Show Us the House You Grew Up In

Is it true that the home you grew up in effect your design style today? Maybe you had a conversation pit, wall-to-wall carpeting in the bathroom or one of those intercom systems in the ’70s that never really worked, and you avoid it (though I’ve always secretly coveted a conversation pit). We would love to find snapshots of your home; shots with people in them will be even greater!

Please place a photo in the Remarks section below and share your memories of what your childhood home was like. We would love to find the outside, but when there’s a distinctive feature you recall from inside, please include it also. Please include the title of town or the city. Your photo could be used in a coming ideabook about childhood houses and what they mean to people.

Maybe your parents were to midcentury modern style or were one of the millions of baby boomers who made their dreams come true by buying a brick ranch. When I was a kid, split levels with carpets were all the rage. Were sinks randomly placed in family rooms and known as bars.

Soorikian Architecture

The only thing missing from that American-dream Cape Cod–style home is a white picket fence. The flag reminds me of my grandfather, Pop, who would put one out every fair-weather morning then fold it up the appropriate way each night, such as Clint Eastwood at Gran Torino.

Westover Landscape Design, Inc..

Dutch colonial is just another timeless style that’s been popular in America for almost a century.

While these three are all houses and are typical American fashions, I hope you’ll share all kinds of houses and that you worldwide readers will tell us about your childhood houses, too!

Your turn: Please upload a scan of your childhood home and tell us about it!

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