Cool Crochet? Yes, It's Possible

I will be the first to admit that if I consider crocheted accents, “chic” is not the first term that springs to mind. My train of thought runs to tissue box covers and fluffy afghans. But using a savvy eye for design, crocheted accents can be a very stylish way to add color, pattern and texture to a space. Want evidence? Have a look at the illustrations below.

Ida Lifestyle

Concentric squares give this throw pillow a mod mien that operates perfectly with all the midcentury expression of the furniture.

Holly Marder

Crocheted squares onto the wall, strung like a garland, texture cheerful and joyous.

H is for House

Juxtaposed with retro-cool accents along with an eclectic mix of furnishings, this crocheted bedcover takes on a bohemian flair.

Ida Lifestyle

Bright colours and bold patterns lend punch to a heap of cushions. In the exact same way that like objects grouped together create a greater impact, the similar palettes and motifs of these pillows fortify their effect.

Groovy Elisa

Cheeky and fun, this pair of bright chair covers would seem right at home in a young girl’s or a teenager’s room.


A rug with all the appearance of crocheted squares stitched together ties into the colours of this living area and sets a casual basis for the space.

The Virginia House

Sweet, simple crocheted baskets add a minimalist chic to this hutch.

Agnes Blum

Simultaneously conservative and young, this coverlet brightens a child’s bedroom.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

A pair of cushions injects a hint of updated crochet-style patchwork into this space. Their pattern provides only enough of a jolt without destroying the calm atmosphere.

Jennifer – Rambling Renovators

Crocheted doilies become instant graphic artwork when mounted and framed onto the wall.

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