Guest Picks: The Autumn Deck

What could be greater than a fall weekend spent enjoying the changing of the leaves and the crisp air from a front-row chair outdoors? Here are of the seasonal essentials you’ll have to stay toasty, and rustic requirements for al fresco snacking (popcorn, anyone?) And fun. Happy autumn!
Eva out of Monkey in LA

Conventional Garden Storage Boxes – GBP 125

Crafted from renewable timber, an apple shop cradles fruit as it ripens from the crisp air. Yum!

Made in Oregon

Pendleton Beach Boys Rust Motor Robe Blanket – $78

Perfectly comfy and mobile, this Pendleton blanket was created in honor of the Beach Boys and is apropos for sitting on the sand or for cozying up while watching a fall sky.


Driftwood Birdhouse – $58

Hanging from a tree, this driftwood birdhouse is a miniature joy for both the feathered and the bird-watcher alike.


Prairie campfire from Maandag meubels

Take the guesswork out of building a roaring flame with this design-forward and durable fire bowl which beckons you to roast marshmallows and tell a fantastic ghost story.


Storm Lantern – GBP 29

Softly light up the outdoors with these enchanting and vintage-inspired storm lanterns.

Farmhouse Wares

Galvanized Tin Caddy – $46.95

Inspired by farmhouse alive, this tin makes for a convenient carryall for utensils or tools at a autumn backyard dinner.


Rustic Wood Chalkboard Wine Crate – $55.99

Once used for carrying wine, these wooden and chalkboard boxes are befitting for carrying wool throws and other seasonal requirements.

Design Within Reach

Wood Carrier – $250

Wood hauling is made simple with this quality linen and Teflon carrier created from the 153-year-old tradition of the Belgian weaver.

At West End

“Welcome to the Camp” Sign – $49

Open up your own backyard for autumn festivities with a kitschy and campy twig hint.


Feather Linen Napkin by Tangerine – $9.50

According to a nature-inspired sketch and handmade using organic linen, these shouts dress up the communal table with ecofriendly warmth.

Old Faithful Shop

Ceramic Camp Mug – $11.95

This ever-so-classic enameled mug is simply waiting to hot hands with warm apple cider and mulled wine.


Chemex 6-Cup Glass Coffee Maker – $36

Produced from the 1940s, the iconic design of the coffeemaker is artistic while nevertheless a useful kitchen gadget.


Reclaimed Wood Tray – $40

While only as charming inside, this reclaimed wood tray easily spruces up an outdoor table while holding edibles or flora.

ReForm School

Stainless Steel Fustis – $125

Take a lesson from olive oil makers (who originally used these) using this stainless steel fustis as your go-to container for a variety of libations.


Cast-Iron Popcorn Popper – $29.99

Get back to to the art of popping corn around the fire with this cast iron popcorn popper.

Grandpa’s Firefork – GBP 5.50

Should you choose 1 instrument to mull around the fire, make it this fork which doubles as a weenie roaster/marshmallow toaster.


Handsome Vintage Binoculars by Vintage Avocado – $52

Take from the migrating birds as well as the turning of the leaves together with these rocky vintage binoculars.


Banda Armchair – $298

Truly enjoy the October sky while cradled within this handsome rattan armchair in your porch.


Thumbprint Outdoor Rug – $179

Weather resistant and hard, this carpet enhances a patio or deck with a inviting and bark-inpired (or thumbprint, as its name says) layout.

Brook Farm General Store

Wooden Plates – $12

Handmade acacia wood plates are suitable to get a autumn feast which celebrates nature and the bounty of the harvest.

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Turn a Wall into a Window Using the Magic of Allergic Background

Nothing says luxury, at least to me, such as background. The textures and the permanence suggest a feeling of location; if you are installing exquisite, expensive background, chances are you’re staying put for a short time! There are tons of lovely wallpapers on the marketplace: graphic prints, flocked florals, intricate sketches, painterly splotches and neutral naturals. One exquisite category that I sense is creating a little comeback is panoramic wallpaper.

First created in England and France from the 1700s, panoramic wallpapers display impressive panoramas or landscapes inspired by journeys. Originally, themes and scenes were transferred from paintings to background to get an affordable choice to tapestries or hand-painted frescoes. And though initially created to quell a longing to travel, they subsequently inspired it.

Then and now, panoramic landscapes depicting narrative scenes from the kind of panoramic wallpaper also present a intimate, mythical caliber to spaces while breaking down conventional barriers between exterior and interior. While frequently applied to conventional spaces, they work beautifully in modern houses too. If hand-painted scenics are outside of your price range (they’re certainly from my price range!) Or you’re looking for something a little more”now,” there are a range of different options for you who take their inspiration from the scenics, but will not break the bank.

Scheer & Co..

Nantucket Harbor

Gracie has a full spectrum of designs. I adore this muted, foggy harbor scene.


Handpainted scene of Greenwich, CT

With a rather different feel than the picture above, this full-color panoramic is full of depth.

de Gournay


Traditionally, the deGournay has specialized in 18th-century chinoiserie and 19th-century French designs, but the corporation will work with clients to create a one-of-a-kind scenic which functions with specific site requirements. Again, these aren’t for people on a budget, however if you’re able to afford it, they are worth the investment. Places such as Second Hand Rose in New York sell classic paper, so you may have the ability to come across a beautiful remnant for a tune.

de Gournay

Hand-painted panoramic wallpaper from de Gournay

This scenic paper from deGournay really enlivens a little corner, hauling the onlooker to another land. Sitting in the chair, alternating between gazing from the window and pondering the background, I really could become seriously inspired in this space. Rates are very similar to Gracie.

Paint A Lifestyle

This mural seems to me a updated version of a deGournay paper. The colors are alike, just a little shinier and brighter. If you are a gifted DIY-er (or know somebody who is), taking inspiration from some conventional panoramic wallpaper and producing a custom mural will undoubtedly result in a superbly distinctive design.

Elizabeth Dinkel

Elizabeth Dinkel’s design shows how well a conventional chinoiserie pairs with graphic elements, such as this black marble flooring pattern. For comparable designs, have a look at U.K.-based Fromental.

Dufner Heighes Inc

Here, a comparable chinoiserie design is put in a modern dining area. The comparison makes the room feel classic –you can not always put it into a period of time, which means it will likely look as good in 50 years as it does now.

Amy Jesaitis

This specific instance is really a mural painted directly onto the wall and door, but it had been inspired by historical Zuber panoramic wallpapers and totally captures the heart of the conventional panoramic narrative papers while beautifully obscuring a door. Concealing a door when employing a panoramic is typical, making an element of shock whilst still allowing the design to play out uninterrupted.

Vertigo Home

Fornasetti Ex Libris Wallpaper – $250

There are a host of customizable wallpapers which aren’t hand-painted, making them a lot more affordable and accessible. Not just”panoramic,” but certainly tromp l’oeil, this collection from Cole and Son can help mask the fact that your book collection isn’t ready for display. And because it isn’t hand-painted, the costs run a lot lower (though Cole and Son is not just called a bargain-basement supplier). This one is $250 each roll.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

Again, wallpaper that’s not technically scenic but is superbly muralistic, by English artist Deborah Bowness. The homeowner had it custom-tinted. You can view this design along with other intriguing wallpapers on Bowness’ website.

Elad Gonen

I do love a fantastic cityscape. If you like the concept of a scenic-style background in your home but find the classic designs feel overly conventional, a cityscape is a wonderful alternative. Use it on just one wall as an accent or apply it on four walls to allow it to feel like you are always on a rooftop terrace. Either way, you’ll inspire a feeling of verticality with your glittery metropolis.

C’est Magnifique Wallpaper – $88

Yet another take on the cityscape: an intriguing story. C’est magnifique, really! Peter Fasano also offers a great map-scene wallpaper.

Vertigo Home

Fornasetti Mediterrania White Wallcovering – $198

Vertigo Home’s very fresh spin on scenic wallpaper with a beautiful illustrative twist is crucial.

Dufner Heighes Inc

I really don’t know about you, but I consider map background to be fairly scenic. It has a narrative and evokes thoughts of traveling and wonderment. I am able to justify anything!

Sara Ingrassia Interiors

This watery map scene is perfect for a little powder room.

Sara Baldwin Design

Afraid a background will just peel off in a bathroom? A”panoramic” stone is a wonderful alternative. Quartzite Aurora is a subcategory of Blue Macaubas, a quartzite from Brazil. It’s practically indestructible.

More: Browse wallpaper patterns in the Houzz Products segment

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Dive Into Palm Beach Style

I really don’t know how to define it, but I know it when I see it. Palm Beach style may go ’60s groovy, incorporates some dashes of Hollywood Regency, leans heavily on wicker, has bold preppy rolls, has never met a trellis it didn’t like, is crazy for all shades of green, appreciates tropical rolls and is a look unlike any other. Here’s a group of rooms which look like they sprang straight from this posh and playful Florida town.

RLH Studio

Although this sun porch is in Minnesota, it might easily transfer south to Palm Beach. The soft colors, green touches and scalloped window treatments are upscale Florida flourishes.

See the rest of the home

Tara Bussema – Design and Neat Organization

Palm Beachers are not scared to go bold, and they adore their wicker. This room is diverse and soft yet unified and crisp.

Kate Jackson Design

Mixing florals, prints and animal prints is a timeless Palm Beach move. A framed classic bathing suit is the best adornment for the wall.

Anthony Baratta LLC

Palm Beachers are not scared of going over the top. Here, opulent window treatments and molding combination with informal, boldly upholstered woven furniture

CIH Design

You can not have too much preppy pink and green in Palm Beach. The palm tree artwork over the fireplace is an excellent finishing touch.


Pink and green is a favorite combination although not crucial. Corals and blues in a mix of patterns produce a different kind of Palm Beach room.

LLC & Sons, Ellen Grasso

This glowing bedroom looks like it pulled its color palette straight from one of Palm Beach denizen Lilly Pulitzer’s change dresses.

David Hicks’ La Fiorentina geometric print and upgraded round drawer knobs provide a fresh take on Palm Beach.

Casart Coverings

This bed looks like it was inherited from Granny and given a fresh look with glossy grass-green paint. The artichoke wall covering includes a large, playful touch.


This space, with its stripped-down color palette and elegant black and silver touches, is much more of a Palm Beach/Palm Springs mash-up.

Studio Marcelo Brito

While Palm Beachers adore their vivid colors, they are not reluctant to black and white schemes, particularly when those approaches include stripes and a fabulous peacock seat.

Trina Turk

Trina Turk Ping-Pong Establish – $54

Ping-Pong is almost the city game of Palm Beach, and these peppy Trina Turk paddles are an ideal accessory.


Celerie Kemble: On Your Taste: Establishing Modern Rooms with a Traditional Twist – $15.30

For a fresh take on personality with profound Palm Beach roots, check out Celerie Kemble’s For Your Taste. It is not only full of inspirational photos, but Kemble is one of my preferred design authors.

12 Prepped-Out Patterns

So Your Style Is: Preppy

Old-School Prep and Modern Prep

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Houzz Tour: Elegant and Eclectic Femininity

For a great deal of homeowners, it’s easy to get lost in the constraints of retail. Starting off, you have the ideal vision of how your house should seem, but if you start shopping nothing looks quite right. For Amanda Malson and Jolene Ballard of Domicile Interior Design, this ever-present issue has a remarkably simple solution. While performing the inside for Ballard’s apartment, they customized the furniture to get the look they desired. When they could not find what they’re searching for on the store floor, they scour flea markets and Craigslist. Their finds are almost always reupholstered, refinished, or repainted.

Malson and Ballard have a look that can only be described as diverse. Both were hotel designers in a Los Angeles-based hospitality company, and decided to open Domicile Interior Layout after becoming friends. With their impeccable design and bright customizations, they were able to transform Ballard’s Orange County apartment by a cookie-cutter’90s abode to a special and fashionable mixture of classic, modern and timeless designs.

For People design

Ballard’s workplace is an exercise in contemporary femininity. The pair chose a neutral palette marked with bold accessories, and brought in plenty of gold accents to add heat. The neutral palette will permanently remain in design, and it’s simple background for mixing and matching furniture and accessories.

The brilliant ochre desk chair is one of their favorite pieces. Located on Craigslist, they had it reupholstered in a daring golden velvet. The desk is really an IKEA dining table — a place of simplicity in the middle of eye-catching decor — and the magic blue linen stool has been found at a flea market and reupholstered in fabric from Scalamandre.

For People design

Shimmering knickknacks and tchotchkes adding personal flair to the diversely decorated apartment. The dining table-turned-desk does not have drawers, so boxes from IKEA and trays from the flea market behave as elegant storage solutions.

For People design

A clever little fighter (another enjoyable flea market find) accents a sparkling gold menu, highlighting the feminine warmth of the space. While Malson and Ballard pride themselves on having the ability to interpret their design into any proper look for the customers, this residence is a true representation of their own style. “Being your own designer allows you to have the liberty to express your personal design style and tastes,” states Malson.

For People design

A jaw-dropping bit of classic wall artwork discovered on Craigslist immediately commands attention in the office. The delicate brass structure captures the light — only so — and casts soft shadows on the wall. The unique tasseled table lamps have been restored classic finds. The console has been discovered at a flea market, also Malson and Ballard topped it using Ballard’s own milk glass collection.

For People design

The living area is Ballard and Malson’s favorite room in the apartment. “It’s sort of timeless modern meets traditional modern,” states Malson. The decor was inspired by some of Ballard’s mid-century furniture, so that they opted for easy, structured furniture, reupholstered in organic linen fabrics. The ottoman was discovered on Craigslist. They put a cute tray on top and voila! A new coffee table.

For People design

Custom coral-colored curtains let warm light filter into the cozy space. “This distance certainly leans towards a more feminine approach,” states Malson. “The usage of soft neutrals combined with turquoise and pinks in the artwork all work with all the soft and muted colors. It has a wonderful feel.”

For People design

Mid-century chairs found on Craigslist were refinished and reupholstered to match the soft lotion of the sofa. A sisal rug grounds that the living room with an organic texture and works superbly with all the room’s vibrant and bold accessories.

For People design

The table lamps were another miracle Craigslist find, and also the side tables were picked up in the flea market and refinished with glass tops and gold paint. “The vast majority of our furniture is custom made to your space — based on several inspiration pictures,” states Malson. “The remaining things are blessed finds that we just enhanced to fit together with our design.”

For People design

A framed Latvian textile adds a slightly austere touch to the dining area. A contemporary CB2 dining table is flanked by seats from Craigslist, reupholstered in cloth by Maharam.

Gold Designs are available all throughout the area — by the end on the light fixture, to the accessories on the desk, to the stripes in the rug. The subtle gold splashes both match and warm the icy blue upholstery on the seats.

For People design

While the house has been done in a really clear palette — neutral backdrop with bold pops of colour — that the master bedroom is the one exception. “We wanted the area to feel intimate,” states Malson. “So we decided to go with a dark navy blue for several of the walls and ceiling. It made the space cozy, as a bedroom should be.” Considering that the walls are such a statement on their own, they opted for simpler bedroom textiles with subtle details. A custom made linen headboard with nailheads offsets crisp white bedding and white pillows with custom lace accents.

For People design

Mirrors from Home Goods reflect light from classic table lamps round the area, helping the space to feel cozy, instead of stifling. Clean, refinished side tables seem clean and crisp contrary to the navy wall.

For People design

Vignettes throughout the house make it clear just how much Malson and Ballard listen to the little things. Each detail helps tie the room together in an entirely natural way. By way of instance, the framed antique lace next to the bed echoes the lace pillows on the bedspread, adding something authentic and meaningful to the space.

For People design

The apartment is chock filled with sweet details which produce the difference between a house and a house. A zebra striped copy of I Married Adventure by Osa Johnson is one of those personal touches. Although its a well-known design prop, the author is a native of Malson’s Kansas hometown, and she carefully collects photos of the book used in design shoots.

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Why There’s Beauty in Column, Grid and Row

Repetition is a common compositional technique in structure, be it at the rows of structure, a grid of openings, or even the stacking of a substance. In columns, bricks, windows, or other components, repetition can help to make a rhythm for a building, something that may be connected to natural cycles: the repeated days, our strides, our heartbeats. Repetition also begets order, a significant method of defining one’s place on earth. What follows are some varied spotlights of reproduction in buildings, introduced from the huge scale to the small.

LKM Design

One place where structural reproduction is the most obvious is corridors, where long straightaways meet columns and beams. Here the rhythm is reiterated from the pattern on the floor and the art peeking out between columns.

Studio William Hefner

This hallway includes repeated doors, pendant lights and groin vaults. The latter, which provides the ceiling its own unique shape and permits for semi-circular openings above the doors, also gives the the corridor a gradual, flowing rhythm.

BraytonHughes Design Studios

In this example, repetition takes place in the Y-direction (vertical) as well as the X-direction (horizontal). A grid of openings makes this hallway unique, particularly in the design of lighting it presents.

This multi-family project illustrates reproduction in the scale of the building. A three-story module is repeated, but rather than simply side-by-side, they step back from one another to boost privacy and become individual homes within the bigger project.

Webber + Studio, Architects

This house repeats different components on its three floors, subtly revealing the structure that underlies each. On the ground floor we see garage doors with scuppers marking the columns between; above is a set-back glazed wall with uplights about the steel mullions; on top is a trellis whose cantilevered structure follows the same grid.

Greifenstein Boyce Associates

Exterior components need not follow a modernist grid. Here, three dormers poke up above the entry as if to accentuate the house’s main portal. This opinion makes the dormers highly abstract, like three triangles sticking upward from the roof.


In this example repeat follows the app, a homeless shelter in Milan, Italy. The studio units feature a repeated module of a door near a enclosed heater/sink/window seat.

Amitzi Architects

Windows are most likely the most-repeated components (minus materials like bricks) in residential architecture. Contemporary design eschewed the grid of openings located in most conventional dwellings, but copying may nevertheless be found in places like these three rows of stacked windows.

Amitzi Architects

Inside, these three windows define one wall of a kitchen/dining area. What outside was a part of a bigger wall comprises the majority of this distance. The windows are just like a wall decoration in their own right.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

This long porch benefits from the structural repeat on the correct and the windows on the left. Each helps break down the distance, and also the structural bays help define smaller regions for seating.

Giulietti Schouten Architects

Repetition is not limited to architectural components; landscape may of course play a part. In this case, tall grasses in square metal planters march down the side of a house. The green softens the gray of the corrugated panels and concrete.

Colors Of Green Landscape Architecture

These red succulents follow the rhythm of the fence posts, such that the horizontal wood planks become a background for those plants.

Carson Poetzl, Inc..

This pool area features stone pavers repeated in a grid. Pavers set amongst grass may be a common technique, but it is a great one for your strong graphic it generates and the clear message that the surface is for walking .

Laidlaw Schultz architects

And let’s not forget water, an architectural element of the most ephemeral. Here we find three easy fountains at a travertine wall; the water’s decreasing arc is equally as important as the trough… if not more.

Huettl Landscape Architecture

A natural extension of the previous photo is to conceal the origin of the water fountain. Yes, repeat is located from the three streams of water, but when the fountain is off the repeat and rhythm (visual and auditory) is still gone. Ephemeral, indeed.

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Out in the Yard: Establishing a Garden

As I weave my way through our garden-clad neighborhood, there’s one thing in particular that stands outside time and time again. While it’s true that the newest flower in blossom is a definite showstopper, it’s not the one thing I find myself attracted to these days. It’s something that’s even more uniquely personal to each lawn, and that is using art in the landscape.

While we are quick to add artwork to our clean walls and accessories to our empty shelves, it seems that garden art remains a concept that is catching on. Adding visual interest to the landscape through the use of sculpture, ceramics or fountains is a great way to add a creative feel to your lawn. Below are 12 different thoughts that to do just that.

Exteriorscapes llc

Unique benches. An interesting bench similar to this one is sure to capture some enthusiastic comments, along with a few lounge-worthy pals. The giant green leaves fit in perfectly with the lush surrounding foliage. I think I know what’s next in my garden wish list. Oh — and that water-spitting frog is magic, also.

JSL Exteriors Landscape Design/Build

Gazing balls. Also known as”lawn globes,” these mirrored spheres might appear somewhat strange to some. During the Victorian era, servants used the mirrored ball as a clever means to test on guests throughout their foods. Ever since I heard this, I have found them to be visually interesting.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

Mirrors. These light-reflecting beauties present a new level of whimsy to any outdoor living area. This one is slung low to the floor, giving the area a laid back, easygoing vibe. Increase the appeal of your favourite container garden by putting one directly behind it. .

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

Stones. This spiral of stones is quick to draw the eye. An identical pattern could look great under a large birdbath or gazing ball and can easily be acquired on a much smaller scale too.

Paul Moon Design

Birdbaths. Multi-tiered bathrooms are the most visually appealing, thanks to their added height. Draw attention to a gorgeous birdbath by centering it within recurrent groups of varying plants and rocks.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

Urns. Commonly made from glazed ceramic, big urns are a superb way to add color and sheen to your landscape. Although they do not typically offer much in the terms of functionality, they do a wonderful job of including a punch of color to an otherwise dull corner.

Erin Lang Norris

Birdhouses. These small backyard abodes are usually constructed of wood, which makes them great candidates for quick and easy paint jobs. I paint mine using oil paint and although there are longer-lasting paints, so I do not pay much attention to just how much sunlight the oil will endure. Odds are likely I’ll tire of this color before it fades anyway.

AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc..

Fountains. These moving water beauties offer simultaneous stability for both the eyes and the ears. A few hundred stones plus a kettle and a water heater and you’ve got yourself a fountain. See a very helpful DIY tutorial .

Daryl Toby – AguaFina Gardens International

Raked Patterns. Exotic gardens are a soothing way to add variety and relaxation to a plant-heavy landscape, and are reasonably straightforward to make. The textures made by rakes are most admirable in the morning and night hours, as the shadows would be the deepest during that time.

Barbara Cannizzaro

Salvaged Items. I can practically guarantee this industrial sized fan is the only one on the cube, and very possibly the only one in the entire city, or even county. Salvaged items are an enjoyable way to add charisma to any landscape, and looking for the ideal piece is half the pleasure.

Garden Rant

Bricks. Salvaged bricks appear to be more and more challenging to come by with each passing day, and they’re worth picking up whenever they become available. The smallest assortment of bricks will yield some interesting patterns in the garden. If you’re worried about weeds, then use mortar between them.

Exteriorscapes llc

Sculptures. Metallic work in the garden is always a welcome sight and it’s a good way to enhance the natural sense a garden already has. This heron fits in perfectly with its surroundings, although there are a number of other options when introducing metal art. GI Designs has many offerings in the means of garden sculptures.

More: Read outdoor sculptures and much more from the Products section

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10 Ways To Create Your Neutral Palette Shine

Perhaps you have attempted to make a neutral colour palette simply to end up with a room that’s a lifeless sea of beige? An area that’s not so much relaxing however a complete snooze?

Decorating completely in neutral colors can make a space that’s soothing, sophisticated and warm if it is performed well. A lot of people are afraid to use colour, stressed they will get it wrong, so they end up with all neutral colors by default. But it takes more than a deficiency of colors to make a successfully implemented neutral colour palette. Take a look at those gorgeous examples and my observations on what makes these chambers get the job done.

Claudia Leccacorvi

This gorgeous living room gives us multiple examples of principles that produce a neutral colour palette beautiful.

1. Use many different colors of your neutral colour. Whether you’ve opted to work mainly with taupe or lotion or grey or any other neutral, using a number of shades of this colour will add depth. In this room, the chairs pieces employ four different colors: the draperies and walls are another colour, and the timber is quite dark in contrast to the upholstery.

2. Use multiple textures that contrast nicely. If the chairs bits in this room were microfiber, the room would fall flat. But the fabrics on both sofas and the seats have distinctively different textures, and they contrast nicely with the leather bit in the foreground. The drapery panels will be the same colour as the walls, but the walls are a matte texture, and the drapery shines.

3. Use high-quality texture. Yes, I note that I said “high quality.” When you don’t have vibrant colours to make interest and capture attention, other aspects of your room become much more significant. Texture is one of these. From the room above you can see how the light is reflected and absorbed at various angles on the fabric of the couch by the window. In the photo, I will tell you is just one luscious fabric. Also, the leather onto the chair in the foreground at the exact bottom of the photo is not your economical, bi-cast or bonded leather. Just take a little time to educate yourself on the grades of leather.

Hint: Mix that the “high” using all the “low.” I know we don’t have the funds to use $300-per-yard designer fabrics, luxury furniture, original art bits and one-of-a-kind accessories throughout our whole house. Purchase the ideal seating pieces you can spend. You’ll use them and touch them daily, so you’ll notice the difference. Opt for a few other standout pieces and also the expression of your space will be raised even if you have many bargain bits.

4. Use beautiful and intriguing shapes. Removing colour from the equation also brings contour into the foreground and the contours in this room actually capture your attention. The ottoman is exceptional and so is the side table composed of metal disks. The little swoop of the timber onto the arms of the seats also adds interest and contrasts with the exact straight lines of this coffee table.

5. Utilize a blend of interesting surfaces and materials. From the photo above we see a shiny metal side table and a mica coffee table. They add interest to the room that would be missing if fitting wood coffee and side tables had been selected.

Hint: Do not enter a furniture showroom and purchase the fitting 5-piece-sofa-loveseat-chair-coffee table-side table combo. It might feel like a safe choice, but it is dull, dull, dull!

Michael Abrams Limited

This dressing room’s walls are covered in Beadazzled Flexible Glass Bead Wallcovering. An area in a neutral colour palette gives you an opportunity to include unusual surfaces and materials.

Michael Abrams Limited

6. Contain pattern. The large-scale pattern with this upholstery actually makes the room. The area rug is also patterned, and if you click on the photo to enlarge it on your screen, you can see that there is pattern in the drapery fabric too.

Tara Seawright Interior Design

This chamber is so intriguing and it works on numerous levels. A lot to find out about working with a neutral colour palette. First, I would like to point out each one of the above factors are contained: Different colors of colour, multiple textures that are of premium quality, intriguing shapes and unique materials, and terrific patterns. But there is even more going on this that contributes to the success of the design.

7. It is possible to mix your neutrals. Many men and women think a neutral colour palette is created from a lot of beige. However you will find other neutral colors and you can mix them if you want. In this room, the designer has mixed colors of beiges and browns with different shades of grey: mild silver-gray, medium steel grey and also deep charcoal.

8. Insert black (or almost-black) for punctuation. In this room, the black over the cowhide seats adds a solid bit of punctuation so does the dark colour on the carpets — even more of a charcoal. In fact, note that in all four photos you’ve seen up to now, there is a little bit of black or black near-black. The first room has black lampshades, the second room has black picture frames and espresso wood, and the third room has that super deep almost-black wood.

9. Contain elements from nature for interest and warmth. I am mad about the driftwood lamp bases in this room!

Vanni Archive/Architectural Photography

A neutral colour palette could be creamy and light …

… or it could be deep and dramatic. Do you have the nerve to use black walls? Coupled with abundant timber, deep grays and silvery metal and mirror, this is a fairly striking room.

Your neutral can be grays. If you decide to choose grey as the neutral, I think it looks best in warm colors that lean toward taupe.

10. Don’t be afraid to bring a little bit of colour to a neutral palette in small doses. I think an all-gray room works best with a tiny hit of colour. This is the identical room as the last picture. The reddish performs the identical function of adding punctuation as shameful would — just more powerful.

Jodie Rosen Design

That tiny hit of colour does not have to be as high-contrast as bright reddish. The purple-blue in the art above adds life to the neutral palette based on grays.

Elliott Kaufman

The soft reddish glass color is lovely next to this serene room.

Perhaps you have decorated a room using a neutral colour palette or finished up with dull and flirty? Share a picture, and I’d love to hear your ideas!

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Layout Dilemma: Color for a Mediterranean Home

For a new home on Cyprus, Houzz consumer cdemosthenous has chosen for vivid, open and modern architecture. The inquiry is, what color to paint all of it? Click here to answer and to see more photographs of this hilltop home in the making!

Houzz Design Dilemmas

“The house is on a hilltop at Cyprus, and it’s largely unobstructed mountain views and approximately 7 levels of sea perspective,” says cdemosthenous. “Another thing to consider is that in Cyprus it becomes really hot (40 Celsius over 100 Fahrenheit), thus we do not wish to be baking at the house as well.”

Houzz Design Dilemmas

“We wanted to take maximum advantage of the views, that is why all the windows, and I am terrified the house will probably be too bright, even blinding.” Click on this link to talk about your color ideas and suggestions for keeping the house cool.

Houzz Design Dilemmas

Not only composed mostly of windows, this house is also fully open in plan. “The house at this time is being built as you can see — the living room, dining area and the kitchen are all open plan.”

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6 Important Tips from a Wedding Planner

Are you in the process of planning your big day and looking for some tips on how to make sure that everything goes smoothly?  Then you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve enlisted the help of a professional wedding planner to give you practical and lifesaving tips for an unforgettable wedding day, from getting Long Beach handyman to choosing the right theme.

Match the Décor to the Location

The setting where you will be holding the wedding is going to be the backdrop for the entire event, so it makes sense to opt for a theme that compliments that setting. For example, if you plan on holding your wedding in the countryside, then a rustic theme will probably work better than a beach chic look, whereas a French chateau deserves the whole nine yards, including an elaborate tent and all the trimmings that come with it. In a nutshell, make sure that the wedding style you go for works with your wedding location.

Don’t Forget Hidden Costs

Whether you’re having a big wedding or an intimate gathering at home, there will always be hidden costs. Before you decide on a budget, consider essentials like tents, furniture storage, kitchen rentals, handyman Long Beach CA, valet parking, an electricity generator and cleaning costs for before, during and after the wedding.

Know the Local Laws

Appropriate social etiquette requires that you inform your neighbors before you host your wedding reception at your home, and consider inviting them if you can, to minimize objections and complaints. You should also consult with your local authorities to find out what type of permits you’ll need to provide parking for all your guests, to put up portable toilets and find out if there are any noise restrictions.

Don’t Forget Good Portable Toilet Etiquette

To cater for all the people who will come to your wedding, make sure you have at least one handyman Long Beach for every 50 guests. You should also place hand washing stations and wet wipes strategically so that people have access to them when necessary, and make sure that there’s ample yet comfortable lighting throughout the area.

Establish House Rules

Create healthy boundaries and make them clear to the family and friends that are attending, so as to enjoy a relatively hassle-free event. For example, if you’re holding the event outside on your yard and want to prevent people from going into your house, then lock the doors to your house, or open a section of it while placing a barrier to prevent entry to the rest of the rooms.

Anticipate Your Guests’ Needs

While this may seem like a mission, you can break it down by considering your guests’ simplest needs, which include being in a comfortable climate (temperature control), creating a comfortable ambiance and providing plenty of food and drinks. If you’re able to cater for these essentials, then you can rest assured that your guests will have a great time.

For example, you can provide them with parasols or individual hand-held fans to keep cool during an outdoor summer wedding, or unique and pretty shawls to cozy up with if you’re planning a winter wonderland setting.

The best way to Grow Tomatoes in a Two Liter Bottle

Upside gardening, for crops like tomatoes, thwarts pests and diseases, removes weed issues, saves room and aids promote better air circulation and sun-exposure on your plants. Instead of spending funds to get a business inverted planter, make one your self with a 2- liter bottle.

Where it starts to taper using a knife cut the base of the bottle off in the idea. Line the edge of the cut you created with duct-tape to stop the plastic once you have hung the planter from breaking or stretching.

Punch four evenly spaced holes under the the edge about 1-inch throughout the duct tape across the container. Remove the bottle lid and poke a couple of drainage holes round the bottle opening using a knife.

Choose a tomato plant that is youthful having a lengthier, leggy stem, and gently thread the very top of the plant. Position the plant together with the root ball as near the very best of the container (the bottom of the bottle) as feasible, making sure the first true set of leaves stays outside the bottle opening. Positioning the root ball close to the top will give the roots plenty of room to increase downward as your tomato is going to be developing upside-down.

Fill the container an inch in the top using a a mix of soil and compost as you support the the root ball in position. The soil using a layer of mulch to help stop the soil from becoming dry.

Cut two lengths of twine a little more than twice provided that you want your planter to to hold. Thread the duration in one punched-hole and out the one that is adjacent, pulling the ends till they are even. Repeat using the other size, and tie all ends.

Hang your container within an area that receives total sunlight. Water your tomato plant any time the soil surface dries out, possibly every day throughout summer months. Fertilize the plant having a diluted watersoluble tomato fertilizer within a deep watering every one or two months once your tomatoes start to bloom.

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