Guest Groups: 18 Unusual Home Decorating Finds

I feel that your home should be your refuge; it ought to make you happy. Therefore it follows that I really like this quote from William Morris: “Have nothing in your house that you don’t understand to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

I tend to search for things that are unusual or unique, not just for the sake of being unusual or unique, but because I believe there is more space for interpretation — my very own and yours. I hope you enjoy! — Melissa out of Melissa Loves


Tall Barnacle Vase – $562.59

This is an announcement piece if there ever was one! I like its size and sophistication (even though I do not love the price tag). It would be gorgeous with or without blooms inside. It has so much visual attention, and it is never a bad thing in my book.


TAL-Y-LLYN Wool Rug – GBP 185

A gorgeous rug is always a good place to begin, and this odd color combo has me dreaming of warm fires, a good novel and a glow in the air.


Antique Drawing Drafting Table from Karen C. Kramer – $950

Any classic piece is possibly unique, since it’s a good bet there are not a whole lot of these around. This classic easel are a gorgeous spot to display a treasured novel.


Porcelain Wall Pillow by Stepanka

Stepanka’s ceramic pieces possess a completely one-of-a-kind fashion that she lovingly creates by hand. Her wall “cushions,” cups, cups and amazing metallic porcelain clouds have so much warmth and soul.


Circa 1940 Vintage Industrial Laundry Cart by Go Seek – $225

“A thousand and one” is exactly what I think when I look at this awesome classic laundry cart — that is, a thousand and one ways to utilize it and add this type of cool, distinctive piece to your home.


Crystal Poster from Debbie Carlos – $47

Within her larger-than-life posters, Debbie Carlos takes everyday minutes or things and frees them to an artistic standing. This is my favorite, and I lately sent it to my brother for his birthday.

Melissa de la Fuente

Wooden Storage Cubes – $270

These boxes are just wonderful. I really like that they are art all on their own, but may be used to emphasize something special as well.


Vespertine Hand-Dyed Vintage Doily by Enhabiten

Liane includes a understated manner of producing a room welcoming and warm. She hand-dyes these gorgeous doilies and provides them a completely new lease on life. A bunch of these sewn on the bottom of a linen curtain could be beautiful.

Melissa de la Fuente

“IT’S OK” Affirmation Banner by Ashley Anna Brown – $45

Ashley Anna Brown has my favorite means of looking at life into a simple and powerful message. I love its simplicity.


Sweet Simple Vintage Persian Area Rug by Old New House – $1,325

This classic Persian carpet is so beautiful. The colors make it easy but additionally give it so much heat.

Ballard Designs

Bee Skep Doorstop – $39

Bee skeps are so intriguing, and using one as a doorstop — or anyplace else, for that matter — is entertaining.

Society 6

Einstein Art Print by Tracie Andrews – $15

I really like this quotation and believe in it wholeheartedly. We all have something to give, also this is a superb reminder for almost any dwelling.


Merchant Nails – $28

I feel like I’m always searching for an affordable means to put up art without having to get it framed or purchasing a frame (or something else). I love the idea of just tacking things up with these retailer nails. They have an old fashioned quality that appears to stand on its own.


Quotable Canvas Wall Art by Vermont Studio – $89

It is always a good idea to add words onto your wall that inspire one, in my humble view. It is not a new idea, but if it’s a phrase that adds something to your day or your life and leaves you happy, then it deserves to be in your property.


Swaying Stalks Floor Lamp – $498

This lamp is so beautiful — a piece of sculpture in addition to a light source.


Decorate: 1,000 Style Ideas for Every Room in Your House – $23.79

Holly Becker’s interior design book is full of incredible inspiration and homes. It’s my favorite book to go to when I need motivation and assist with something in my property. It is definitely a resource for creating.


Dreamscape Mural – $298

I’m always a fan of larger-than-life bits for your own walls. Sometimes they are precisely what you need to infuse your home with atmosphere. I love this dreamscape piece from Anthropologie.


Paper House Mobile by Creator B – $100

I really like phones; I seriously never tire of them. They tempt me to appear more, and that I enjoy a multi-leveled existence! This house cellphone is handmade and totally original.

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