Show Us Your Own Holiday Mantel

Festive ers, please reveal your vacation mantels! We’d love to see the way you decorate round the fireplace. Do you hang your sleeves there, and if yes, how? Do you have access to magnolia and boxwood branches, or is it strictly fir and pinecones for youpersonally? Are lights involved? Please inform us about and post pictures of your vacation mantel from the Remarks section below. Your pictures might be utilised in a future ideabook on .

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Interior designer Tobi Fairley incorporated oranges and lemons into this festive mantel garland.

Hydrangea Home

This decorator has curated a beautiful mantel that combines greens and household decorative objects, such as a fluted bowl, a charming little bird and a distressed box, all which tie together via their creamy white hues. The result is a country look that is complex.

Sandra Howie

This mantel produces a holiday sense without having any evergreen trimmings. Designer Sandra Howie says she likes to create a mantel in her home that “is equally very simple and sparkly with a bit of rustic and also a bit of modern.” She’s picked a beautiful palette of textures and arranged them in a balanced manner.

So, ers, reveal ’em if ya got ’em! Please discuss your personal holiday mantels with everyone in the Comments section.

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