The Unofficial Academy Awards for Movie Homes

The 2013 Oscars are making us wish to give some movie-related awards of their own — Lifetime Achievement Awards for movie houses which have stolen our hearts through the years.

These are areas that have wedged themselves to our subconscious; they inspire us when we’re decorating our own homes and slide into our heads when we’re daydreaming about the perfect residence. (Side note: I’d like to thank the community for nominating a lot of these here.)

The considerate house collection designs in the movies below represent a variety of styles, each one attractive in its own way. Here are 10 movies with houses we’d love to walk the red carpet for — straight up the front walk and through the front door.

Most Beautiful Plantation House: Forrest Gump. The race was tight between this house and Tara, but Sally Field’s Southern house in this one is Gone With the Wind fabulous. We love the allee of trees which trickle Spanish moss, the dual porch, the method by which in which the breeze makes the curtains billow and the superb old tree where Forrest teaches Jenny the way to dangle.


Greatest Shingle-Style Beach House: Something’s GotId Offer. This is the community’s favorite movie house. The airy Hamptons beach house of Diane Keaton’s character has become the dream house yardstick. We want the kitchen, the trendy coastal shore, windows with transoms that look out to the beach and even the bowl full of accumulated stones (with all the black one on top). We’re not sure if we need the cigar-smoking emotionally stunted houseguest, though … really, we’ll take Jack Nicholson regardless of how obnoxious he’s acting.

By the way, we’re letting this you represent all of the enviable homes in director Nancy Meyers’ movies, such as The Holiday, It is Complicated and the LiLo version of The Parent Trap, which are er favorites when it comes to movie houses.


Under the Tuscan Sun (Widescreen Edition) – $10.66

Greatest Italian Villa: Under the Tuscan Sun. Diane Lane transforms her darkened life while mending a dilapidated Tuscan villa. We want the window boxes, the walls, the European antiques, and the quirky neighbors, the olive grove and the garden. We’ll leave out the large snake that comes through the window, though — that scene still gives me the willies.


Practical Magic – $5.97

Greatest Victorian House: Practical Magic. The turreted Salem, Massachusetts, home of witches performed by Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman is a great spot for casting spells, stirring potions and gathering a coven of all nonwitches. Just be careful what you bury in the yard and do not attempt flying off the roof with an umbrella on Halloween.


Marley & Me – $13.69

Greatest Farmhouse: Marley & Me. The idyllic stone Pennsylvania farmhouse featured toward the close of the movie is quite a contrast to the Miami ranch house at the beginning. Fall leaves, stone walls and Oriental rugs allow us want to flake out like a dog in front of a few of the roaring fireplaces and stay awhile.


Best Vintage Colonial: Father of the Bride. This lovely Los Angeles house is a standard American dream — it has white siding and black dividers, is full of cozy family-friendly spaces and has a basketball hoop for serious father-daughter bonding time.


Monster-in-Law – $4.99

Greatest Arts and Crafts House: Monster-in-Law. While Jane Fonda’s mother-in-law character turns the house into something out of a horror flick, the lovely woodwork and Craftsman details ease the terror. Also, the stylish interiors may very well cause the surge in demand for vintage black and white subway signals, which are used throughout the main floor.


A Single Person – $7.99

Greatest Midcentury Modern Home: A Single Person. You’ll be able to see the evidence of manager Tom Ford’s keenly discerning eye in every frame of the film. Colin Firth’s heartbroken character’s perfect modern house is a scene stealer, and the Hollywood Regency decoration of the neighbor throughout the road (played by Julianne Moore) deserves an honorable mention.


Sleepless in Seattle (10th Anniversary Edition) – $6.27

Greatest Houseboat: Sleepless in Seattle. We’ve been so charmed by living on the water as in this romantic comedy. We’ll take the views, the clean lines and the floating. It is a compelling setting for a single father raising his son.


Down with Love – $4.42

Best Swinging-’60s Manhattan Pad: Away With Love. We have a tie between Renee Zellweger’s character’s feminine model and Ewan McGregor’s character’s manly spin on the style.

Along with your winners are … ? ers, please inform us which classic movie homes you would like to get a Lifetime Achievement Award.

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