Tips for Renting a Storage Container

It’s more affordable to rent a storage container than to buy a new one. These days, there are several companies that offer landscapers Redding, CA for storage containers. But before you start looking for a container to rent, it is best to read the tips below in order to avoid making any costly mistakes.

Find Out if You Need to Obtain a Permit

Permitting requirements for a storage container will vary from one place to another. In most cases, however, you will only need to obtain a permit if the container will be used as a permanent structure within your property. Companies that offer rental services for storage containers should be familiar with the process of obtaining a permit, so if necessary, you better check with them.

Ask About the Delivery Fees

You may end up having to pay more for your storage container rental because of the delivery fee. That’s why it is best to ask for this in advance. The fee is usually based on the mileage, so the farther you are, the more expensive your delivery fee will be.

Decide How Long You Need the Container

Some suppliers can provide better rates if you lease the container for a long time. Others will also offer the rent to purchase option. If you don’t know how long you will need the container, it is best to opt for the month-to-month contract.

Figure Out What Size You Need

Storage containers are usually available in two standard lengths, the 40-footer and the 20-footer. However, there are also companies that offer landscape design Redding, CA for customized storage containers. These are containers that will be specially created for you, depending on your needs and preferences. Of course, customized containers will cost more than the standard ones.

Think of the Features

Storage containers are also equipped with a range of features. These are known as add-ons, which you can request to be included at an extra cost. Among these features are double entry doors, premium locking mechanism, storage and office combo etc.

Carefully Inspect the Container

Remember that not all storage containers are the same. It is therefore important that you carefully inspect the container before you sign the contract. Containers are used, so you can expect some wear and tear. Be wary of holes, severe rust, dents, chemicals etc.

Find Out What Site Prep Is Necessary Before Delivery

Sometimes, basic site preparation may be required before the container can be delivered to your property. If your area is relatively flat, there is no longer a need to level the ground. But if the area is hilly, muddy or rocky, then you may need to pay for the site preparation.

Check with Multiple Suppliers

As mentioned, there are now several companies that offer landscaping Redding, CA for storage containers. To ensure that you will get the best service, consider talking to a number of suppliers and request a quote before you make any decision.