Home Setups Which Serve You: Designing the Kitchen

There’s a reason the kitchen is called the core of the house. People are drawn to it, and it’s a place where families wind up congregating — not just to cook and eat, but to be together in it. As it’s likely that your kitchen is used for a lot more than simply cooking, there’s no reason that you restrict it to the fundamentals.

I have clients who think they will need to organize their home a certain way because that is how everyone else does it. Guess what? “Everyone else” doesn’t live in your home — you do. So instead of setting up your kitchen the way you think it should be, set it up in the way that it will work best for you, because it’s your kitchen.

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What Do You Use Your Own Kitchen For?

Remember when I said that your kitchen is not just a place where people cook and eat? To truly make the room work for you, you will want to figure out what else you are using it for. Does your partner talk to you while you are cooking? A spot with a stool could keep them comfortable (and out of their way) while you prepare dinner.

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If your family tends to gather in the kitchen to cook and chat, look at going beyond bar stools. I recently put a love seat and two cozy chairs in a kitchen, along with the installation has been a huge hit.

MAKE Design Studio

Never use that area? It might be exactly where you need a desk or even a printing channel. Bear in mind that the secret to organization that works is making it match your life. If you need a place to check email while you await your dinner to heat in the microwave, that is what you should devote yourself.

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Kids’ Stations

Do your children use the dining table for homework or art projects? Embrace whatever the other uses are and provide those items organizational area. Put aside a cupboard for homework supplies and be sure that there’s comfortable seating.

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Give items such as art supplies and laptop paper a house in your kitchen, and you’ll decrease the mess when it’s time to place the table.

See more of this dining room

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These setups will also encourage your children to spend time participated with you in the kitchen. Even if you’re cooking dinner and they are working on a project, you are spending time together. Isn’t that the most important thing about a family dwelling?


If you do not have sufficient built-ins to home these other materials, do not be reluctant to use furniture you normally see in bedrooms or living rooms. A bookcase may be used in place of cabinets to transport anything.

Drink Stations

If you are a big coffee drinker, then it might make sense to set up a coffee station. Maintain your mugs, sugar, coffee and stirrers all collectively.

With an open design with dishes in plain view helps cut down those “Where on earth is your blasted sugar bowl” Moments of frustration. But do you still hang on to this idea that all of your silverware needs to live together in precisely the exact same drawer? I promise it will not hurt the batter’ feelings if a few are separated by the remainder of the silver. And instead of dashing all over your kitchen to make 1 cup of java, you’ll have mornings which are somewhat simpler.

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This type of channel is also beneficial if you have several coffee drinkers in the family members or frequent guests, who’ll be saved that the awkward scavenger hunt for packets of Splenda.

This idea works equally well for spirits and wine. And the installation doesn’t have to be out in the open; if you prefer having it tucked away, then that is what you should do. Along with using built-in cupboard space, you may use something such as a vintage armoire or the Pax wardrobe system out of Ikea.

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Baking Stations

If you are a frequent baker, separate dry ingredients and coconut paraphernalia which are utilized only when you bust out the bread manufacturer or whip up your famous snickerdoodles.

By keeping them together, you’ll be able to quickly figure out what you have and what you need for your next culinary masterpiece, along with your distance will be much easier to clean when you are done.

If baking is more than a pastime, then by all means keep your tools and go-to components in a special setup. A bar cart can be transformed to a rolling baking channel which you could push all over the kitchen. This option is also great for those that have difficulty getting ingredients from high shelves or lifting heavy containers. Again, it’s all about finding solutions that serve you best.

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It is likely that your kitchen has uses that I did not touch on. You’re unique, so the organization on your kitchen should be too. Remember to think about your requirements (without ruling — it doesn’t matter how your sister-in-law does it) and set up the core of your house in a way which is logical for you and the men and women who talk about it.

By embracing your natural tendencies, you’ll wind up encouraging those behaviours even more through layout. And spending time with the people you love is a propensity.

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Love to Bake? Try These 13 Ideas for a Better Baker's Kitchen

Possessing a baker in the household is a mixed blessing. Who does not love the aroma of sugar and butter circulating throughout the house? That is the good news: Baking equals good-house vibes. The bad news: That is a lot of calorie desire to contend with on a regular basis. Yummy carbohydrates are so hard to pass up.

Baking is specific; it is really a science, if you consider it. Designing or changing a kitchen for a critical baker demands some thought, even some field study. I recently put together a few ideas for a baking enthusiast making some alterations to your own kitchen. Some ideas are acceptable for smaller kitchens, while others work best in kitchens with a larger footprint.

Grab a glass of cold milk — that the cookies are in the oven. Here are a baker’s dozen ideas to consider while you wait.

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1. Open shelves. Bulk storage of dry ingredients such as flour and sugar is easily accessed from convenient open shelves.

2. Rolling cart. Layout with purpose in mind. If you’re short on wall space to cabinets or open shelves, then consider a rolling cart positioned near counters which holds ingredients and equipment.

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3. Tray and baking pan storage. Upright tray storage is excellent for bakers, since what is inside is easy to see and access; cabinets created particularly for trays are narrow and tall. Tray storage can also be put in upper cabinets over ovens or microwave.

Heartwood Kitchens

4. Storage containers and drawers. Drawers are ideal for storage. Being able to look at ingredients and kitchen equipment from above is sensible. Also, bins with sterile lids keep ingredients clean.

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5. Tool display. A group of paint-dipped bread boards is wrapped just as an art installation here. Even if tools are only for appearances, hang them outside in the open. This could also use rolling pins or cake molds.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry

6. Roll-out drawer. Plan for a little roll-out drawer inside your cabinet design. Use thin drawers such as this for storing cookie cutters and measuring spoons.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

7. Tech corner. Plan for a little space where you can wire into a TV, desktop or notebook computer or just display an iPad. There are thousands of recipes and how-to videos on the internet. Include a technician corner next to your countertop and inhale right along with your favourite demonstration video or cooking show.

Why Your Kitchen Wants Its Own iPad

Divine Design+Build

8. Double ovens. When you’ve got the space and budget, purchase wall-mounted double ovens; they’re dreamy for bakers.

Consider looking into convection heat too. Convection ovens work with fans which recirculate heat, which is excellent for evenly baked biscuits and crusts. Even baked products such as croissants develop a crispy, even feel with convection heat.

Midwest Stone Source & Custom Cabinetry | Rockford

9. Built-in step stool. If you’ve pans or trays stored in tall top cabinets, consider a built-in step stool for easy access.

Apt 2B Baking Co..

10. Workstation. If you inhale on a regular basis, proceed: Establish a pliers directly on top of the countertop. The same as at an actual bakery, make the countertops your job locations. Solid-surface countertops such as granite and marble are ideal for rolling out dough. Display your tools and equipment right in which you use them.

Tara Seawright Interior Design

11. Cookbooks. Take a bookshelf near a working place. You may want to create easy access for frequently used publications or recipe folders. A shelf next to a center island, for example, is sensible and good looking.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry

12. Spice drawer. Maintain the cinnamon, nutmeg and the remainder at arm’s reach. A drawer allows for a high view of frequently used spices and spices. If you’re into business, alphabetize the spices inside their rows.

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13. Pastry table. Plan a room for a pastry table at the principal work triangle. Old-fashioned pastry tables are usually lower than standard countertops. A marble or similar good surface is excellent for rolling out pastry or bread dough.

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Kitchen Sinks: Stainless Steel Shines for Affordability and Strength

Stainless steel is always among the most popular materials for kitchen sinks, and for good reason. When it comes to cleaning customs and durability with a selection of cheap options, it is king.

Know the basics and prices here to see if this glistening sink material can work in your dwelling.

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The basics: Stainless steel kitchen sinks contain nickel and chromium, materials which make them truly stainless and resistant to rust. The sinks include varying thicknesses: 16 gauge (thicker and higher in quality) to 22 gauge (thinner and less expensive).

Cost: $100 to $600 average. However, prices can go up dramatically up to $2,000 or even more — for premium steel, a thicker gauge and more complicated sink designs.

Michael Merrill Design Studio, Inc

Benefits: Stainless steel sinks come in a broad range of sizes and shapes, and can be made very large and deep.

Based on the gauge, stainless steel durability can endure the test of time. In reality, hot pots and pans can be loaded directly into a stainless steel kitchen sink without damaging its surface. Fragile dishes will also be less likely to break if dropped into a stainless steel sink, since it is not as hard as rock.

Aesthetically, these sinks enable for cohesiveness in finishes, since so many modern appliances are stainless steel.


Kraus KHF203-36-KPF2120-SD20 36 inch Farmhouse Stainless Steel Sink And Faucet

Disadvantages: Not all stainless steel sinks are all made equal. The thicker the steel, the more durable the sink. Thin stainless steel sinks are somewhat more likely to dent, scratch and even rust when the finish wears off.

Stainless steel sinks are also a tad noisy — some may call for sound-deadening pads. These insulating pads are installed on the underside and sides of the sink to absorb noise, protect against condensation and maintain the temperature of water.

TTM Development Company

Yvonne McFadden LLC

Sustainability: Stainless steel is readily recycled and repurposed. Steel is the priciest recycled material from the United States, so it’s easy to find stainless steel sinks made from recycled materials.


Kraus KHF200-36 36 inch Farmhouse Single Bowl 16 Guage Stainless Steel Sink

Care: As its name suggests, stainless steel does not stain and can be easily maintained without specific cleansers. But if you would like to get your sink particularly glistening, a gentle – to medium-bristled brush along with a somewhat abrasive cleaner like Bar Keeper’s Friend will do just fine.

Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design

Are you really a fan of the stainless steel kitchen sink? Let’s discuss! Share your ideas in the Comments section below.

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Kitchen of the Week: Warm and Modern in Maryland

The kitchen is regarded as the core of the home, which feels even more true for bustling families. This family of four loves to play host to children and adults within their own neighborhood. “They’re fun, young and love to cook,” says designer Nadia Suburan of the customers. “Their house is definitely hangout central from the area.” But their previous kitchen made it difficult to let everyone remain in precisely the same area.

Together with Fox Architects, Suburan and Aidan Design reconfigured this Maryland kitchen into a warm and open area with a large arched ceiling lined with wood. An eat-in breakfast nook, a butler’s pantry, a desk and a food pantry allow for things to be tucked away, while providing plenty of room for a significant family’s odds and ends. “It pushes modern, but is not so ultramodern that it does not feel warm and comfy,” says Suburan.

Aidan Design

Suburan installed an 11-foot-long island for prep work, eating and doing homework. The beautiful barrel-topped ceiling has been installed within this addition that raised the ceilings. The original kitchen had ceilings which were only 8 ft high, but the family wanted a more open area. So they were increased to over 10 ft, and beautiful paneled fir was added to warm it up. The higher ceilings allow the customers to enjoy the entire view of the stunning woods beyond their dwelling.

Pendants: Thomasville
Countertop: New Cambria Black Granite, White Princess Quartzite
Flooring: oak

Aidan Design

To maintain the kitchen feeling open, Suburan maintained the perimeter of this room as much light as possible and refrained from installing an excessive amount of upper cabinetry. The double-thick quartzite countertop on the island offer a stunning contrast to the darker cherry island. Although the customers wanted light chimney, they opted for a darker wood on the staircase. The dark stain will wear well, and it is particularly important on this particular remodeled island, where children are certain to kick the wood. Large drawer brings prevent sticky fingerprints out of appearing on cabinets.

Sink: Franke
Faucet: Blanco
Oven: Wolf 30-inch E collection

Aidan Design

Two adjacent spaces on both sides of the main kitchen area enabled Suburan to keep the kitchen open while still providing plenty of storage. A butler’s pantry and food pantry shop canned goods, drinks and serving pieces.

The remaining part of the kitchen has been filled up with base cabinets, all especially designed and organized to hold pots, pans and other dishes. Suburan oversize the hood left room for the tile backsplash to go all of the way up into the ceiling — a technique that mechanically draws the eye up and provides the illusion of a higher ceiling.

Backplash: glass subway tile, Best Tile
Range: Wolf 36-inch
Hood: Zephyr

Aidan Design

A convenient breakfast nook with a stunning view of the outdoors has been tucked into the far end of the kitchen. A custom seat seat was upholstered in a wipeable vinyl for simple cleaning after messy meals. Since the kitchen is situated in the middle rear of the house near other main living spaces, Suburan considered traffic flow. The kitchen island has been pulled in to create a galleylike design and boost circulation, and to direct visitors between the island and the breakfast seat.

Table and chairs: Saloom Furniture Company

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Layouts for Living: The Best Pantry

With a lot of guests coming and going throughout the holiday season, a fully-stocked larder could be a life-saver. Filled with amusing essentials like big pieces, some additional bottles of wine, and fixings for whipping up an impromptu meal, it is got most of the extras when your house is full you want.

And who says you require a big house to get a helpful larder? Here, my picks for best pantries of sizes.

Powerful and easy, this butler’s pantry supplies storage for wine, a tiny bit of extra refrigerator space, and patterned glass doorways to keep not-so- packaging that is quite hidden. And what is that I see? Seems like another cent tile flooring!

A small pantry space is concealed behind glossy white doorways in this contemporary kitchen. The brilliant reddish inside adds a lively contrast when the doorways open.

Gast Architects

A cabinet from the kitchen just needs somewhat spare counter area, cupboards, as well as some shelves to eventually become a pantry that is extremely useful.

Susan Serra

Same thing holds true in case your cabinet’s not a walkin. For keeping all types of of serving ware, this small larder hardly takes up any space, but is useful.

Glass doors keep things within vision, and built in shelving on the outdoor walls provide a place for the cookbooks.

Gast Architects

An area to sit down and program a menu is helpful for those who possess the the room. This one is near fixings as well as several shelves of cookbooks (cleverly ordered by colour, I I would a-DD) to provide inspiration for your own meal.

Faiella Layout

This butler’s pantry was seen by me in Sanfrancisco a couple of years back in a case house. It was on an up stairs level, s O people that are starving could snatch an instant bite and never have to go down-stairs to the kitchen — innovative the night time munchies for those that often get.

Bill Fry Building – Wm. H. Fry Const. Co.

Akitchen might be overpowered by this large wine refrigerator, however in the larder it is a completely-working showstopper, no basement needed.

Veranda Estate Houses & Insides

On an inferior scale, this small pantry space functions as a bar that is convenient, thanks to your small sink and lots of storage for bottles of wine and ingesting accoutrements.

The saw tooth sides in this cupboard let you adapt shelves to adapt portion bits of most sizes.

Tracery Interiors

This one uses shelving and a great deal of sun light mild to make sure each piece of porcelain is readily visible while most pantries are window-less.

Tracery Interiors

This buttery combines a farm-house sink with contemporary comforts as well as pastoral components like wood ledges —namely that huge glass-front refrigerator.

William V. Noval

Pantries adhere into a functional aesthetic, but why perhaps not have have a great time? A fairly blue colour and makes cooking mo Re more fulfilling, and slender mosaic tiles change that one into a small jewel box.