Walls Play Dress-Up With Children' Artwork

There are five kids living in my house, which adds up to a great deal of art. In the event that you should show up at our house on any given night, you’d observe paintings, comics and drawings displayed on the refrigerator, piled up on the dining table and spilling over the countertops. As soon as it is not logical to maintain every work of art, I really do like to maintain a sampling of our favorite masterpieces for screen.

Families everywhere are showcasing their kids ‘ art from the breakfast corner into the restroom. See how they are doing this, then implement the ideas on your house.

An obvious place to display children’s art is in their own rooms. Try out a different spin on things by using clothespins to attach images to twine to get an inexpensive display solution.

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Creating a casual gallery wall in a hallway is a great way to showcase your kids’s most up-to-date work. By attaching similar frames to the wall with no glass, you will have the ability to replace bits as your kids ‘ work develops.

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Kids love painting on stretched canvas. A picture rail delivers a fantastic way to exhibit art in a modern, minimalistic way.

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Along with painted images, kids come home from school with other art projects that are exhibit worthy. Grouping them and showing them in a craft corner may get your own creative juices flowing.

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Grouped in similar frames, these casual works of art fit right in with all the cozy decor of this breakfast nook.


Carefully selecting a couple of preferred masterpieces and hanging them in an art gallery will add a level of sophistication to your kids ‘ art.


Displaying your kids’ art alongside bits from other preferred artists will not just bring character to your house, it will certainly bring a smile to the faces of your kids.


A couple of times every year my kids come home from school with ceramic art jobs. Displaying them together on the top of a bookcase brings greater focus on their job.

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