On Trend: 9 Captivating Lights to Energize a Space

Sometimes a lamp needs to be greater than only a lamp. Paging through your ordinary catalog or browsing a house store tends to yield the same results: average table lamp, floor lamp or ceiling fixture. But designers have taken note and are providing us with ever-widening options for light sources. By mixing up scale, positioning, balance, material or colour, these new lighting choices will add something fresh to your interior.

Note: See Areti’s and Channels Design’s sites for supply information.

Atelier Areti

Mimosa Light

Forget straightforward bulbs in a row and adopt a more natural group of lighting that appears to mention buds on a spring division. This chandelier will provide ample light above a dining room table.


Bender Table Lamp – $199

This diminutive lamp provides the impression that it may fall over at any minute. Put it on your staid traditional desktop for a tiny moment of imbalance.

Green Big Floor Lamp Set – $254.15

Picking a bright colour is a surefire way to add pop to any room. But the very best thing about this lamp is the unusual scale: This is a desk lamp à la Honey, I Shrunk the Kids; its own oversize form is ready to lurk behind your average-size couch.

Atelier Areti

Alouette Bird Lights

Looking for a few subtle whimsy? These lampshades — accessible on table lamps, floor lamps and ceiling fixtures — manage to tip birds without looking cute or kitschy. Though they’d be perfect in a contemporary kid’s room, their simple forms would look lovely in any area near natural elements, like an entrance or a window-filled hallway.

Atelier Areti

Marguerite Flower Lamp

Brightly shining brass retains this ring the center of focus. Hang several together to get a lighthearted entryway or add one on your eat-in-kitchen’s nook.


Fuego Bio Firelight – $219

Craving a flickering source of ambient lighting? A tabletop fireplace like this may fit the bill. Best suited for outdoor patios, it is a unique way to bring a glowing, romantic look whilst retaining to a contemporary aesthetic.


Bocci 28d Light

All these handblown globes are customizable in so many ways — stop by Bocci’s site to see clusters hanging from the ceiling and draped in staggered displays, in addition to a large range of bright colours to pick from. The choices are practically endless, ready for whatever lighting need you may have.


Finnieston Light

The additional motion in this lamp provides a little bit of whimsy and great old-fashioned purpose. Additionally, the whole lamp is made out of wood, including the color (thanks to the coolness of LED bulbs).


NEB Brass Lamp

Simple, yet it is reminiscent of the lightbulb thought: a bulb suspended to remind you of the great things on your head. The brass base gives it a unique’70s vibe, perfect for a den or entertaining area.

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