Picture Rail

A photo rail is a strip of decorative cut implemented high on the walls of a room. Its initial use was as a support for those hooks used when hanging pictures on plaster walls of elderly houses, which may not withstand the breaking caused by repainting.

Lucy McLintic

Background is frequently implemented up to a picture rail, while the wall over is painted, to add contrast and also delineate the 2 areas.

Johnson + McLeod Design Consultants

A photo rail also provides a convenient border for contrasting paint.

Harvest Architecture, LLC

The expression of a photo rail can be achieved with any easy trim piece.

In chambers with shorter ceilings, the image rail can be set up on peak of the wall. In cases like this, it sits directly beneath the crown molding.

Fougeron Architecture FAIA

Hardware used for hanging pictures might be visible or concealed. In cases like this, the wire and hooks of this picture are visibly hanging out of the picture rail.

NB Design Group, Inc

Within this contemporary spin on a picture rail, the wire and hooks are attached in a recessed area of the wall along with a period of molding trimming is is employed as a crown molding.

Upscale Construction

Picture rails as a decorative element can be used even when they aren’t vital.

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