Wall Art to Catch Your Eye

Many of us use framed or art portraits to decorate the walls inside our homes. Though these conventional techniques work well, they can lack the visual punch we’re looking for. Next time a blank wall in your space is asking for attention, think from the box and go for a more eye-catching strategy.

chadbourne + doss architects

Rather than framing a piece of art, why not make some art on the wall itself? It’s possible to hire a mural artist, or produce your own geometric design employing a customized stencil or painters tape and metallic paint.

Leslie Goodwin Photography

People are using plates as wall art for a very long time. It is the placement of those plates that’s so appealing — it carries your attention across the whole wall.

How to Hang a Plate Collection

Croma Design Inc

Straightforward text when framed on such a huge scale makes a major announcement.

Kati Curtis Design

This collage of trays, platters and plates add so much color and dimension to a space where most folks would hang a towel rack and call it a day.

Life in the Fun Lane

Straightforward tree branches not only add interest to this area, but they are readily available and affordable. I love that every one is unique, yet they align well.


If you’re going to stick with frames and portraits, think about including a few unexpected items. The antlers and contemporary art in this gallery wall keep things interesting.

Gallery Walls for Every Character

Old shutters are beautiful enough on their own but, by incorporating vintage ephemera, you can’t help but want a good look.

The Locker

Fabric remnants in simple embroidery hoops add just the right quantity of color and charm to this little corner.

Prove us: What imaginative setup do you have in your wall?

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Art: The Unexpected

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Turn a Wall into a Window Using the Magic of Allergic Background

Nothing says luxury, at least to me, such as background. The textures and the permanence suggest a feeling of location; if you are installing exquisite, expensive background, chances are you’re staying put for a short time! There are tons of lovely wallpapers on the marketplace: graphic prints, flocked florals, intricate sketches, painterly splotches and neutral naturals. One exquisite category that I sense is creating a little comeback is panoramic wallpaper.

First created in England and France from the 1700s, panoramic wallpapers display impressive panoramas or landscapes inspired by journeys. Originally, themes and scenes were transferred from paintings to background to get an affordable choice to tapestries or hand-painted frescoes. And though initially created to quell a longing to travel, they subsequently inspired it.

Then and now, panoramic landscapes depicting narrative scenes from the kind of panoramic wallpaper also present a intimate, mythical caliber to spaces while breaking down conventional barriers between exterior and interior. While frequently applied to conventional spaces, they work beautifully in modern houses too. If hand-painted scenics are outside of your price range (they’re certainly from my price range!) Or you’re looking for something a little more”now,” there are a range of different options for you who take their inspiration from the scenics, but will not break the bank.

Scheer & Co..

Nantucket Harbor

Gracie has a full spectrum of designs. I adore this muted, foggy harbor scene.


Handpainted scene of Greenwich, CT

With a rather different feel than the picture above, this full-color panoramic is full of depth.

de Gournay


Traditionally, the deGournay has specialized in 18th-century chinoiserie and 19th-century French designs, but the corporation will work with clients to create a one-of-a-kind scenic which functions with specific site requirements. Again, these aren’t for people on a budget, however if you’re able to afford it, they are worth the investment. Places such as Second Hand Rose in New York sell classic paper, so you may have the ability to come across a beautiful remnant for a tune.

de Gournay

Hand-painted panoramic wallpaper from de Gournay

This scenic paper from deGournay really enlivens a little corner, hauling the onlooker to another land. Sitting in the chair, alternating between gazing from the window and pondering the background, I really could become seriously inspired in this space. Rates are very similar to Gracie.

Paint A Lifestyle

This mural seems to me a updated version of a deGournay paper. The colors are alike, just a little shinier and brighter. If you are a gifted DIY-er (or know somebody who is), taking inspiration from some conventional panoramic wallpaper and producing a custom mural will undoubtedly result in a superbly distinctive design.

Elizabeth Dinkel

Elizabeth Dinkel’s design shows how well a conventional chinoiserie pairs with graphic elements, such as this black marble flooring pattern. For comparable designs, have a look at U.K.-based Fromental.

Dufner Heighes Inc

Here, a comparable chinoiserie design is put in a modern dining area. The comparison makes the room feel classic –you can not always put it into a period of time, which means it will likely look as good in 50 years as it does now.

Amy Jesaitis

This specific instance is really a mural painted directly onto the wall and door, but it had been inspired by historical Zuber panoramic wallpapers and totally captures the heart of the conventional panoramic narrative papers while beautifully obscuring a door. Concealing a door when employing a panoramic is typical, making an element of shock whilst still allowing the design to play out uninterrupted.

Vertigo Home

Fornasetti Ex Libris Wallpaper – $250

There are a host of customizable wallpapers which aren’t hand-painted, making them a lot more affordable and accessible. Not just”panoramic,” but certainly tromp l’oeil, this collection from Cole and Son can help mask the fact that your book collection isn’t ready for display. And because it isn’t hand-painted, the costs run a lot lower (though Cole and Son is not just called a bargain-basement supplier). This one is $250 each roll.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

Again, wallpaper that’s not technically scenic but is superbly muralistic, by English artist Deborah Bowness. The homeowner had it custom-tinted. You can view this design along with other intriguing wallpapers on Bowness’ website.

Elad Gonen

I do love a fantastic cityscape. If you like the concept of a scenic-style background in your home but find the classic designs feel overly conventional, a cityscape is a wonderful alternative. Use it on just one wall as an accent or apply it on four walls to allow it to feel like you are always on a rooftop terrace. Either way, you’ll inspire a feeling of verticality with your glittery metropolis.

C’est Magnifique Wallpaper – $88

Yet another take on the cityscape: an intriguing story. C’est magnifique, really! Peter Fasano also offers a great map-scene wallpaper.

Vertigo Home

Fornasetti Mediterrania White Wallcovering – $198

Vertigo Home’s very fresh spin on scenic wallpaper with a beautiful illustrative twist is crucial.

Dufner Heighes Inc

I really don’t know about you, but I consider map background to be fairly scenic. It has a narrative and evokes thoughts of traveling and wonderment. I am able to justify anything!

Sara Ingrassia Interiors

This watery map scene is perfect for a little powder room.

Sara Baldwin Design

Afraid a background will just peel off in a bathroom? A”panoramic” stone is a wonderful alternative. Quartzite Aurora is a subcategory of Blue Macaubas, a quartzite from Brazil. It’s practically indestructible.

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