The best way to Vacuum a Wool Shag Rug

Wool is a tough and normal fiber for carpets. Area or accent rugs in wool shag originated with steady creation for this day, in Greece in the fifth-century, in accordance with the Sheffield School of Interior Design. Rugs, with extended strands of fiber, attained popularity as rug in the 70s. If you’ve lately bought a house, you may pick wool shag rugs also referred to as rugs, to warm the floors that are empty in a few of your chambers. Bigger carpets need vacuuming, although it’s possible for you to shake a little wool carpet to make sure it stays clean.

Disconnect your hoover in the electric source.

Take away some roller bar in your hoover or the beater bar. The roller with bristles will harm your wool rug.

Set an upholstery brush or brush that is comparable with bristles that are little on the end of the hose. Some sweepers have a shag rug rake accessory with plastic bristles about an inch-long, which is useful to separate and elevate the carpet fibers. Put the brush in the middle of your rug so that you function to the edge and can begin in the middle.

Stopper your hoover to the energy supply.

In case your sweeper has over one speed turn the sweeper on low-speed. In case your sweeper has a suction regulator, correct the suction to “reduced.”

The wool shag rug gradually, working in the middle to the edge so that you don’t catch periphery in the sweeper or raise the corners. Turn over the rug sometimes and vacuum the flooring as well as the back side.

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