Show Us Your Own Holiday Mantel

Festive ers, please reveal your vacation mantels! We’d love to see the way you decorate round the fireplace. Do you hang your sleeves there, and if yes, how? Do you have access to magnolia and boxwood branches, or is it strictly fir and pinecones for youpersonally? Are lights involved? Please inform us about and post pictures of your vacation mantel from the Remarks section below. Your pictures might be utilised in a future ideabook on .

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Interior designer Tobi Fairley incorporated oranges and lemons into this festive mantel garland.

Hydrangea Home

This decorator has curated a beautiful mantel that combines greens and household decorative objects, such as a fluted bowl, a charming little bird and a distressed box, all which tie together via their creamy white hues. The result is a country look that is complex.

Sandra Howie

This mantel produces a holiday sense without having any evergreen trimmings. Designer Sandra Howie says she likes to create a mantel in her home that “is equally very simple and sparkly with a bit of rustic and also a bit of modern.” She’s picked a beautiful palette of textures and arranged them in a balanced manner.

So, ers, reveal ’em if ya got ’em! Please discuss your personal holiday mantels with everyone in the Comments section.

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Eclectic Tel-Aviv Home Shows Creativity

When everybody else dismissed a construction stuck in the middle of apple orchards and a senior community, interior designer Merav Sade saw a space with loads of potential. The designer was especially attracted to the apartment’s two-floor design and rooftop terrace. The home is 20 years in its interiors a collection of finds, the making and treasured bits while leasing her previous houses that she acquired.

“I’ve always dreamed of having my own master suite, away from the kids. And today I have that and much more,” says Sade.

at a Glance
Who lives here: Merav Sade and two teens
Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel
Size: 1,291 square feet
Style challenge: Converting what used to be a little office and a narrow bath on the upper floor into a spacious, light-filled master suite

Sivan Askayo

Virtually all the decor and furnishings in the house are classic. Sade, a self-confessed gadget enthusiast, considers in new technologies and aged decor. “This is the first time that I’ve lived in my own place; I’ve always leased,” she says. “But I’ve always known what my house would look like and gathered pieces here and there, realizing one day which they would come together”

Cobbler’s shoe kinds: Vintage Mania

Merav Sade Interior Design

Sade revived the original windows with the help of a contractor patient enough to discover the first arch which was reshaped into rectangular frames by programmers.

Accent wall paint: Rediscover, Nirlat

Merav Sade Interior Design

Windows that are unadorned keep the living room and kitchen cheerful and bright, enlarging the spaces and maximizing the sunlight coming in from the windows.

A blue roller chair which was previously in Sade’s house office today has a permanent home at the dining table, where a little work is done as well. “I couldn’t find bar stools which I liked, so I simply took the workplace chairs outside to the dining table for a while and found out that they are actually the ideal height for your table and they are incredibly comfortable. So I bought a lot more,” says Sade.

Classic pendants out of Sade’s grandmother — “likely from Russia,” she says — make for luxurious task lighting at the functional space.

Cabinet paint: Abstract Idea, Nirlat; crystal light pendants: classic

Merav Sade Interior Design

The kitchen floor is given a colorful punch by tiles. An unfinished door that is century-old stands guard in the background, a reminder. “Shouldn’t we get older with grace? Let’s not try to delay or change the inevitable,” she says.

Flooring tiles: Fabrizio, Oraitaliana

Sivan Askayo

Exposed shelving with citrine, chinoiserie-inspired backs raise this sun-drenched space’s cheer factor.

Sivan Askayo

Sade, a master of many trades, created the self-portraits hanging above her bed. The lamps were salvaged by her and repaired them.

Merav Sade Interior Design

Sivan Askayo

The casual, eclectic design of this bedroom is an extension of Sade’s design ethos: She swears by design that’s simple, functional and cozy.

Case in point: Maple bedside tables along with a matching headboard extend the designer’s penchant for clean-lined furnishings. Color splashes come by means of an indigo vase, floral petals and wall paint.

Sivan Askayo

Sivan Askayo

Sade created an opening out of her bedroom to the outdoor patio. “Before I generated the opening out of my bedroom, then you could only get to the patio from the first floor. Now I have this unbelievable rooftop terrace that’s accessible from my room and out of a separate staircase downstairs,” says Sade.

Merav Sade Interior Design

Here is a view of this antique doors from the patio picnic table.

Sivan Askayo

Four vases with cut branches occupy the sill above the bathroom in the restroom. They bring nature inside and add curves and femininity to a markedly spare room, which comes with an industrial feel that’s improved by the rough feel of weathered walls.

Sivan Askayo

Sade utilized a very simple kitchen sink in her adolescent daughter’s bathroom. “I bought the sink for the equivalent of 20. My daughter loves it because it’s profound, which is great for splashing water when washing your face and hand-washing delicates,” says Sade.

Merav Sade Interior Design

Sade transformed what used to be a little service balcony into her daughter’s bedroom. The message hanging on the wall is an upcycled project by Sade, who found the wood plank on the street and gave it new life.

Sivan Askayo

This key rack retains good-luck protective and charms totems for your household; it’s also a reminder of just how much Sade has come because her design college days. “I was able to innovate to earn some extra money,” she says. “I’m grateful I did not eliminate everything, because it makes my life now all the more sweet.”

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Winter Home Makeover: Mastering a Holiday Centerpiece

Making your own amazing holiday centerpiece is simpler than you might imagine, and can be done with a couple of key things you may already have. A vase, a couple of candle holders, seasonal fruit or ornaments, along with a bowl are enough to get you started. Read on for ideas on creating more holiday cheer at home.


Occasionally forgetting about candles and flowers is a great way to create an out-of-the-ordinary tabletop. A simple flat plate paired with silver ornaments can become a gorgeous, last-minute centerpiece.

If you have any additional ornaments lying about, this is a great way to set them on screen and tie in your dining area d├ęcor along with your Christmas tree.

For a sophisticated look, combine simple flowers with sparkly metallic pine cones. This balances out the look with natural components, making it elegant although not over-the-top. Locate or purchase a few oversized pine cones and paint them in metallic colours.

Timothy De Clue Collection & Design

Make easy Christmas ornaments the middle of attention, as Timothy Clue did by filling tall candy jars with tree ornaments. This home made look adds a festive splash of color right where you need it.

Vases can be found very inexpensively and are often the starting point of your normal arrangement. Pop in a few of your favourite florals and provide them some sparkle with the addition of mirror tiles to the middle of your dining table. Scatter a couple of green candles to create a romantic ambience.

Concerned about having dried up flowers for Christmas? Build your bouquet on a foundation of water-retaining florist’s foam to extend the life of your next fresh arrangement.

Many floral designers use this material to stabilize their arrangements in odd-shaped containers. It can be cut to fit any container or vase, so the possibilities are nearly infinite.

Decorate your next Christmas party with something that not only looks good, but can be eaten as well. Let your guests take a bite from a yummy gingerbread home Museum, and fill up the home with even more goodies to add an element of shock. You can make this in advance using a kit or your own design. Or allow crafty kids handle this one while you concentrate on other vacation prep.

Virginia Burney

Combine elements of nature in your property. Pine cones, beaded garlands and fir branches can frequently be found around the home, and you’re able to pick up cheery winter clementines in the marketplace.


Starburst Bowl – $159

This starburst bowl from Crate and Barrel is a good beginning point for any holiday centerpiece. When it comes to filling it up, use your imagination; gold-painted pine cones, tree ornaments, pomegranites, oranges, fir branches, along with mixed nuts are a couple of easy ideas.

Virginia Burney

Displaying golden reindeers to the middle of your dining table or mantel is a great way to create a fun centerpiece.

Tip: Get this look without breaking the bank by purchasing a couple of plastic reindeer and spray painting them gold. Organize them with at the center of your dining table.

Purchase seasonal produce like pomegranates for an exotic touch to your regular fruit arrangement.

Anita Diaz for Far Above Rubies

Nestle candles at a bed of hazel nuts to your next dinner party. For an all round all-natural look, include scattered leaves and gorgeous winter gourds.

Have any other decorating ideas for Christmas? We would love to see them! Share your favorite thoughts below with a description on the best way to find the look.

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Dreaming of a Fireside Soak

I live in Chicago, and after weeks of unusually warm weather, we finally just got our first major snowfall. Although I’ll probably be cursing the powder April when I’m dying for some sunshine, right now I’m enjoying my view of snow-crested branches and rooftops — and it has made me think of all things cozy.

I would die for a fireplace right about now, but do you know what could up the ante? A fireplace in the base. Since I clearly have neither of these, I have been sitting here with my heating up, getting my fix by gathering photographs of drool-worthy baths complete with a radiating fire. Have a look at these photographs, and we can roast marshmallows through a lengthy soak from the comfort of our imaginations.

Browse photos of baths with fireplaces

Cornerstone Architects

This tub-side fireplace is the ideal complement to the arches in this Mediterranean-inspired area.

Moss Yaw Design studio

I can picture it now: gazing outside at a snow-fallen view, my feet warmed by the flame and my favourite read in hand.

Studio William Hefner

Oh, just another rough day in my bath with my fireplace along with my lovely view. Of course, in this version, that beautiful view ought to be coated with snow. But I’ll take it on cool summer evenings as well.

Xstyles Bath + More

As if the fire weren’t calming enough, this one comes with a mantle perfect for candles. See you later, reality.

Schnarr Craftsmen Inc

If a modern look is more your style, this complex fireplace certainly fits the bill. Surrounded with novels, it is like a tiny study that only has been fitted with a tub.

Terri Symington, ASID

The centralized location of the fireplace is perfect for keeping your whole body warm and cozy.

Forum Phi Architecture | Interiors | Planning

Want to enjoy the fireplace from the shower? Measure to this bath! A glass-enclosed shower lets anybody inside to enjoy the fireplace’s glow and warmth.

Debra Campbell Design

If you want to bask with a fire whilst preparing at a dressing table, this installation is key.

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Not only does this tub include a fireplace, but apparently a wine and cheese tray as well. This is my heaven.

Busybee Design

Even if the fireplace is not in the foot of the tub, one anyplace in the bathroom will make me a happy woman. Say goodbye to that cold chill once you measure from the tub; with a fireplace right there, are always going to be toasty.

Only Joh

I could devote some serious time in here. Take a long bath, dry off by the fire and lounge with a fantastic book and a glass of wine.

Neuhaus Design Architecture, P.C.

I would happily enjoy a long soak with this fireplace any evening of the week!

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