Picture Rail

A photo rail is a strip of decorative cut implemented high on the walls of a room. Its initial use was as a support for those hooks used when hanging pictures on plaster walls of elderly houses, which may not withstand the breaking caused by repainting.

Lucy McLintic

Background is frequently implemented up to a picture rail, while the wall over is painted, to add contrast and also delineate the 2 areas.

Johnson + McLeod Design Consultants

A photo rail also provides a convenient border for contrasting paint.

Harvest Architecture, LLC

The expression of a photo rail can be achieved with any easy trim piece.

In chambers with shorter ceilings, the image rail can be set up on peak of the wall. In cases like this, it sits directly beneath the crown molding.

Fougeron Architecture FAIA

Hardware used for hanging pictures might be visible or concealed. In cases like this, the wire and hooks of this picture are visibly hanging out of the picture rail.

NB Design Group, Inc

Within this contemporary spin on a picture rail, the wire and hooks are attached in a recessed area of the wall along with a period of molding trimming is is employed as a crown molding.

Upscale Construction

Picture rails as a decorative element can be used even when they aren’t vital.

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Fantastic Design Plant: Rockrose

When heavens dry, don’t feel pressured to increase your watering program or risk losing the backyard. Rockrose (Cistus spp)is a Mediterranean native which excels in landscapes in which other crops flounder. Poor dirt, dry summer heat and rocky hillsides only lead to abundant colorful blooms which will not only save your slopes, but also keep your water bills down as well.

Melissa Gale Photography

Botanical name: Cistus spp
Common title: Rockrose
USDA zones: 7 to 10, depending on species
Water necessity: Little to none
moderate requirement: Full sun
Mature size: 3 to 5 ft tall and broad
Benefits: Tolerates wind, coastal states, poor soil, drought and arid conditions; plant for erosion control or fire immunity

Shown here: Cistus x bornetianus ‘Jester’, zones 7 to 9

Svein Erik Larsen

Distinguishing attributes. A sun- and – heat-loving plant, rockrose produces a colorful and lush heaping ground cover or informal hedge. Cooling leaves and vivid flowers enliven arenas which may otherwise have been left barren.

Cistus crispus, zones 8 to 10, cascades down a rocky path.

Terra Nova® Nurseries, Inc

Once recognized, rockrose will prosper with minimal or no care. Blooming profusely through summer and spring, it may also bloom sporadically throughout the rest of the year. Distinctly papery flowers range in shades from vibrant pinks to whites and lotions — typically with a bright yellow centre. When not flowering, rockrose creates a mounding texture of gentle gray-green leaves. The leaves of several species even emit a blossom resin when the warm summer sun beats down on them.

The hybrid Cistus‘McGuire’s Gold’ (shown) includes a normal form and blossoms with the exception of vibrant bright green leaves.

Linda & John Reinecke

How to use it. Rockrose, unsurprisingly, is quite commonly used in rock gardens or at which there’s a prevalence of gravelly and rocky soil. Dry banks or slopes can be difficult backyard spots for both planting and soil stability, and those are regions where rockrose thrives. Additionally, its nice texture and informal form contrast nicely with gravel and rocks as a gentle and effective ground cover or low-growing hedge.

Cistus palhinae, zones 8 to 10,revealed in Cape St. Vincent, Portugal, serves as great inspiration for designing with this plant. Scattered throughout the landscape, the plants tie the space together, gently accenting and highlighting the terrain. Without dominating the backyard, rockrose gives an enjoyable and unique outdoor adventure throughout all seasons.

Terra Nova® Nurseries, Inc

Planting notes. Rockrose is indigenous to the Mediterranean, preferring similar climates and conditions. Faring well in regions with dry, hot summers, many crops are hardy to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. This plant requires no additional watering and requires minimal maintenance once set up, so be sure soil is particularly well drained if you do irrigate.

While this plant doesn’t survive long, it is a fast grower. Stems may become woody with age, and the plant ought to be replaced when they become lean. Periodically cut back old stems so as to encourage new growth and keep the plant looking clean.

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Exotic Laguna Beach Family Home

Joe and Lisa Preston couldn’t wait to move to this traditional Spanish Mediterranean home in California, in which a gorgeous perspective of Laguna Beach meshes beautifully with all the old-world architecture and the owner’s art collection. The plaster walls, vaulted beam ceilings, planked walnut doors and clay roof tiles are a fantastic match for your incomparable sea view from among the city’s best vantage points.

The couple worked with Ohara Davies-Gaetano of Bliss Design to incorporate a vibrant and private design that would grow with their children’ needs and display their collected global art and paintings. “The Prestons are very colorful folks,” says Davies-Gaetano. “They’re also understated, down-to-earth and casual. They just wanted their home to be fabulous, which has been the underlying theme for the job.”

in a Glance
Who lives here: Joe and Lisa Preston and their 3 young children
Location: The mountains of Laguna Beach, California
Size: 3,400 square feet on 3 levels; 4 bedrooms, 3 baths
That’s interesting: An 18th-century turtle shell from France hangs above the mantel.

Bliss Design

The living room is bordered on both sides by glass doors, together with all the sweeping Pacific on one side and a hillside and courtyard on the other. As there’s no anchor wall, the designer pulled everything to the center of the space.

A oversized ottoman with tray in the living room serves as a coffee table. The mother-of-pearl inlay fits the seat in the hallway between the living and dining room.

Leather armchairs: Holly Hunt

Bliss Design

“We don’t see a reason to reduce our layout standard for life with children,” says Joe. The couple believes that should they love the things in their house, their little ones can learn to respect that.

The velvet saffron-yellow couch, chaise and ottoman were custom made and upholstered locally. The colorful throw pillows are covered with textiles collected during the couple’s journeys. The Tibetan hand-woven area rug is coloured with vegetable dye to get a natural gradation, and the antique lamps were purchased from the initial owners of the house.

Bliss Design

A cut and mounted slice of petrified wood is placed before a spectacular abstract art piece by Paul Ecke. “It needed something textural that would not take from the vignette,” says Davies-Gaetano.

When requested his advice into other art collectors, Joe shares,”Our guidance in artwork collection is not to buy a piece for decorative motives. Buy what you love, and it’s going to be a part of your daily life forever.”

Bliss Design

For extra seats with flexibility, Davies-Gaetano placed a matching duvet from the fireplace. This comfortable setup is part of what makes the living room Joe and Lisa’s favourite room in the home. They wanted it to be formal and sophisticated, but also practical and lively. “Ohara attracted that together with all the vibrant colors and the spirit of our artwork, which represents a time and place in our own lives,” says Joe.

One of the last items added to the decoration — and among the greatest splurges — was that the 18th-century turtle shell from France above the mantel. “The extra tortoise shell and butterflies provide the space an exotic feel. We love to travel, and it reminds us of French island living,” says Joe.

Bliss Design

Real butterflies are mounted within a classic wedding veil globe, set on a classic sculptor’s base from France.

The painting of a woman reflected in a pool is by California artist Eric Zener. It holds special significance for Joe, who’s an avid swimmer.

Bliss Design

Like the living room, the sophisticated dining room occupies inside the home’s open floor plan without an anchor wall. The table and chandelier were also inherited by the previous homeowners. Upholstered chairs modeled after Italian antiques perform up the home’s old-world Mediterranean personality. A grass-green ceramic horse sits on a French antique oak chest that’s used for storage.

Floor-to-ceiling windows flow from the dining room to the kitchen. Guests enter the house on the top floor, where the living room, den, dining room, kitchen and master bedroom are located.

Bliss Design

The master bedroom has been flanked by windows and doors on both sides of the bed. Pressed aluminum bedside tables from India and lamps made from gypsum and acrylic assist the space to feel light and airy.

Bliss Design

Davies-Gaetano chose sea-foam linen window treatments and also a graphic headboard to create an effect in the master bedroom limited distance. The headboard fabric — designed from the Uzbekistani suzani design — is manufactured by Donghia.

Bliss Design

The upstairs den is bathed in afternoon light. The preexisting 1950s curtains and also the owners’ vibrant artwork determined the orange and orange color palette. An African mask collection hangs alongside the fireplace, and a blue Tibetan rug warms the floor.

The locally custom-made couch is covered in wool, followed by a Baker reading seat and a Holly Hunt coffee table. The TV sits opposite the couch.

Bliss Design

The guest bedrooms on the lower level kept a lot of the original flair. The orange room’s walls and window treatments are a lively take on the preceding homeowner’s affinity for its citrus colour. “When the family moved in, their 5-year-old daughter said this is her castle in the sky,” Davies-Gaetano says.

Bliss Design

The key garden patio downstairs is tucked right into hedges with tiny pebbles that crunch underfoot. A guest could easily imagine themselves in a timeless European garden. “What makes this house special is that you’ve got different experiences as you go through. To begin with, you don’t see the sea view till you enter the home. Then you go downstairs and have this entirely fresh adventure,” Davies-Gaetano says.

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Succulents Juice Up Outdoor Gardens

While walking through my local garden center the other day, I had been struck by the wonder of succulents. The colours and textures of the plants are so varied and magnificent that it’s easy to see why a lot of people have adopted their usage indoors in terrariums. If you’ve already tried your hand at indoor succulent gardening, now is the opportunity to take your abilities outdoors.

Among the obvious advantages of gardening with succulents is that, unlike a number of other crops, they thrive on neglect. Given adequate light, occasional watering and also a bit of fertilizer in the spring, your own succulent garden will flourish if you’ve got a green thumb or not. Additionally, the capability to grow these hardy plants in wooden crates, tin cans and also on the wall will deliver an entirely new level of creativity to your outdoor space.

Shades Of Green Landscape Architecture

Planting succulents vertically is a fantastic way to add interest to outdoor walls. You can purchase premade boxes, like these, in a variety of sizes to make the process simple.

Bright Green

You also can create an original, live art piece with succulents. Just think how great that blank wall on your patio would seem with something like the bit shown here.

Melissa Mascara Layout

If you’re searching for an easy, cheap method to add succulents to an outdoor wall or fence, think about planting in tin cans.

Zack Benson Photography

Adding architectural interest to your backyard space with cinder blocks and succulents is straightforward. Produce a one-of-a-kind garden specific to your aesthetic and distance restrictions.

Bright Green

Another option for growing succulents vertically is with a Living Wall Planter from Bright Green. Bright Green sells planters with a moisture mat that keeps watering simple and doesn’t require removing the frame in the wall.

Shades Of Green Landscape Architecture

Together with your succulents as a centerpiece isn’t just easy, it’s beautiful. Pick a container that complements your outdoor decor.

Randy Thueme Design Inc. – Landscape Architecture

In case you’ve got a little bed in your garden, look at filling it with a propagating succulent variety like hen and girls.

A simple wooden crate makes the ideal home for succulents too. Hang it on the walls of your patio and instantly add personality and charm to your outdoor space.

The Succulence of Succulents in the Home

Indoor Gardening: Herbs and Succulents

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