DIY Clothes Dryer Repair Guide

It only takes an hour or less to fix common problems with your clothes dryer. Once you know what to do and you have the right equipment, it will be easy for you. In the rare event that your dryer breaks down completely, you might want to consider professional appliance repair Tuscaloosa. However, usually, you can solve the problem on your own.

While you may have to spend close to an hour on most repairs, you should also factor in the time needed to locate the parts and learn how to replace them. For this procedure, you will need to have a set of screwdrivers and a tester.

Disassembling the Dryer

You must remove the outer casing of the dryer before you begin any appliance repair Tuscaloosa AL. In case you have the lint filter inside the door, you must first unscrew the corners, and then turn the panel to gain access to the screws on the top side.

The process of disassembling the dryer usually depends on the type of dryer and the location of the lint filter. However, for conventional dryer repair mechanisms, you only have to remove the top cover. In most cases, you don’t have to remove the side or back cover to repair the dryer. To be safe, make sure you unplug the dryer from power before you begin. If you have a gas dryer, turn off the supply valve.

My Dryer is not Starting

The most common cause of a dryer not starting is the door switch wearing out. It can also happen because the plunger is damaged or is trapped in a bend. While normal wear and tear will affect the performance of door switches, if you continually slam the dryer door, you may cause extensive damage.

Check the plunger first. If there’s a need for a new one, get a replacement. In case the plunger is in good condition and the dryer is still not starting, you have to try and gain access to the door switch through the cabinet panel.

Make sure you test the switch to ensure power flows through it continuously, hence the need for a tester. In case the switch is just fine, you have to test the thermal fuse which is often located around the blower housing.

Dryer Making Weird Sounds

While in operation, you might notice a chirping, thumping or rumbling sound coming from your dryer. To eliminate these sounds, you might have to replace your dryer’s support rollers. According to the appliance repair Tuscaloosa experts, you should remove the roller. After that, use a rag dipped in alcohol to wipe clean the shaft, and then you can replace the old roller with a new one.

Never try to lubricate the shaft. If you realize that the support rollers have been worn out, you should replace all of them. Once you are done, pay attention to the dryer in operation again. If the noise is still there, you might have to get a new tensioner roller. Keep in mind that replacing rollers takes a shorter time than disassembling the dryer, so it’s advisable that you replace the rollers simultaneously.