What Colour Should I Paint Bedroom Walls When the Bed Is Pink and Orange?

A pink-and-orange bed adds a cheery color splash to any bedroom; however, deciding on a complementary paint for the walls can create a decorating nightmare. Consider your color preferences and the desirable bedroom ambiance. Whether you like a tranquil atmosphere or a revved-up, energetic vibe, numerous paint tones might improve your pink-and-orange palette while accommodating your favourite color mood.

Keep It in the Family

Choose a wall colour within the exact same color family as the pink-and-orange bed to get monochromatic appeal. As an example, begin by matching the specific orange or pink tones of your bed with a sample paint card. Select a hue on the matching paint card that is three or two tints lighter than the bed shade. Or pick a shade darker than the orange or pink color of the bed to create a cozier space. Use vibrant pink or hot orange walls to shake the room with an electric shade blast.

Timeless Appeal

Apply a neutral paint colour such as cotton white, soft wheat or creamy ivory to tone down the effects of the bed. Select a shade of gray to surround the brightly coloured bed with a serious and modern ambiance. A neutral wall color helps balance out the bed hues with an unassuming presence. Neutral walls produce timeless appeal and pair nicely with almost any color scheme should you choose to upgrade the bed.

Energize the Space

Ramp up the energy on your bedroom with hues directly opposite from pink and orange on the color wheel. These complementary, highly contrasting tones generate a vibrant impact. Because brilliant blue is that the complement of pure orange, and bright green is that the complement of bright pink, cover your bedroom walls with one of these colors. Saturated blues and greens such as royal blue and lime green intensify the visual impact.

Create an Illusion

Surround a orange-and-pink bed with sunshine-yellow walls in a little bedroom. In case you have a spacious bedroom, then employ the sunny toned paint to one wall to avoid excessive color. Cover the other 3 walls with warm beige. Insert an illusion of depth with dark-purple walls. Baby-blue walls project comfort.

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