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Dogs, dogs and more dogs are in my mind since I recently brought home my French bulldog puppy! Below are a few trendy gifts for each of the other dog fans, with some thrown in for your sweet puppy for good measure. — Gloria from Little White Whale

Opulent Items

Dog Peek – $25

My puppy loves to watch pigeons and cars pass , however, the windows in my apartment are much too high for his short legs. He’d be in heaven if this was set up in the living area wall.

P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You, Inc..

Tuck Me In Dog Bed – $95

I would love to tuck my dog into this whimsical dog bed each evening. Sweet dreams!

Walls and Fabrics

Dog Flock Velvet Wallpaper – $259.95

Make a bold statement in any room with this racing dog silhouette background.


Bulldog Shaped Chalkboard by Twice as Nice – $36

Wouldn’t it be super adorable to exchange notes with the dog walker using this doggy-shaped chalkboard?

Twinkle Living

Milan Rug – $125

This bulldog will lie gently in the floor and make your room look pretty — instead of chewing up your heels.

Mountain Woods

Bamboo Great Dane Cutting Board – $24.95

Chop up some treats for your puppy on this cutting board that is eye-catching. Mine will do just about anything!

Animi Causa

Doggy Bank – $89

This balloon dog bank is the best combination of whimsy and chic.


Dog Vase – AUD 106

This vase is so ridiculous that I couldn’t help but grin. Who could say no?


Crochet French Bulldog/Boston Terrier by Peanut Butter Dynamite – $50

This crocheted Boston Terrier pillow will not shed and is most definitely allowed on the couch.


Dog’s House 01 – $63

Apartment dogs might not own a dog house from the backyard to call their own, yet this wall decal might be the next best thing.

P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You, Inc..

Large Foot Dog Bed – $29

Your dog would look oh-so adorable snoozing while nestled in this giant paw print bed.

Quirk Gallery

Bulldog Plate – $10

This sexy pink French bulldog silhouette against an all-white plate is really a fun twist on a classic.


Niche Jardini̬re Kokon for Dogs and Cats РEUR 249.90

I would love to have this in my rooftop deck in order that my puppy could have his own little nook to nap in if barbecue parties out him.

Graham and Green

The Bulldog Bookends – GBP 60

This bulldog will keep all of your books in a tidy and neat row. Fantastic dog!


Bone Pool – $299.95

Picture a pool party that is puppy happening inside this pool that is adorable. You are welcome.

Opulent Items

Tennis Chair – $300

This is the ultimate fantasy bed for any dog who likes to play fetch.


Dog Lamp – GBP 120

Just imagine all the funny conversations this lamp is sure to spark.


Fantastic Dog Doormat – EUR 50

With this adorable doormat out of your guests will know before they walk through the doorway you’re a dog lover.

Pop Deluxe

Glass Dachshund Salt and Pepper – $24.99

This dachshund salt and pepper set already knows how to shake!

Urban Barn

Puppy Dogs Tail Hooks – $20

These are the perfect wall hooks for hanging up doggy coats and leashes. Do not even contemplate anything else.

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