Home Setups Which Serve You: Designing the Kitchen

There’s a reason the kitchen is called the core of the house. People are drawn to it, and it’s a place where families wind up congregating — not just to cook and eat, but to be together in it. As it’s likely that your kitchen is used for a lot more than simply cooking, there’s no reason that you restrict it to the fundamentals.

I have clients who think they will need to organize their home a certain way because that is how everyone else does it. Guess what? “Everyone else” doesn’t live in your home — you do. So instead of setting up your kitchen the way you think it should be, set it up in the way that it will work best for you, because it’s your kitchen.

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What Do You Use Your Own Kitchen For?

Remember when I said that your kitchen is not just a place where people cook and eat? To truly make the room work for you, you will want to figure out what else you are using it for. Does your partner talk to you while you are cooking? A spot with a stool could keep them comfortable (and out of their way) while you prepare dinner.

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If your family tends to gather in the kitchen to cook and chat, look at going beyond bar stools. I recently put a love seat and two cozy chairs in a kitchen, along with the installation has been a huge hit.

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Never use that area? It might be exactly where you need a desk or even a printing channel. Bear in mind that the secret to organization that works is making it match your life. If you need a place to check email while you await your dinner to heat in the microwave, that is what you should devote yourself.

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Kids’ Stations

Do your children use the dining table for homework or art projects? Embrace whatever the other uses are and provide those items organizational area. Put aside a cupboard for homework supplies and be sure that there’s comfortable seating.

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Give items such as art supplies and laptop paper a house in your kitchen, and you’ll decrease the mess when it’s time to place the table.

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These setups will also encourage your children to spend time participated with you in the kitchen. Even if you’re cooking dinner and they are working on a project, you are spending time together. Isn’t that the most important thing about a family dwelling?


If you do not have sufficient built-ins to home these other materials, do not be reluctant to use furniture you normally see in bedrooms or living rooms. A bookcase may be used in place of cabinets to transport anything.

Drink Stations

If you are a big coffee drinker, then it might make sense to set up a coffee station. Maintain your mugs, sugar, coffee and stirrers all collectively.

With an open design with dishes in plain view helps cut down those “Where on earth is your blasted sugar bowl” Moments of frustration. But do you still hang on to this idea that all of your silverware needs to live together in precisely the exact same drawer? I promise it will not hurt the batter’ feelings if a few are separated by the remainder of the silver. And instead of dashing all over your kitchen to make 1 cup of java, you’ll have mornings which are somewhat simpler.

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This type of channel is also beneficial if you have several coffee drinkers in the family members or frequent guests, who’ll be saved that the awkward scavenger hunt for packets of Splenda.

This idea works equally well for spirits and wine. And the installation doesn’t have to be out in the open; if you prefer having it tucked away, then that is what you should do. Along with using built-in cupboard space, you may use something such as a vintage armoire or the Pax wardrobe system out of Ikea.

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Baking Stations

If you are a frequent baker, separate dry ingredients and coconut paraphernalia which are utilized only when you bust out the bread manufacturer or whip up your famous snickerdoodles.

By keeping them together, you’ll be able to quickly figure out what you have and what you need for your next culinary masterpiece, along with your distance will be much easier to clean when you are done.

If baking is more than a pastime, then by all means keep your tools and go-to components in a special setup. A bar cart can be transformed to a rolling baking channel which you could push all over the kitchen. This option is also great for those that have difficulty getting ingredients from high shelves or lifting heavy containers. Again, it’s all about finding solutions that serve you best.

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It is likely that your kitchen has uses that I did not touch on. You’re unique, so the organization on your kitchen should be too. Remember to think about your requirements (without ruling — it doesn’t matter how your sister-in-law does it) and set up the core of your house in a way which is logical for you and the men and women who talk about it.

By embracing your natural tendencies, you’ll wind up encouraging those behaviours even more through layout. And spending time with the people you love is a propensity.

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