The best way to Install a lock-on a Fridge or Freezer

Maintaining kids safe and protecting valuables are crucial issues in every area of the house, including freezer and the kitchen fridge. A latch-centered lock can keep kids from opening the refrigerator, but installing a padlock-centered lock will keep anybody out from the appliance. This lock retains your refrigerator doors in tact when relocating a kitchen appliance from home to another. The program will keep your refrigerator or unlocked at your ease.

Dampen a rag with water that is warm.

Locate an area about two thirds of the way up the refrigerator or freezer door to use the lock.

Scrub the area clear on the medial side as well as on the very front of the door. Dry it using a rag.

Add the adhesive to the rear of the door-lock panel. The adhesive is integrated with lock kits. Any type of fluid epoxy or superglue works if no glue is incorporated. The doorlock panel faces the left and is shorter. The facet lock panel is longer and faces the correct.

Place the door-lock panel on the refrigerator. Hold it in place to get a minute. This allows the adhesive to adhere and keep the lock on completely.

Line up the medial side lock panel reference to the lock. The metal arm should go immediately beneath the the arm of the door so the two locations that are round produce and match one hole to get a lock.

Use the adhesive use pressure to get a minute, and to the medial side lock panel.

Insert a padlock through the hole of the two metal arms. Connect the lock. Attempt will stay safe.

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