The best way to Insulate Ceiling Lights

Insulating your house saves you cash by lowering your energy expenses and makes it much more comfortable comfortable year-round. You is is among the the prime areas to concentrate on when insulating your house. Insulation between the floor joists in the attic stops the very heat from warming the relaxation of your house in the summer, and retains the hot air from within your house from escaping to the attic in the winter. For those who have lights you need to keep the insulation from the warmth as it’s a fire-hazard produced by the lights. By installing wood blocks across the lights, the insulation is prevented from getting into contact with all the fixtures.

Measure the the length between the ceiling joists. This establishes how long the wood blocks should be.

Cut wood blocks -by-4 boards to to match between the joists. Cut the boards using a circular saw, when sawing the wood, and use safety goggles.

Place the block between the joists, 3″ . Position the block to ensure it is perpendicular to the joists. Nail the block to the joists with 3 inch nails. Use two nails.

Place a 2nd block involving the joists on another side of the mild, again putting it perpendicular to the joists and 3″ away from your light. Nail it.

Install blocking on either side of all of those other lights, utilizing the same method you applied to the first mild.

Measure and cut strips of fiberglass insulation to to match inside the joists round the blocking. Cut the insulation by slicing using a utility knife and keeping a straightedge contrary to the cut line. Wear a mask, gloves as well as security goggles when handling the insulation.

Lay the strips of insulation in to location using the paper side-facing down, involving the ceiling joists. Push the insulation contrary to the very best of the ceiling beneath the attic, because it becomes less successful as an insulator when it’s compressed, however do not compress the fiber glass. Do not protect the lights that are recessed insulate the blocks up and nearer.

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