Show Us Your Garden Gnomes

Gnomes have been occupying gardens for decades, sitting toadstools, pulling carts, sometimes even making their own villages. Gnomes were initially produced in Germany. They were used as decorative guards to keep burglars from farms. Their popularity hasn’t waned, and they have played roles in movies and literature from fairy tales into the Harry Potter series. One of my personal favorites is their role in The Full Monty, populating the lawn of a stiff manager and showing his sensitive side.

Recently gnomes have taken on different roles. Ironically used alongside their southern cousins, pink flamingos, they have been awarded modern cred by designers such as Philippe Starck with his Napoleon and Attila gnome table stools. One roaming gnome functions as the spokesperson for Travelocity. A large group of gnomes celebrity in Gnomeo and Juliet. They’ve even been announced “invasive” by a single botanical specialist in this humorous short movie.

Show us Have some merry gnomes taken up home in your garden or inside your home? If that’s the case, please post a picture in the Comments section. Your gnome could appear in a follow-up feature on our homepage.

I will begin with my little gnome. He’s a bit worn out, what with holding up this marijuana for all this time. I guess he is waiting for me to plant something in it.

I love to move him about. In this area he is guarding my termite bait trap.

Whitney Lyons

Send in the gnomes: To include your gnome photo, type a comment about it below, then click “Attach Images” and select the picture on your desktop to share.

Tell us where you are and where you’ve got your gnome(s)!

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