The best way to Restore a Potbelly Stove

The form of a pot-belly stoves provides an intriguing line to any area the stove is in best form or if the the conclusion has faded. The area of a pot-belly stove can drop its coal black end when it’s in storage or as it’s used. Restoring the area of your stove is a time consuming exercise, but the payoff with each bit of its own vintage appeal in a working stove in tact is worth the work.

Remove any steel piping and trim in the stove using allen hex wrench, a Phillips screw-driver or pliers. Move the pot-belly stove into a well-ventilated workshop. The method that is re-storing generates a a significant quantity of dirt.

Remove any rust in the surface of the pot-belly stove using a wire brush. Steel wool the region then sand to 400 – using a 220 -grit sandpaper to produce a surface that is sleek. Blow off the region occasionally using the air-compressor.

Remove the stove cement in the seams, the the bond factors of personal elements of the stove, of the pot-belly stove using a putty knife or chisel. Place a chisel on the fringe of of the stove cement. Angle the suggestion of the chisel toward the middle of the seam keeping the stove cement. While shifting the chisel over the period of the stove cement hit the chisel using a hammer several times.

Clean the seams as well as the area with air-compressor and an air nozzle. Wipe seams and the area down using a moist cloth when completed. Allow the stove to air-dry for 15 minutes.

Fill the seams. Apply evenly together with the edge of a putty knife across each seam. Smooth the stove cement to the seams. Remove extra stove cement using moist paper towel or a moist cloth. Allow 24 hours to be set by the stove cement .

Apply a liberal amount of stove polish to the the top of pot belly stove. When implementing the stove polish use a round, scrubbing movement. Pay special to any decorations on the surface for sufficient polish protection of the stove. Allow 2 4 hrs to be dried by the stove polish. Repeat the procedure one time.

Buff the the top of pot-belly stove that is polished. Wipe the whole area down utilizing a round movement along with a lint-free fabric. A shiny end is created by buffing.

Replace piping and trim.

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