How to Remove Newspaper Ink From a Vinyl Floor

It may be frustrating when you cover your vinyl flooring with newspaper to protect it, and also the newspaper becomes wet and leaves a worse mess than you’d have had without it. It might increase your spirits to understand that isopropyl alcohol, naphtha and bleach can get rid of the stains.

Wiping With a Solvent

You most likely have some rubbing alcohol around the home, and it’s a fantastic bet that is going to do the task. It’s also protected for plastic. Just moisten a rag and rub the affected areas vigorously. If this doesn’t do the trick, repeat the process with cleaning naphtha. Remember that each of these solvents are flammable, so avoid flames and smoking implements, open windows to ventilate the area, and keep children and animals away from the space.

Soaking in Bleach

If you don’t have any luck dissolving the marks using a solvent, it’s time to call about the cleaning power of bleach. Mix a solution of 1 part household bleach with 4 parts water, don cleaning gloves and then soak a rag from the mix. Place the rag over the affected area and because bleach works slowly, leave it there for many hours. When you remove the rag, wipe the area with clear water and then dry it. Again, take security precautions.

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