Succulents Juice Up Outdoor Gardens

While walking through my local garden center the other day, I had been struck by the wonder of succulents. The colours and textures of the plants are so varied and magnificent that it’s easy to see why a lot of people have adopted their usage indoors in terrariums. If you’ve already tried your hand at indoor succulent gardening, now is the opportunity to take your abilities outdoors.

Among the obvious advantages of gardening with succulents is that, unlike a number of other crops, they thrive on neglect. Given adequate light, occasional watering and also a bit of fertilizer in the spring, your own succulent garden will flourish if you’ve got a green thumb or not. Additionally, the capability to grow these hardy plants in wooden crates, tin cans and also on the wall will deliver an entirely new level of creativity to your outdoor space.

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Planting succulents vertically is a fantastic way to add interest to outdoor walls. You can purchase premade boxes, like these, in a variety of sizes to make the process simple.

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You also can create an original, live art piece with succulents. Just think how great that blank wall on your patio would seem with something like the bit shown here.

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If you’re searching for an easy, cheap method to add succulents to an outdoor wall or fence, think about planting in tin cans.

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Adding architectural interest to your backyard space with cinder blocks and succulents is straightforward. Produce a one-of-a-kind garden specific to your aesthetic and distance restrictions.

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Another option for growing succulents vertically is with a Living Wall Planter from Bright Green. Bright Green sells planters with a moisture mat that keeps watering simple and doesn’t require removing the frame in the wall.

Shades Of Green Landscape Architecture

Together with your succulents as a centerpiece isn’t just easy, it’s beautiful. Pick a container that complements your outdoor decor.

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In case you’ve got a little bed in your garden, look at filling it with a propagating succulent variety like hen and girls.

A simple wooden crate makes the ideal home for succulents too. Hang it on the walls of your patio and instantly add personality and charm to your outdoor space.

The Succulence of Succulents in the Home

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