An inscription is a carefully selected message that is written or carved as a permanent record or dedication. Historical engravings offer a glimpse into the past that otherwise could have vanished. Inscriptions are often located on the foundations of buildings and in museums or spiritual associations, marking significant dates or thoughtful ideas.

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Folk expressions and proverbs are used for inscriptions. This soapstone sink inscription translates as, “If it’s not true, it’s a great story.”

Inscriptions are a favorite way for families to create lasting memories of favorite minutes, expressions or songs. This swing is inscribed with the song title “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

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When one inscription is not enough, try two! Inscriptions of literary quotes can give a distance function.

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If engraving a wall appears too durable, inscribe messages on a piece which can be removed. The romantic message “Always kiss me” is inscribed in a timber plaque above this ornately carved headboard.

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Personal mottoes created with stencils and decals make less-permanent inscriptions for people with evolving tastes. A motto drawn in chalk can have the resonance of an inscription.

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The word can be a powerful inspiration. This home gym has a mirror with the inscription “endure.”

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