6 Important Tips from a Wedding Planner

Are you in the process of planning your big day and looking for some tips on how to make sure that everything goes smoothly?  Then you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve enlisted the help of a professional wedding planner to give you practical and lifesaving tips for an unforgettable wedding day, from getting Long Beach handyman to choosing the right theme.

Match the Décor to the Location

The setting where you will be holding the wedding is going to be the backdrop for the entire event, so it makes sense to opt for a theme that compliments that setting. For example, if you plan on holding your wedding in the countryside, then a rustic theme will probably work better than a beach chic look, whereas a French chateau deserves the whole nine yards, including an elaborate tent and all the trimmings that come with it. In a nutshell, make sure that the wedding style you go for works with your wedding location.

Don’t Forget Hidden Costs

Whether you’re having a big wedding or an intimate gathering at home, there will always be hidden costs. Before you decide on a budget, consider essentials like tents, furniture storage, kitchen rentals, handyman Long Beach CA, valet parking, an electricity generator and cleaning costs for before, during and after the wedding.

Know the Local Laws

Appropriate social etiquette requires that you inform your neighbors before you host your wedding reception at your home, and consider inviting them if you can, to minimize objections and complaints. You should also consult with your local authorities to find out what type of permits you’ll need to provide parking for all your guests, to put up portable toilets and find out if there are any noise restrictions.

Don’t Forget Good Portable Toilet Etiquette

To cater for all the people who will come to your wedding, make sure you have at least one handyman Long Beach for every 50 guests. You should also place hand washing stations and wet wipes strategically so that people have access to them when necessary, and make sure that there’s ample yet comfortable lighting throughout the area.

Establish House Rules

Create healthy boundaries and make them clear to the family and friends that are attending, so as to enjoy a relatively hassle-free event. For example, if you’re holding the event outside on your yard and want to prevent people from going into your house, then lock the doors to your house, or open a section of it while placing a barrier to prevent entry to the rest of the rooms.

Anticipate Your Guests’ Needs

While this may seem like a mission, you can break it down by considering your guests’ simplest needs, which include being in a comfortable climate (temperature control), creating a comfortable ambiance and providing plenty of food and drinks. If you’re able to cater for these essentials, then you can rest assured that your guests will have a great time.

For example, you can provide them with parasols or individual hand-held fans to keep cool during an outdoor summer wedding, or unique and pretty shawls to cozy up with if you’re planning a winter wonderland setting.

4 Things To Know Before You Paint Your Front Door

If you want to do Little Rock handyman, there’s a way to go about it. You have to make sure you get it right because your front door is the first thing that people see when they come to your house. It does not matter whether you are just touching it up a bit or if you are working on a new shade altogether. You must get it right.

Here are a few tips that should help you paint your door perfectly and make sure that your efforts are not in vain.

Learn How to Paint

This is basic, but then again, this is where most people go wrong. You must always apply primer first. Ensure the door is completely covered. To make your work easier, get a good roller. Once the primer has dried out, get a paint brush and ensure the trim has been properly done. The brush will also help in fine tuning your work. Let the paint dry properly before you reattach any hardware or fixtures back.

Color Choice

In case you are not sure of what color you can work with, get a few paint chips and tape them on the door. Narrow down your choices and then get sample paint. Compare them side by side and then choose one that gives you the best results. It would be wise to look at the samples during different times of the day so that you know how they look when it’s dim or when the sun is shining bright.

Choice of Paint

You will, in most cases, only need a quart of paint for a single door, especially if it’s properly primed. In case there’s no storm door or glass door between the outdoors and your door, ensure you have exterior paint because this will offer more protection for your door.

For the trim and the door, glossy handyman Little Rock is a brilliant idea. This is because glossy paint highlights the best of your home’s architectural elements, especially when light shines on them at a certain angle.

Glossy paint also withstands scrapes and nicks better than other types of paint, which essentially means that it will serve you well for a very long time. For the best results, make sure you use the right primer for the type of paint you are using.


There are two ways of doing handyman Little Rock AR. You can paint it while it’s in place or you can paint the door after removing it from the hinges, especially in the case of storm doors. You would not want bugs to find their way into the house while you try to make the door look good.

Alternatively, carefully tape some tarp over the door opening. You must prime the door before it’s painted, especially if you plan on changing colors. Any fixtures or hardware on the door must be removed and only returned after the paint has dried properly.

Before you plan how to paint your door, make sure you also consider the prevailing weather conditions. You will have good results when you paint the door on a sunny and clear day, especially if the temperatures are normal. This is because the paint will dry properly.