Replacing a Drain Sprayer

The common kitchen can be the most busy part of your family. Meals, dishes and fingers should be cleaned occasionally, requiring a faucet that was strong. One gadget that is useful is the kitchen-sink sprayer. This individual nozzle is typically positioned to the right of the kitchen faucet; it enables citizens to spray big products, like pots, that might not suit underneath the faucet that was regular. The sprayer, nevertheless, might require to be changed after several years of use.

Turning the Water Off

Any function on the fixtures of the sink will will need shutting the water off. The valves can be accessed by you beneath the the sink drain valves are against the wall with effortlessly turned knobs. Turn both cold valves and the hot before removing the sprayer off. Then open each faucet knob on the sink — warm, cool as well as the sprayer — to remove any residual water in the lines following the valves are shut down. Replacing the sprayer will probably be significantly simpler without accidental water leaks.


By merely turning it counter-clockwise off the hose assembly, the head of the sprayer needs to be eliminated first. The sink resides the primary size of the hose; pull or you may need to unscrew the hose from the waterline connection level of the primary faucet, usually called the outlet that is sidespray. With respect to the product, it might be required to use a wrench to loosen the fitting of the hose. Attached to the lower of the sprayer place of the sink is generally a nut; so the complete hose assembly might be removed in the sink area, loosen and remove the nut. Any gaskets that re-side on hose or the sprayer head saved and needs to be eliminated for use together with the sprayer.


Any threads on the head and hose assembly of the sprayer should have plumber’s tape wrapped around them entirely. A barrier is provided by the plumber’s tape to leaks on the existence of the sprayer assembly. The gaskets can be placed by you onto the items, if wanted in the sprayer assembly, or gaskets might be attached. Still another barrier is provided by gaskets to leaks; older gaskets could be damaged or worn, therefore it could possibly be required to use new kinds. The hose connects to the sidespray outlet line of the primary faucet by possibly securing it using a nut or pressing it to the the bond. Hand- turning the nut having a wrench is the the easiest method to to secure its place and completely tightening. The reverse end-of the hose wants to be snaked up to the most effective of the sink; accessing it from beneath the the sink should secures the lower nut.

Final Elements and Check

The sprayer head is the portion by basically turning it clock-wise onto the relationship stage of the hose to be connected. The water valves may be turned straight back on when you verify that connection factors are safe. The sprayer assembly as well as the faucet ought to be examined for equally warm and coldwater apps.

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