of popping corn around the fire with this cast iron popcorn popper.

Grandpa’s Firefork – GBP 5.50

Should you choose 1 instrument to mull around the fire, make it this fork which doubles as a weenie roaster/marshmallow toaster.


Handsome Vintage Binoculars by Vintage Avocado – $52

Take from the migrating birds as well as the turning of the leaves together with these rocky vintage binoculars.


Banda Armchair – $298

Truly enjoy the October sky while cradled within this handsome rattan armchair in your porch.


Thumbprint Outdoor Rug – $179

Weather resistant and hard, this carpet enhances a patio or deck with a inviting and bark-inpired (or thumbprint, as its name says) layout.

Brook Farm General Store

Wooden Plates – $12

Handmade acacia wood plates are suitable to get a autumn feast which celebrates nature and the bounty of the harvest.

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