Your Own Bed: Complete the Appearance With Artwork

Whether you have a headboard or not, a bit of art will include color, drama and character to your bedroom. It adds height to your mattress and balances the scale of the overall look. If you feel as though your bed could use a little additional pizzazz, have a peek at the following photos to view how other designers have pinpointed the look. A stunning piece of art might be precisely what you are missing.

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To make a statement with art over the mattress, select something that contrasts with your wall color. The gold and red of those pieces jump against the blue walls, giving much more of an emphasis than many headboards.

Alpha Design Group

A general neutral bedroom is relaxing and tranquil, but it never hurts to have a few bold pops of color. This piece of art over the mattress gives the vibrancy the room craved, while also providing the mattress a sense of place.

Tara Seawright Interior Design

The most significant factor when searching for art is buying what you love. However, it can help to keep in mind where you are likely to put it, so color and size will probably be appropriate. This bit over the mattress ties in the brown, orange and cream color scheme, making cohesion.

Klang & Associates

Nevertheless, if you find a piece you love and also the dimensions is not quite right, there are ways to balance it. Against a white wall, the scale of this piece may have appeared too small above this mattress. However, a painted color block marginally smaller than the bed’s width functions as a perfect framework, balancing the scale.


Within this area, formations made from driftwood equilibrium a smaller piece whilst also adding texture.

Get creative! The addition of this branch brings a pure touch and gives the art a sense of more width.

Joel Kelly Design

Even if you have a headboard, art will benefit the overall look of your space. This room has high ceilings, and the perpendicular art works to create balance between ceiling and headboard.

Economy Interiors

The framework of this abstract painting pairs a rectangular shape with a scalloped headboard — a compelling complement.

Cristi Holcombe Interiors

Can not find the ideal art to accompany your linens? Produce your own! Purchase a set of picture frames and put pieces of the identical fabric used on your linens at the middle. Affordable and totally unique.

Interiors by Myriam, LLC

Art is not solely great for extra color; depending on the work, it may also bring to a space complementary texture. The color story of this piece is simple, however it infuses the space with visual interest.

Craig Denis

If perpendicular height is not what you need, art over the bed may also work to enlarge your space . Simply continue the bits beyond the width of the headboard, and your area will feel that far more spacious.

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